Wrestling Fact or Fiction – February 4, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
February 4, 2018

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, or Puppy Bowl Sunday depending on your love / hatred of Tom Brady and everyone in the world is focused on the big game later tonight. And who will win? I’d love to see the Eagles pull it off and get that big win. That would be so incredible and fun to watch. But let’s be realistic here. My heart says Philadelphia, but my mind says that this will be another big night for the Patriots. Look for Brady to collect Ring # 6 and for the Patriots to take that infamous trip to the pay window. Patriots over Eagles, 31 – 17.

And now, on to more important things and that’s the world of professional wrestling. It’s time for that Fact or Fiction thing, wrestling style. The questions come from my long time close personal friends at 411mania.com/wrestling. And I’m supplying the rest, gospel from my squared circle soul. Are you ready? Let’s do this…

1. EC3 will never make it to the full time WWE main roster.

FICTION: Never is a long time and and while he may not immediately be wrestling on Smackdown or RAW, it won’t take long for the former TNA Champion to move through the NXT ranks and make a big Impact (pun intended) on the WWE scene. The man has all the tools and qualifications to be a big name for WWE for many years to come and it’s just a case of waiting for the right time and spot to open up.

2. You were surprised by the news that WWE signed Jeremy Borash.

FACT: I’ve always thought as Borash as pretty much TNA / Impact for life. He’s been there since the beginning and has long been one of the top guys behind the scenes in terms of just about everything. It’ll be interesting to see how he adjusts to going from being a big fish in the Impact pond to being just another guy in the WWE machine, but I think he’ll do fine. It’s a very good move for both Borash and the WWE and I would expect that it won’t be long before Borash moves into a spot as one of HHH’s top aides in running NXT and building that brand for the future.

3. You’d be down for a post WrestleMania feud featuring Brock Lesnar facing Bobby Lashley.

FACT: Lashley has gotten so much better since his earlier WWE run from several years ago and is someone with an MMA background who could easily be presented as a legit and viable opponent for Brock. This could be a really fun feud to watch and see and the matches would be smash-mouth epic. I would definitely be down to see this happen.

4. You’d like to see one last WWE run from Rey Mysterio.

FICTION: I get it that Rey looks great and would be a great asset for WWE in their attempts to gain in the Latino market, but to be honest, I’ve never really been a big Mysterio fan. He was injury prone before and who’s to say he wouldn’t be injury prone again? And really? A 5’3 luchadore going up against guys like Samoa Joe, Brock, Roman Reigns, etc? I know wrestling is all about suspending belief and all that, but unless Rey is kept over at 205 Live, I just could care less and wouldn’t bother. I know that people like him and want to see him back in the WWE. I’m just not one of those people.

5. While all of the cameos in the Women’s Rumble were a ton of fun, they cannot rely on that formula going forward.

FACT: It worked for the first Women’s Rumble and could be used again maybe one or two more times, but after a while, it’s going to get old and the match will need the current roster of WWE women to make the match work, not just cameos and guest stars. Part of the charm of the Rumble has always been about who will show up as a surprise and that’s all well and good, but that needs to be the extra bonus for the match and not the only appeal. The WWE needs to continue building their women wrestlers and characters to make them self-reliant in matches like this where they can create their own interest and not have to depend upon past stars like Trish or Lita or Molly.

6. A match, teaming with the Rock at WrestleMania facing Triple H & Stephanie McMahon would be the best use of Ronda Rousey’s first WWE match.

FACT: This match was originally teased almost three years ago and it would be lovely to see it actually come to pass. I don’t think it ever will happen to be honest because the Rock is just too busy and I honestly doubt we’ll ever see him actually wrestle a match again. Appearances and cameos, yes, but a full length match? Nah, I don’t think so. But if Rock isn’t available, how about Kurt Angle as a partner? Or maybe even Braun Strowman? Despite all the hype and publicity with Ronda joining the WWE, she really isn’t ready yet to do a singles match for thirty minutes against one of the top WWE women. And having Ronda just come in and do a two minute squash wouldn’t be fair or right for the ladies who has worked so hard and earned their spot in the WWE. Unless it’s a squash with Stephanie McMahon, Ronda should be used sparingly at first and possibly in tag team matches as to allow her to grow and develop in that ring while hiding her weaknesses as a professional wrestler. Maybe somewhere down the line, we can see Ronda versus Asuka or Ronda versus Charlotte Flair, but for now, WWE needs to focus on the smoke and mirrors and use her sparingly in positions where she can stay and look strong and get that media buzz. Tag team matches would be the best way for that.

And there you go. Questions, comments and anything else, drop me a line in the comment box below or else at my e-mail, Doug28352@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading. Until the next time friends, see you at the matches.


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