One On One: WWE Superstars versus Legends…

Fantasy One On One:
Superstars versus Legends
February 5, 2018

Anyone who is a wrestling fan loves to do fantasy match-making and booking. It’s pretty much a given that arguments and conversations will happen about what if this guy took on that guy or this woman faced that woman. We all have our “what if” questions. And I’m not any different from the rest of you. Sometimes, I’ll talk to my friends and we’ll talk about legends from days gone by, the territory days or from the “Attitude Era” or the Monday night wars and speculate how that person would match up against a superstar from today’s WWE. It’s a great way to pass the time and talk about this great sport we all love so much. Well, not too long ago, I came up with a list of ten different “dream matches” pitching some of my favorite performers from days gone by against some of today’s biggest names. How would these matches go? Let’s speculate and try to figure it out as we have “Superstars versus Legends” going “One On One”. Let’s do this…

Braun Strowman versus Blackjack Mulligan

Braun stands roughly about 6’10 and is a former power lifter before entering the ranks of NXT and then WWE. Blackjack Mulligan was a 6’7 ex-Marine who was trained by the legendary Verne Gagne and had a career that lasted nearly twenty-plus careers, winning major titles all over the world and leaving as his legacy two sons Kendall & Barry Windham, as well as two grandsons, current WWE stars Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. This match would definitely be the battle of the big men and clash of the Titans in every way shape or form. As strong as Blackjack was, and he matched up against Andre the Giant many times, I think the strength edge would go to Braun. Experience would be a big advantage for Blackjack. And this match would mix the occasional chinlock with lots of punches and kicks and smash-mouth brawling. Most likely, the only way this match could end would be with a DQ or count-out, but for the sake of argument, let’s note that all of my “fantasy matches” are No DQ and no count-outs. There must be a winner. And as great a legend as Blackjack was, I think when the smoke cleared, the winner would be Braun Strowman.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar versus Harley Race

If this was a street fight and brawl where anything goes, I think Harley would just shoot Brock and be done with it. Other than that, I can’t see how anyone can honestly beat Brock. He has freakish strength, is nearly impossible to hurt and is a former multi-time NCAA Wrestling Champion. And he’s just a total genetic freak who seems to thrive on pain. Harley Race is one of the legit toughest men in the history of this sport and not someone to take lightly at all, but against Brock, and I say this with all respect, even Harley would be in over his head against Brock. I have to go with the Beast here.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

“Broken” Matt Hardy versus “The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant

This would be as much comedy as serious. Jimmy Valiant, as anyone who remembers the Valiant Brothers tag team or his time in Memphis, is actually a very good wrestler, but when he was in his “Boogie Woogie Man” character, it was more about brawling and playing to the audience. Matt Hardy is the same way, actually a very good in-ring wrestler. But like Valiant, when he slips into his “Broken Matt” character, it’s more about the perfomance and playing to the crowd than actual wrestling. This would be a very fun and exciting match to watch, not for the in-ring action so much as the interaction with Boogie and Hardy. We’d see a few punches and moves back and forth and I think the technical edge would be Hardy’s. But Boogie never loses and I won’t have him lose here.

Winner: Jimmy “The Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant

Kane versus Ernie “The Cat” Ladd

Two big men with excellent ring skills and great masters of psychology as well. Ladd was more the classic rule-breaker in his day, using the “taped thumb” to his advantage and trying as much to intimidate the referee as his opponent. Kane is more straight forward and a good solid power wrestler who can brawl with the best of them. This match would make for a weird contrast in styles and it would be interesting to see who the fans picked to cheer for. It could easily go either way without being judged as an upset, but I think Ladd would probably manage to steal a win at the end.

Winner: Ernie “The Cat” Ladd

Roman Reigns versus The Masked Superstar

Bill Eadie, aka The Masked Superstar (and Demolition Ax) is one of the most versitile wrestlers ever to step foot inside that ring. His battles against the likes of Mr. Wrestling II in Georgia and Blackjack Mulligan in the Carolinas are the stories of legend. Soft spoken in interviews, Superstar was a man who could match up against anyone in that ring and take them to the limit and beyond. Roman is like this also in many ways. He gets a raw deal for the way that WWE (and Vince McMahon) have pretty much pushed him down everyone’s throat, but let’s be honest. The man can go in that ring and rarely has a bad match. Talk about a contract in wrestling styles though. Roman is all about the modern day strike and move style. Superstar would hit the high impact moves on occasion, but was better at out-wrestling his opponent and setting him up for the Cobra hold, his finisher. These two together would either have a match for the ages or a total stinker with their conflicting manners of wrestling. I don’t think there would be any gray area. And when push comes to shove, I think Superstar, probably through sinister means, would manage to squeak out the win at the end. It wouldn’t be easy by any means and the match would be stiff, bloody and a total “Shades of Gordon Solie” pier six brawl. But at the final bell, I think we’d see the Masked Superstar as the one who gets his arm raised.

Winner: Masked Superstar

Sherri Martel versus Charlotte

I love Sherri Martel and she’s one of legit toughest women to ever lace up a pair of boots and step foot into that ring. But in this match, against this opponent, I don’t think it would be very close. Charlotte is just that good and getting better all the time. I think Sherri would start strong and dominate the early part of the match, but once Charlotte managed to get herself together and get the “Sensational One” figured out, it would be just a matter of time before the “Queen” took over and controlled the rest of the match. It’d be a fun and epic match to be sure, worthy of headlining any card because these two women were and are just that damn good. But when the final bell rings, we’d see Charlotte standing tall and going, “Wooooooo!”

Winner: Charlotte

Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood versus The Usos

Arguably the greatest team of the 80’s versus the best team of modern day WWE. Talk about a high impact and exciting match. The Usos would try to keep it fast moving and more in the air while Steamboat and Youngblood would be trying to slow it down and focus more on mat wrestling and wearing the Usos down. The Usos are, in my opinion, probably the best pure wrestling tag team not affiliated with the Miz (big shout out to Bo & Axel) in wrestling today. The skills and chemistry of these two brothers is something that is pure magic and wonderful to watch. Steamboat and Youngblood though, had the same fire and chemistry together, albeit a slower and more methodical style that was more of that era. Both teams are so good that if they wrestled ten matches, each team would find a way to win five of them. And on that rubber match, the one that matters the most, I think the experience and wrestling mind and talent that is Rick Steamboat would be the deciding factor. A small package in the middle of a wild brawl and Steamboat and Youngblood would take that trip to the pay window.

Winners: Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood

Arn Anderson versus AJ Styles

Arn Anderson, the “Enforcer” of the Horsemen and one of the toughest men to ever step foot inside that ring versus AJ Styles, the current WWE Champion and probably the best all-around wrestler in the world today. This would be a damn good match to watch and the contrast in styles and mannerisms in that ring would be interesting to see, but the final outcome wouldn’t really be much in doubt. Arn would take AJ to the limit, make him know he’s been in a fight, score several near-falls and make everyone understand why he was called “The Enforcer”, but AJ is so damn good right now and on fire, I don’t think he can be beaten straight up one on one. He’s called “Phenomenal” and the name fits.

Winner: AJ Styles

Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen versus Luke Harper and Erik Rowan

The two original mad men and don’t give a damn tough guys of pro wrestling against one of the most under-rated and misused tag teams in the WWE, who could be, if booked correctly and allowed to cut loose a bit, a modern day version of Hansen and Brody. Harper is so damn good and Rowan is right there too. But this match is against the two men who, with all due respect to Cesaro and Sheamus, truly set the bar for what bad-ass, smash-mouth, tough guy wrestling is all about. Compared to Hansen and Brody, ECW was just “mildly interesting”. They were that good and that tough, especially in Japan. And while this match would be fun to watch and a wild brawl for the ages, the end result isn’t really in any kind of doubt.

Winners: Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen

The Midnight Express (with Jim Cornette) versus The New Day

And finally, we have the threesome of Stan Lane, Dennis Condrey and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton taking on the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time, Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods, the New Day. Can you imagine the promos and barbs with New Day and Jim Cornette, the manager of the Midnighters going back and forth. That would probably be even better than the match itself and the match would be amazing because have no doubts here. All six men on both teams can go with the best of them. Talk about fast action and high impact. New Day would be more about high impact moves and taking chances while The Midnighters would be slowing it down, making quick tags and lots of double-teaming. It’d be a referee’s nightmare, but a great match for the fans. And in the end, I’d go with Jimmy Cornette being the deciding factor, getting chased by Big E, tossing the tennis racket to Stan while the referee is distracted. Stan lays out Kofi and Bobby hits the big leg from the top to get the pin. Sound about right to me.

Winners: The Midnight Express (with Jim Cornette)

And there you go. So what do you think of my fantasy dream matches and who won and lost? Let me know. Am I right? Am I crazy? And if you have any fantasy or dream matches you’d like to see, with current stars against men and women of the past, let me know and I’ll give them the “One on One” fantasy booking treatment. Comment in the box below or contact me at Thank you for reading. Until the next time, take care and I’ll see you at the matches.



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