Wrestling Fact or Fiction – February 11, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
February 11, 2018

Happy Rusev Day and welcome to the Wrestling Fact or Fiction. This is where I take a look at six statements, from my good friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling, and analyze, think on and ponder and decide if I agree or not. If I do, it’s “Fact” and if not, it’s “Fiction”. Isn’t that just all special and shit. Sorry, I was watching videos from SNL and the “Church Lady” earlier this morning. It’s Sunday – that’s what I do. And now, let’s just jump right to it and get busy, shall we. And away we go…

1. Rusev is the most underutilized man on the WWE roster.

FICTION: Rusev is not used properly and that’s a fact, but to say he’s the MOST underutilized man on a roster that contains Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Rhyno or especially Goldust and Luke Harper, he’s just one among many. Look at the great matches that Harper had during his brief singles run a couple of years ago and now what? The Bludgeon Brothers? Look at Bo Dallas and what he was able to do as the NXT Champion during his time there. And now, he’s in a decent role as part of the Miztourage with fellow exile from greatness, Curtis Axel, a former “Paul Heyman Guy” and Intercontinental Champion, but neither of them are used as they should or could be. Hell, what about Heath Slater? He has kids for goodness sake. And Bray Wyatt is just there, wasted as hell too. WWE is full of talents that they either don’t use, use badly or just seem to lost with. I feel for Rusev, but he’s getting on TV regularly again and the whole “Rusev Day” is getting over so he’s not totally in limbo and I expect we’ll see his team with Aiden English getting over more and more as time goes on. They’re pretty damn good.

2. The Smackdown top 10 list is a silly idea, that will lead to nothing and will soon be gone.

FACT: While I’m a great fan of lists as anyone who reads my site knows, this seems more like a waste of time and just throwing something out there to see if it sticks than anything that has a reason or purpose. Maybe it will cause some tension between Shane and Daniel Bryan or maybe it’s just a way to garner attention on social media and if so, good for the WWE, but I just look at the whole concept and see filler that could be better used with character development and maybe wrestling matches using some of the men I noted in the last question. We’ll have to wait and see where it goes, but my hopes for this great new idea (rolls eyes) are not very high at this point.

3. Dolph Ziggler could leave wrestling tomorrow and it wouldn’t bother you one bit.

FICTION: Dolph’s character is extremely stale right now and not interesting to me at all, but I don’t want see him leave wrestling. He is a talented wrestler and a fantastic performer in that squared circle, but he just needs to maybe take some time off, recharge a bit and do a character overhaul. If he’s not happy wrestling, then he should leave, but I think he is and there are stories circulating this morning that he’s just signed a new deal with the WWE for anywhere between 2 – 4 years so maybe we’ll see Dolph get a chance to reinvent himself and rejoin the relevant once again.

4. It’s taken almost a year in a half, but WWE 205 Live is becoming must see TV.

FICTION: The show, from all accounts, is getting much better reviews as of late and with Vince stepping back and HHH taking over control of the 205 Live franchise, I expect that it will get even better as the months go on. But must-see TV? WWE already has countless hours of live TV each week with RAW and Smackdown and then throw in NXT, 205 Live, Main Event, the Network specials, the pay-per-views and the classic older stuff on the Network, there is very little that can truly be called “Must See” anymore. I read the reviews and if a match or angle catches my interest, I’ll go back and try to find it and watch, but between 2 jobs, running this site, trying to have a social life, my family, doing the podcasts, etc. time is not on my side. And thus, “must see” has a totally different meaning to me than probably most people. I look for the highlights and see what I can, but it has to be damn special to make me have to tune in. I’ll be glad if 205 Live does one day reach that point, but I don’t see it yet.

5. Elias will win the 2018 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

FICTION: I hope not. We see how well the last two winners are doing, don’t we? Mojo Rawley won last year and Baron Corbin won the year before and well, lets just say that having that trophy to their credit hasn’t really helped all that much. Unless it’s a totally misused character who this win can actually help, like Curt Hawkins, who could snap his losing streak by winning the Battle Royal – that would be awesome and make for a great Wrestlemania moment and human interest story – the winner of this event, which seems to be just a way to make sure that everyone on the roster gets on the show, is rarely used more than just a statistic and footnote. Elias would be better suited wrestling John Cena, if the rumored Taker – Cena match doesn’t come off, or in a singles match against almost anyone. Hell, being part of the multi-man ladder match that always seems to take place, would be good too. Look what that did for Zack Ryder as he ended up with the Intercontinental Championship. There are many paths that Elias can take for Wrestlemania that would work better for him in the long run than winning this cursed Battle Royal.

6. Following the departure of Jeremy Borash, Impact Wrestling should bring in Kevin Kelly to do commentary with Don Callis.

FACT: Kevin Kelly and Cyrus work together well in NJPW and would be fine as the commentary team for Impact as well. It’s not like anyone watches anymore or gives a damn anyhow. Hell, bring in Joey Styles and let him go solo. That would be interesting and maybe make Impact worth watching. Nah, it wouldn’t. What happened to Mike Tenay? Maybe they could work something out with Tony Schiavone? Probably not. Just dish out the money, hire Kelly and move on. It’s probably their best option at this point.

Amd there you go. I’m done. Thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts and any feedback would be welcome and appreciated. Just use the comment box below or else contact me at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Now, it’s off to read a book and take care of some other important bid’ness. Have a great one and take care.


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