Review: Magic Hat’s “Heart Of Darkness”

Tossing Salt Review:
Heart Of Darkness
February 13, 2018

If you ever come across a beverage called “Heart of Darkness” with a single eye on the label (very cool bottle), made by Magic Hat, leave that stuff alone. The bottle is absolutely cool to look at, but the “Stout” inside is nasty. If you’ve ever wondered what the sins of man mixed with the evil of hell and the greed of power tastes like, I think we now know. Mix the blood of a Jihad terrorist with the self-respect of a Maury Povich baby-mama, the honesty of a Washington politician, the integrity of an MSNBC reporter, the talent of Snooki, the cleverness of a Little Wayne song lyric, the make-up tips of Nikki Minaj and the intelligence of a college student in their safe-space eating Tide Pods and this is what you end up with. This stuff was BAD!!

But the bottle looked cool!

And there you go. ‘Nuff said!

Thank you for reading. Until the next time…


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