Wrestling Q&A – February 13, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
February 13, 2018

Good morning, salutations and all of that happy crap. It’s Tuesday morning and for my only day off, I’m up way too early. Oh yeah, I have things to do. Hate it when that happens. But I do have a little free time, roughly about 45 minutes before I have to head out and be a good person. That means I get to be an ass-clown with ya’ll for a little bit instead. Yay! So what should we do?

I want to do a “Notes To Myself” piece. I have plenty of things to ramble about and that particular column is always theraputic to me. I also want to write a full “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” column so that the folks over at PWBTS (Hey Bob) won’t forget me. But that always takes several hours of work and that’s time I just don’t have at the moment. I will be doing one of those soon though and then I can show everyone once again why I am at the top of my game as an “internet wrestling journalist” (whatever that is) and why Tossing Salt has been pro wrestling’s most eclectic column since 2002. Damn, I’ve been doing this a long time. I feel so old.

But for this morning, I think I’ll just go with the tired and true. It’s time for some Wrestling Q&A. These questions come from my timeline over at Facebook, from the groups “Kult of Kayfabe” and the Jim Crockett group. And I’m providing the answers, which are my opinion only, but you and I both know I’m right. Let’s get busy and do this.

By the way, congratulations to Lisa “Ivory” Moretti. It was announced last night on RAW that this former GLOW Champion, POWW Champion, Tough Enough Trainer, Announcer, Valet and three-time WWE Women’s Champion will be part of the Class of 2018 and inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this upcoming April as part of the Wrestlemania festivities. No one deserves it more and this is a great honor for a true Champion and amazingly talented person (and my beloved). A tribute and honor well deserved.

Now let’s get to the questions.

Can the success\longevity of the Midnight Express in JCP be attributed too the mic\promo skills of Jim Cornette or the wrestlers in ring work ability ?

How about a combination of both. Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey were both great, above average workers in that ring who could have a great match with anyone and drew in many fans because of the way they wrestled and performed. And then, the skills and mouth of Jim Cornette helped them stand apart from the crowd and really get that extra attention and push. The Midnight Express alone wouldn’t have been as successful without Cornette, but he was just a part of the package that made them great. He completed the machine and made it work. Apart, they were all stand-out talents, but together, they were magic both in and out of that ring, drew in the fans, made money and were the absolute total package so far as a tag team could be.

Put together a pay-per-view quality card using the stars of Jim Crockett Promotions before Turner took over in 1988.

How about this… Main event of NWA World Championship Match with NWA Champion Ric Flair defending against Nikita Koloff, accompanied by Ivan Koloff. Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard versus Dusty Rhodes and The Road Warriors. The Rock & Roll Express & Baby Doll versus The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette in a six-man tag match. One Man Gang & The Great Kabuki w/ Gary Hart versus Jimmy Valiant & Jos LeDuc. Blackjack Mulligan and Wahoo McDaniel versus Ken Patera & John Studd. Paul Jones, Baron Von Raschke and The Masked Superstar versus Jake Roberts, Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Angelo Mosca Jr. Sweet Ebony Diamond versus Ernie “The Cat” Ladd. And finally, Greg Valentine versus Roddy Piper. A mixture of timelines and generations, but it’d make a great card.

Do you think Sean O’Haire could have been a big success in WWE had they held onto him longer?

Absolutely. O’Haire had a great look and body and his whole “Devil’s Advocate” gimmick was getting over big time. I’m not sure where it went wrong and probably the pairing with Piper (and being released when Piper got into trouble) was the nail in the coffin, but O’Haire had it all and could had been a very successful mid-card talent for the company. I think he may have had a few issues in maturity and maybe a few bad seeds buzzing in his ears at the times, but he had the ability and with grooming by the right people and time, he could have been a big and prominent player for the company for many years to come.

Should John Cena retire?

As long as Cena can perform at the level he does, can continue to bring in fans as he does and wants to wrestle, let him wrestle. I’m not a big Cena fan, but I applaud him for the things he’s accomplished and for the time and efforts he continues to give the company and us wrestling fans. So retirement? Not until he’s ready and wants to.

Who would be your WWE partner if you have to chose one?

It wouldn’t be Seth Rollins. All of his partners seem to be getting injured. I’d probably be teaming with Braun Strowman. After all, he’s a monster and all I’d have to do after he squashes everyone is just step in and get the pin. Works for me.

Does Ole Anderson belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

As a wrestler, as a founding member of the Four Horsemen, as a promoter who successfully booked two territories (Georgia and The Carolinas) at the same time and made major money for both areas, as a tag team legend with brother Gene and just as a man who’s success in this business is unique and arguably unmatched by anyone, he deserves to be in any and every wrestling Hall of Fame there is. Will be be inducted? Well, he’s truly the only person who ever told Vince McMahon “No”, in his own very colorful fashion and stuck to it. He hates Vince and Vince doesn’t much care for him so, does he belong? Absolutely. Will he ever be there? Nope.

When do you think Carmella will cash in? They seem to have forgotten about it.

I’m mind of expecting to see her pull off a “Seth Rollins” and become part of one of the Wrestlemania matches and cash in then. At this point, that’s probably what I would do. I’d also have her bring back James Ellsworth as a secret weapon as part of the surprise cash-in at Mania too.

The Andre The Giant Battle Royal is now a regular part of Wrestlemania. Do you think that, with the Women’s Revolution, that there should be a women’s Battle Royal as part of Wrestlemania too?

Nope. No Way! Absolutely not. A big cluster of a match just to make sure that everyone has a spot on the card? Make an 8-women tag match or something like that for the people not booked already. Two Battle Royals would be too much.

And that’s all for me. I’ve got to go now and do stuff. Have a great one and thank you for reading. Back later this afternoon with much more stuff. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. Love ya.


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