Wrestling Q&A – March 8, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
March 8, 2018

Good morning. Time to look at the old Facebook timelines and see what kind of questions are out there about the world’s greatest sport, professional wrestling. I’ve found a few and I have a few minutes to spare before I head out to the workhole so… let’s get busy and do this.

Do you think Rey Mysterio will come back to the WWE?

From what I understand, negotiations are still going on despite Rey suffering an injury last week at an event. If Rey can past the physical exams, I think he’ll be back in WWE later this year on a limited basis. I just hope that when he does make his return, they decide to use him as part of the 205 Live brand and not as a main eventer on the regular roster. It was hard enough to believe when he was younger, but now he’s older, slower and still short. It just wouldn’t work in my opinion.

Is a tag team match with Kurt Angle against Stephanie McMahon and HHH really the best way to debut Ronda Rousey in WWE?

Absolutely. It’s a debut at Wrestlemania, which is something worthy of a star of Rousey’s reputation and it’s in a tag match with three of the best in the business, none of who are full time wrestlers, so they can hide Rousey’s inexperience, make her look great and it doesn’t take a spot away from or make a full time WWE star have to do the job to her. Short of having the Rock come back as her partner, this is probably the absolute best way to start her off.

If Brock Lesnar does decide to leave WWE after Wrestlemania, who should be the next “Paul Heyman Guy”?

Whoever Heyman wants to work with. Duh! I’d let Heyman make the call and pick whoever he feels most comfortable working with and then push that person, be it man or woman, to the moon and back.

Who should replace Kurt Angle as the next Raw General Manager?

Obviously with Kurt Angle defying his boss, Stephanie McMahon, he’ll end up being “fired” as the RAW General Manager before all is said and done. So who should replace him? I’d love to see Eric Bischoff come back, but I don’t think that would happen. RAW needs a veteran who is well respected, good on the mic and has the proper background. If Arn Anderson was willing to do it, he’d be perfect. But since I doubt Arn would want to be an on-air character full time again, I’d say bring in someone who stands for truth, justice and the American way. How about Zeb Colter (Dutch Mantell)? That would be a great way to bring him back into the fold and it’d get over big time. And if not Dutch, how about The Hurricane? After all, who wouldn’t listen to a super hero?

Who do you think will win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this year?

The best and most obvious choice is Curt Hawkins. He’s currently lost over 150 matches straight and the “streak” has become part of his character and gimmick. The best way for the “streak” to end and Hawkins, who’s a great wrestler and worthy of so much more than the WWE has allowed him to show, would be to have it end in a big way in a big moment… and the Andre Memorial Battle Royal would be perfect for this.

What former WWE stars or TNA stars would you like to see come to WWE?

How about Jim Cornette as the “one night only” manager for the Revival in a match for the titles against The Bar? Maybe not, but I would like to see “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters and Carlito both make a return to the WWE and get some kind of tag team push. I always thought Crimson, of TNA fame, was a good talent and would be good in the WWE spotlight. I’d like to see Dutch Mantell return, as I mentioned earlier. And I’m ready to see Jericho come back, just so I can start putting people on “the List” again.

And there you go. I’m through here. Time for breakfast and to go feed the straybies, our resident mooching cats. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts, questions and any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches. Take care.


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