A Day Of Dougie: Favorite Places, Cooking and The Sound Of Silence…

Good afternoon and all of that. I’ve spent the past couple of hours prepping my notes and getting ready for an appearance on the SMF Cyberspace podcast later this evening. Brent, Luke and myself will be discussing “Lost and Forgotten Movie Gems” and it should be a great show. We each picked sixteen movies and we’ll analyze, discuss and explain why these are great movies even though they may have slipped through the cracks or not be big box office smashes. I’m psyched and actually getting a little excited. But that is later this evening. As for now, I’m just trying to stay busy and keep my energy level up and focused and positive. It’s not easy because my house-mate is awake and won’t quit talking. Sometimes, I don’t mind the company, but other times, I want and desire quiet. This is one of THOSE days. And guess what I’m not getting. You guessed it.

So in order to provide a distraction for myself as well as do something I haven’t done in a while, I’m washing clothes and doing laundry. Yeah, big thrill on that, right? And also, I’m going to do a “Day of Dougie” piece. This is where I reach into the infamous “Magic Bag” and pull out topics, three of them, at random and then just write. I have no prior knowledge of what topcs will be discussed and it’s all on the fly. That’s what makes this so much fun (usually). Well, first I have to go take some whites out of the dryer and throw my next load in. I’ll be back and then we’re going crazy with some topic picking and a grinning (shout out to fans of Hee Haw). Be back in a few.

And now, here we are. I threw clothes in the dryer, another load in the washer, made my bed and took my daily meds so I won’t fall over and die. I think that now, I’m ready to do this so let’s go get the “Magic Bag” and see what gems it has in store for me today. And here we go. The topics are: “Describe Your Favorite Place Using All Five Senses”, “Thoughts On Cooking” and finally, “Sounds Of Silence”. Okay, this might not be too bad. Let’s do it…

A Day of Dougie: Favorite Places, Cooking and The Sounds Of Silence
March 11, 2018

Let’s start off with the first one and that’s “Describe Your Favorite Place Using All Five Senses”. So what’s my favorite place? At the beach, where I haven’t been in several years, in the woods or in bed? Well, I haven’t been at the beach in almost six years so that one is out for now. Bed is my definite favorite place to be more often than not, but I’m not sure if I want to do that one or not. So by process of elimination, I go with “In The Woods”. And now I get to describe the scene using all five of my senses. For sight, I’m seeing trees and weeds and the beauty of nature all around me. I might hear a breeze blowing through the trees, rustling some leaves. The sounds of crickets chirping is pretty prominent and if you listen closely, you might hear some birds or a woodpecker off in the distance. Smell is the best thing as there’s a clean and pure smell, of leaves and of wood and just of nature. Touch is the feel of branches and weeds brushing against your body as you walk through the covered ground, the sounds of wood and grass crunching up under your feet. Everything seems louder and is amplified as the sounds carry across the wildness. It’s just a magic feeling of peace and relaxation and being one with the world, even if only for a few minutes. Just a magical feeling, inside and out and a wonderful place to be.

Next is cooking and I love to cook. It’s a great way to just unwind and relax and, at the same time, bring a few smiles or at least grunts from the mouths of the people you care about and love. It’s a chance to be creative and create and improvise and, with the sounds of music blasting in the background, just go into that mode and mindset of a magician doing his magic or Dr. Frankenstein creating his monster, but the final results get eaten and enjoyed. Thoughts on cooking? I like it and just wish I had more time to do it more often and a bigger group of people, rather than just myself and Mom, to cook for to make it worth the time and effort. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Always has been and probably always will be. ‘Nuff said!

And then finally, we have the “Sounds of Silence”. What the hell is that? If it’s silent, then there are no sounds. That’s probably the point though because a nice and quiet place can be, especially after a long day of dealing with people or stress or stressful people or whatever you spend your days doing, can really mess with you and few things are more relaxing than to get away from it all, even if only for a few minutes, to enjoy just some peace and quiet for a change. There are still noises to be sure, but it’s the birds outside chirping, maybe the ceiling fan turning or just the sound of your own breathing. Nothing distracting or ripping into your ears and getting on your nerves, but the sounds of silence. The very best sounds of all.

And there you go. Not as long as I expected, but it was fun to do and I feel better now. Questions, comments and other thoughts welcome and appreciated so let me know what’s on your mind and what you’re thinking about. I’m out of here. I think it’s time to go take a walk, maybe through the woods. Who knows. Until the next time, have a great one and take care. Love ya – mean it.



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