Craigslist, Podcasts & Bears (Oh my!) – March 23, 2018

A Day of Dougie
Craigslist, Podcasts & Bears
(Oh My!)
March 23, 2018

Good morning and, in best Joey voice, “How you doing?”. It’s early Friday morning and I’m supposed to be getting ready for work right now, but I’m already ready and still have about 45 minutes or so to kill so what is a man to do? How about a quick little ramble? Works for me if it works for you. There are a couple of things that are on my mind and have caught my attention over the past day or so. So let’s just get to it, shall we?

First off, Craigslist. As of yesterday, they have removed their “personals” section. Yes, the place to go find fellow freaks and anonymous partners for all sorts of devious and sometimes fun, although I know nothing about that, activities, is no longer available and has been, in the words of Matt Hardy, “DELETED!”. But this is not “wonderful”. It kind of sucks actually. Reading the personals on Craigslist is always interesting and fun and a great look at just how creative and interesting people can be. I read the “Rants and Raves” for the same reason (really). It’s a great insight into human nature and personalities. And it’s also a great place to find a scratch for that itch when you’re sitting around late at night and don’t have anyone special in your life. And some people admittingly use it to make money, pull scams and prostitute themselves. There is always that dark side, but for the most part, at least in my opinion, it was just legal consenting adults trying to find a way in this crazy, internet connected world where a text or IM is considered to be more viable communication than an actual phone call or conversation, to meet other legal, consenting adults, for whatever purposes suited the both of them. The reason that Craigslist gave for this removal of the Personals section is this…

US Congress just passed HR 1865, “FOSTA”, seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully.

Any tool or service can be misused. We can’t take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can bring them back some day.

To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness!

So a few bad seeds and the possibility of someone using their site in a bad way made Craigslist pull the plug on what was definitely the most popular part of their site. By the way, the law hans’t been signed by the President yet and hasn’t gone into effect as of yet either. I think Craigslist is just jumping the gun here and was most likely just looking for a reason to remove this part of their site. It does tarnish their reputation a bit and when you mention Craigslist, the personals and the sex-ads are usually the first thing people think of. I think the management of Craigslist are probably tired of the jokes and the bad reputation and are just using this new law as a reason to try to improve their image and get away from the sex-marketing business. I don’t blame them, but a little warning would have been nice. I expect that the dating sites will see their memberships pick up as a result and I also expect that some other site, like BackPages or maybe some new site will move in quickly to fill the void. Until then though, there are going to be a lot of lonely and frustrated people.

Damn, that sucks.

Okay, and now on to another topic. How about a quick plug for two incredible podcasts that I enjoy, fully support and occasionally participate in (one of them anyhow). If you get the opportunity, go to YouTube and look up and listen to SMF Cyberspace. It’s my buddy Brent and an assorted cast of crazies talking about current events, movies, television and pretty much anything else that pops up. It’s funny, enlightening, maybe a little crude at times (but always in a good way) and just a great way to spend a little time. They’re on Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social media sites and guess what? I share the links on my page as well. Everytime a new podcast drops, it’ll be up at the site. Listen, learn, laugh and enjoy. You’ll be glad you did.

And the other is the “Drunken Fools” podcast, available on SoundCloud. I just recently discovered this gem as the main man, Austin, comes into my place of business on a regular basis. After all, you can’t be a “Drunken Fool” without something to drink, right? And this guy is charming and funny and intelligent in real life and it all comes across very well on the podcast as well. There isn’t so much a set format for this show as much as there is on SMF, but it doesn’t matter. The eclectic mix of conversation about anything and everything is fun and interesting to listen to. It’s like sitting in a room with some very cool folks just listening to them talk, tell stories and cut the fool, all the while sipping on adult beverages. It’s a good listen and I would strongly encourge anyone with some free time to go listen. As I said, they’re on SoundCloud and have a page on Facebook at this link.

And I think I’m about done here. I covered Craigslist, which sucks and I plugged (don’t I wish) Brent and Austin, which is cool. And I’m going to catch so much hell for that comment. I kid! I kid! They’re both sexy and hot guys, but I’m too damn old for either of them and they’re both straight anyhow… damn it. So what’s left. Bears? Why not?

A guy came into the store yesterday and claims that he saw a live actual bear down near Maxton not too far off the highway yesterday. He might have or maybe he didn’t. He wasn’t drunk yet so who knows for sure. But bears in Robeson Sounty? Hell, I see them on Grindr every night so I believe him.

And with that, I’m down and gone. I have to go finish getting ready for work and I leave here in 12 minutes. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later. Comments, thoughts and any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and warm. I loves ya!


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