Wrestling Q&A – March 24, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
March 24, 2018

Are you ready to talk some wrestling? I’m listening to the latest episode of the Drunken Fools podcast with the headphones and watching / listening to Fox News at the same time. I really do hate television sometimes, but Ma is here and watching that crap and unfortunately, the TV is in the same room as my desk and computer so I have to endure it until she decides to go to bed and turns it off. I hope that’s soon. It’s annoying. And what was I talking about anyhow? Oh yeah, it’s time to do some wrestling Q&A. The questions come from Facebook, the KoK and a friend / long time reader of mine named Steve. And the answers, that’s just me. Let’s do this…

In today’s current WWE climate..how would you book a Kevin nash return?

If I was the booker for WWE, how would I book the return of Kevin Nash? Simple. I wouldn’t. But if Vince and HHH demanded that I find a use and place for him on WWE television, I’d probably put him at the announce table as a commentator with Cole, Coach and Graves. And if that’s not something that he’s comfortable with, then I’d use him as a “General Manager” for one of the shows. Nash as an “authority figure”? Why the hell not?

With the recent success of the Mixed Match Challenge, should WWE create a Mixed Tag Team Title?


With no “Authority Figure” on Smackdown Live (Shane has taken indefinite leave of absence, Daniel Bryan is returning to in-ring action), who should be appointed tne next GM?

How about Kevin Nash? Lord I hope not, but he’s as good as anyone else for the role, I guess. How about Zack Ryder? He was Teddy Long’s “assistant” for a while a few years ago. Maybe a former person of power like Eric Bischoff, Vickie Guerrero or even Booker T. I think my favorite person, if I had the power to make the decision and appoint a new “General Manager” for Smackdown, I’d go with “Zeb Colter” aka Dutch Mantell. He’s respected, a great talker and familiar to the WWE audience. WE THE PEOPLE! Works for me.

In your opinion, who is the MVP of the WWE?

WWE has a lot of great talents, but the best constant in WWE right now in my opinion has to be The Miz. He talks, wrestles, does appearances, interviews, is being used to give a rub to Bo and Axel, the Miztourage, and is the go to performer when WWE needs to make something happen. Throw in the new series with his wife, Maryse, and Miz is “the man” in WWE right now. It’s his world and we just live in it.

Who do you think will be Braun Strowman’s tag team partner to face The Bar at Wrestlemania?

I keep hearing that WWE is going to keep the identity of Braun’s partner under wraps until Wrestlemania itself. Knowing WWE, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Big Show make a return in that spot or even James Ellsworth could be the man. I think I’d go with Curt Hawkins, if he isn’t booked to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal already, so that not only could he end that infamous “streak” of his, but also do it in a dynamic fashion.

If WWE decides to do a “Legacy” induction to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, who should it be?

I think that the “Legacy Induction”, if they decide to do it, should incorporate the people who are already part of the WCW Hall of Fame, but not yet members of (and most likely will never be) the WWE Hall of Fame. This list of Inductees, the remaining members of the WCW Hall of Fame would be, Gordon Solie, Ole Anderson, Angelo Poffo, The Assassin, Mr. Wrestling II, Lou Thesz, Eddie Graham, Dick the Bruiser, Crusher and Wahoo McDaniel. All of these men are definitely worthy of any wrestling Hall of Fame, well most of them anyhow, and since WCW is technically a part of the WWE now, the folks that were inducted into their Hall of Fame at the Slamboree events, they should also technically be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame. So make it official. Do a “Legacy Induction” and send the folks or their families a plaque, a ring and a check. It needs to be done.

Now that Daniel Bryan has been cleared to wrestle, who would you like to see him face in that ring in the near future?

First on my list would be The Miz. They’ve teased it for years so make it happen now. After that is resolved, Shinsuke, AJ Styles and Finn Balor are all at the top of my list as who I’d like to see Bryan face. I can’t remember if Bryan and Seth Rollins ever had any programs together, but that would be awesome as well. There are so many talents and great wrestlers in WWE right now, the list of people for Bryan to face is nearly endless.

And that’s all for me for now. Ma has gone to bed and it’s nice and quiet right now and I’m loving it. Time to watch a quick little bit of Netflix and relax for a few minutes before I go to bed myself. Work comes early in the morning. Questions, comments and any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Talk to me, my Peeps. I’m out of here now so until the next time, stay safe and have a great one. Love ya – mean it.


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