Wrestlemania 34 – Thoughts & Predictions (Part 1 of 2)

WWE Wrestlemania 34
Thoughts & Predictions
(Part 1 0f 2)
April 6, 2018

Before I get started off with my predictions for Wrestlemania 34, I want to let everyone know that earlier today, the WWE released the names of their “Legacy Inductees” for the Hall of Fame Class of 2018. Joining the WWE Hall of Fame this year, under the “Legacy” banner, will be the following wrestling icons and legends: Former WWWF champion Stan Stasiak, Lord Alfred Hayes, Dara Singh, Cora Combs, El Santo, Jim Londos, Rufus R. Jones, Sputnik Monroe and Boris “The Great” Malenko.

Congratulations to these superstars of days gone by for the honor and recognition of their contributions to the business we all love and for taking their rightful spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. I think that Stasiak and Hayes could have easily gotten individual inductions, but we’ll take what we can get and every one of these names is well deserving of this spot and honor. And now, back to the matches of Wrestlemania 34.

In just a few days, the city of New Orleans will play host to the biggest (literally) wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania 34. With eleven matches booked, one rumored and two Battle Royals, this card is huge and totally stacked. It’s so big, it’s going to take two columns to cover them all. This is probably the biggest Wrestlemania of all time or at least it will be the longest if you count the pre-show. I know I’m excited for this show and ready to enjoy the matches and interaction between the many WWE superstars. But that will be on Sunday, April 8th, live on the WWE Network. As for now, all we can do is speculate who will win, who will lose, who will walk out of New Orleans as a champion and who will fall short on their goals for the evening. And by speculate, I mean it’s time to break out the Crystal Balls, the Tarot Cards and the Sister Cleo wig and bad, fake accent and look at the matches, one by one, and decide what will and will not happen. So are you ready? Then let’s shake our booty and get to grooving. Let’s do this…

Wrestlemania 34: Thoughts & Predictions – (Part 1)

WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns

So many questions here. Will this be Brock’s last match with the WWE and will he be going back to UFC? Will Roman finally get the big push and run for the title as he’s been rumored to have been waiting for so long? Will the fans boo Roman out of the arena, regardless of what happens? I think the general thoughts are that since Roman is “Vince’s boy”, he’ll get the win and Universal Championship and Brock will take off and leave the WWE for a while. And all of that is very likely and could happen. But I’m looking for a swerve. I’m thinking that we’ll have a smash-mouth, kick-ass match that will rival anything that either Brock or Roman has done before. I think we’ll see “Superman Punches”, “Spears” and lots of “Suplex City”. Look for a memorable number of two-counts. And when the dust settles and the smoke clears, Brock is still the man with the Universal Championship. Then Roman can get a rematch the next night on RAW and beat Brock for the belt. But on Sunday night, it’s the reigning , defending Universal Champion who takes that trip to the pay window.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

WWE champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

This is going to be one of the matches of the night and honestly, it can go either way. Both men are so strong and at the top of their games right now and are determined to have that classic match that steals the show. Shinsuke will come oh so close to getting that pin and winning the title, but I think that AJ is so good right now, the WWE Championship is in the best place it can be for Smackdown Live. It’ll be a match for the ages, but when the final bell is being rung, it’ll be AJ still as the WWE Champion.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: AJ Styles

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

The WWE is not going to debut Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania and then have her lose the match, not even to Stephanie and HHH. It’ll be short, sweet and Stephanie will tap out.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey

WWE Smackdown Women’s champion Charlotte vs. Asuka

We have arguably the best female wrestler in the WWE today in Charlotte Flair taking on the “Empress of Tomorrow”, Asuka, who is currently touting a two and one-half year undefeated streak. Talk about dream matches. I’m trying to think and figure out where the best way to go with this and make the most money in long term for WWE. Charlotte is a great wrestler and that can not be disputed. But she’s lost before and will lose again in the months and years to come. A loss will not hurt her in the slightest. As for Asuka, she’s the hottest woman in wrestling today, character wise, and that streak is money in the bank, no relation to Carmella and her briefcase (or is it?). If this match goes without someone getting involved, I’m looking for Asuka to come out on top after a close and high impact match. And if Carmella decides to try and cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase, Asuka still comes out on top. Yes, my money is on the Empress. Asuka wins.

Winner and NEW WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Asuka

John Cena vs. The Undertaker (?)

Note the question mark. This is because this match has not been officially announced by the WWE nor confirmed by anyone in WWE yet. But there is no way, after all the comments by John Cena and the one-man build he gave this potential match, that something isn’t going to happen. The Undertaker’s “Dead Man” gimmick has been retired since he left his hat and coat in the ring a while back so how does this happen? How about 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Kid Rock plays the Undertaker’s “American Bad Ass” gimmick theme and we see Taker ride the motorcycle to the ring. Cena is a “fan” in the audience and we see the men go nose to nose and face to face. Taker, in full Biker mode, points to the ring. Cena jumps the barrier and goes to the ring. We get a referee and we have an inpromptu match. It’s a brawl for all and anything goes. And in the end, we see the American Bad-Ass Dead Man walk out with his arm raised as Cena takes a fall and goes down, 1-2-3. And there you go.

Winner: The Undertaker

WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor.

Miz is on his way to becoming the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. He’s hot and on a roll and there is absolutely no reason to have Miz drop the title right now. Seth is good and Balor is great, but the Miz, he’s AWESOME. Miz snatches a victory out of the mouth of defeat and retains his title.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

WWE United States champion Randy Orton vs. Rusev vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal

Randy doesn’t need the belt and from what I understand, will be moving to a part-time schedule later this year so I don’t think he’ll retain here. Jinder has become a personal favorite of mine and I would love to see Jinder get a run with the United States title, but I don’t think that is going to happen this Sunday night either. So that leaves Bobby Roode and Rusev. Having Bobby Roode as the U.S. Champion would indeed be “Glorious”, but since Wrestlemania falls on Rusev Day, I think that Aiden English will be singing the praises of the Bulgarian Brute when the final bell rings. Sunday will be a great day and millions of Rusev fans will agree. Happy Rusev Day to the new champion.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Rusev

And that’s the end of Part 1. I’ll have the predictions for the rest of the show coming up in Part 2. Thank you for reading. So, who do you think will be winning and losing come Sunday night. Will you be watching? Talk to me, my Peeps. I want to know.

And now, I’m down and gone and I’ll see you later with the rest of this. Have a great one and take care. Who loves ya, baby? One answer. Me. Until the next time…


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