Wrestling Q&A – April 15, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
April 15, 2018

It’s Sunday afternoon (almost) and I slept way too late this morning. My head is all stuffy and fogged up. But then again, I stayed up far too late last night. Watching movies and interacting on social media will do that to you. But I’m awake now and trying to get the ball rolling. Ten Days of Dougie starts tomorrow. You’ve been warned. As for today, it’s Wrestling Q&A time. I also have a “Fact or Fiction”, the music edition, that I’ll be doing later today as well. So that’s on the agenda for later this afternoon. As for now, let’s talk the world’s greatest sport, professional wrestling. The questions come from Facebook and other social media outlets. The answers come from me. Let’s do this…

Describe a gimmick that you’re surprised has not been done yet.

In this great business of ours, everything has been done at least once and then recycled a dozen more times with varying rates of success. But even with that thought in mind, I’m surprised that, given today’s political climate, no one has wrestled as a “political snowflake”. I’m talking about tough talk, but scared of their own shadow, requiring a “safe space” when things get rough. A sense of entitlement that everyone owes them everything and that free speech is to be honored and valued, but only if you agree with their point of views and if not, you’re a racist, a sexist and homophobic. I’m not sure how a character like this could be pulled off and it wouldn’t have a long shelf life since the media and college kids would shit all over it as “offensive” and probably try to do a boycott or protest since that’s what they do when their feelings are hurt. It’d still be fun to see someone try it though.

Wrestler you’ve met that disappointed you with their attitude and one the pleasantly surprised you with their attitude…

I’ve been fortunate enough over the past twenty plus years to have met many wrestlers and the experiences have been both good and bad. The main names that come to mind in that I thought they’d be more friendly and cool, but it didn’t quite go that way were Ricky Morton, Jimmy Valiant and to a point, Bryan Clark, who was very cool until I made a comment that he didn’t like and he pulled a total 180 on me. And Tammy Sytch got mad and blocked me on Twitter for a joke I made. As for guys I was expecting to be more difficult, but turned out to be great, Greg Valentine, Ivan Koloff, Penny Banner, Lodi and especially Brian Adams turned out to be great. Adams and Banner turned out to be really cool and became friends.

What’s Something About WWECW You Actually Liked?

That first episode and the ECW Zombie getting caned by the Sandman. That was great. And the rise of CM Punk from unknown to superstar was mainly due to ECW as well. Also enjoyed seeing Chavo Guerrero and Mark Henry get title runs and some recognition. It had a lot of flaws to be sure, but for the most part, I liked the WWECW shows. I was not a fan of the original ECW all that much so I wasn’t as butt-hurt by the changes that WWE made to make the show more “sports-entertainment” and family friendly. It was like the bastard child, kind of left alone, but with just the basics in supervision and it was different at first from the other two brands. It it had been allowed to continue that slightly different angle and kind of mode, it possibly could still be going today. Who knows?

What do you want to see at wrestlemania 35 ?

Fewer matches, like maybe nine or ten at the maximum. Aside from that, just great wrestling, a few surprises and to see Ivan Koloff (RIP), Baron Von Raschke and the Midnight Express (and Jim Cornette) all get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Have you ever heard a reason why Regis Philbin has not been inducted into the WWE HOF?

Honestly, I’ve always wondered about this myself. Regis has been a strong advocate and supporter for professional wrestling dating back to his early days on television as the co-host of the Joey Bishop show and then later when he had his own shows. I’m guessing it’s just that since he’s been off TV now for a while, ever since he retired from doing the “Live” show, he’s just kind of faded from memory, an “out of sight / out of mind” situation. Regis is a natural pick and selection for the Celebrity Wing of the HOF, but the time would have been best when he was hosting the “Live” show, doing “W’ho Wants To Be A Millionaire” and was everywhere. He’s not in the spotlight much anymore and the star had faded and I’m afraid he’s being overlooked as a result. Regis, along with Cyndi Lauper, should have been the first people, to be inducted into the Celebrity Wing. It needs to happen and sooner rather than later.

Do you see Daniel Bryan winning either of WWE’s major titles? Or would you run into the problem of Bryan having to appear more since he holds the title?

I honestly don’t think we’ll see Daniel winning any titles any time soon. He doesn’t need to be a champion to get over with the fans and also, given his medical history and the fact that he just got cleared, WWE is going to play it cautiously with Bryan. I think the matches will be few and far between as in more than Brock, but less than AJ. WWE is going to be watching Bryan and testing him every time he takes any kind of bump in that ring for a while until they’re secure and feel comfortable that he won’t suffer a relapse of any kind. So no titles in Bryan’s immediate future. Instead, I think we’ll see a lot of old grudges being settled (Miz) and a few dream matches instead.

And I guess that’s all for now. I have more wrestling questions waiting, but as I learned long ago, less is more and usually about 5 to 6 questions is generally long enough so I’ll do the rest later today or tomorrow in another piece. Thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts and questions are welcome and appreciated. Time to go throw some clothes into the washer and then it’s Fact or Fiction, the music edition, time. Take care and I’ll see you later.


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