Wrestling Q&A – April 16, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
April 16, 2018

Happy Monday. Let’s talk some wrestling. The questions come from social media, mainly Facebook. The answers are from me. Let’s do this…

What do you do with Brock once he drops the belt to Reigns?

A rematch to try and get the title back and then, depending on how much time is left on Brock’s contract, I’d move him into a feud with Bobby Lashley to help get Lashley over before Brock’s WWE deal expires.

Do the WWE really need to bring Hogan back? With everything that happened, all the things the WWE and Hogan will need to do (and actually apologize this time Hogan) in the long run is it worth it. There are other legends they can use as goodwill ambassador they can use for PR, with out the history of saying stupid, stupid things. And more would you bring back, or go he needs us more than we need him?

Everything you say is true,but it’s still Hulk Hogan and he’s such a huge part of why we even have a WWE today and professional wrestling in general, would I bring him back? Absolutely. Just keep him on a short leash. Hogan has many flaws and issues, but like Ric Flair for example, there is only one and his legacy and place in professioal wrestling and making it what it is today is too big to be ignored or denied.

With Jarrett coming into the HoF, does that come with an automatic Legends deal? Also what if anything, do you do with him? I think you could get some good stuff out of him. Maybe some interviews for the Network, maybe a few week stints of the Performance Center. But do you do anything else with him?

I believe it does have a Legend’s Deal attached, but don’t quote me on that. As for what you do with Jeff Jarrett, use him on the Network as you said and also at the Performance Center. What else? Jarrett, with his knowledge and background in the business, would make a great agent or part of the creative team. And as shown by how many former TNA stars, originally recruited by Jeff for TNA, are now in the WWE, let him work as a scout and help find new talent. Heck, Jeff is still relatively young enough and in good enough shape that some in-ring action for a limited run isn’t totally out of the question. With a person as well rounded in this business as Jarrett is available, the WWE needs to find a role for him in the company. Doing what? Anything he wants.

Which WWE wrestler ruined their legacy the most when they went to WCW?

The names that immediately come to mind as having good WWE runs, but would have been better off staying out of WCW and Atlanta for me are Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake (John Tenta) and Tugboat (Shockmaster). And Ted DiBiase went from being the “Million Dollar Man” to being a token manager for the Steiners. And what about Tammy Sytch (Sunny). Granted, she was a wreck anyhow and did herself no favors once she was there, but on her first appearence on Nitro, she wasn’t even acknowledged by the announcers as being in the ring.

How long do you think Carmella will hold the Smackdown Women’s title?

I’m saying roughly about three months, tops.

In honor of The Kid, The Myth, The Legend, Nicholas, name a wrestler you would’ve loved to be tag team partners with and against who.

I would love to team up with Disco Inferno, Alex Wright and Tokyo Magnum and be part of the Boogie Knights / Dancing Fools faction. They always looked to be having fun out there and the gimmick was great in my opinion. As for against who, how about Kronik or Three Count?

Who should The Undertaker’s final ever match be with?

Very simple. His “Brother in Destruction”, Kane.

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and questions welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe.


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