10 Days Of Dougie (Day 1) – Dreamers, Banned Movies & Raccoon & Possum

Ten Days Of Dougie
Day 1: Dreamers, Banned Movies and Raccoon & Possum.
April 16, 2018

So are you ready to get this party started? It is here, live and in living color. Well, as live as a written blog can be, but I’m alive, at least I was the last time I checked. Yeah, to hurt this much, I have to be alive. Aches and pains and bears, oh my! The thrills and joys of getting old. I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when I stand up and try to walk. Well, at least I’m still a sexy beast despite all the aches and pains. Don’t believe me? Ask me. And hey guys, I’m single. Okay then. Now what were we talking about?

The “Ten Days Of Dougie” blog series is back and it’s here. Are you excited? I kind of, sort of am. Things have been getting a little too quiet around here at the site and I haven’t pissed anyone off in weeks. Well, not here at the blog anyhow. There are a few people that I feel might be a little less than happy with me at the moment, but they will be all right. So as I explained in the prologue, I’ll be reaching into what I call the “Magic Bag” and pulling out three random topics and then, with no preparation or advance warnings, write about those topics. It’s fun and crazy and could be good. It could also suck to high hell and back, kind of like a “news report” on CNN about the President. It’s weird how for years, it was always MSNBC who told the blatant lies about Republicans and had the news anchors with the IQ’s of a popsicle stick, but then Trump got elected and CNN stepped up and told the world to “hold my beer” and have become the most lying ass fake news network on television today. Being biased is one thing and I expect that from all of the media these days. Journalism and unbiased reporting is dead. But CNN has taken the slanderous statements and lies to a whole new level. They’re idiots. ‘Nuff said!

And I didn’t mean to get all political there. I find Trump as annoying as the next guy and he’s a ass-clown of a character in so many ways, but I think he’s pretty much trying to do the right things and has the best interests of our nation in mind. He’s just obnoxious. But that being said, he is also the President of the United States and deserves our respect. If he does well, it benefits all of us and our nation. Why can’t the people at CNN and the people who hate Trump so badly realize that? So far, he’s done well and that’s despite the constant battles from all sides. Can you imagine what he could acomplish if people would let him be the President and govern instead of worrying about an affair he had nearly fifteen years ago? Both people involved were legal and consenting adults so I can’t see what the issue is except that Stormy got paid to keep her mouth shut and now, wants to be paid again and pretend to be a victim to be a martyr for the anti-Trump cause. She’s a porn star ho’ who got screwed by a billionaire. Who the hell cares? At least he’s not like Bill Clinton and raping women.

Oops. DId I go there? Damn straight. And now I’m going to the Magic Bag. This intro has been interesting, but let’s find out what the topics of the day for Day 1 of the “Ten Days Of Dougie” will be. We have “Banned Movies”, “Dreamers” and “Raccoon & Possum”. This is an interesting combination and it should be fun. Let’s do this…


Dreamers are the people who make the world go round and keep things from becoming stale and boring. Every song, every television show, every invention started off with a dream or an idea that someone decided to pursue after a moment of inspiration. That’s one thing that worries me about the generations and kids of today. They don’t dream or have imaginations. Look at the children. When I was a small child, give me some dirt and a matchbox car and maybe a few army men and I could keep busy for hours. Give me a book and I was drawn into the stories and pictures and taken on a journey to distant lands by my imagination. I had that imagination and loved to think and dream. And now, the kids live on the X-Box or computer and that spark, that fire, those dreams, just don’t exist anymore. There are a few who are still independent thinkers and are looking outside the box, but those few become more and more rare and hard to find each and every day. The dreamers, who should be the leaders, have become the mindless, entitled sheep instead.

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, I have a dream. A dream that one day, people will put down the cell phones and actually talk to other people again. That instead of watching Netflix or being on Facebook, they’ll go outside and take a walk or go feed the ducks and leave the computers at home. I have a dream that instead of relying on a computer, people will once again learn to do basic math by hand, learn to write letters, make phone calls and be people instead of mindless, computer dependent zombies. And yes, this is somewhat hypocritical of me to say this when I spend a couple of hours a day on a computer, but I can take it or leave it. I don’t need to be online to be content and would just as soon have a book or take a walk around the block. And I despise a damn cell phone. Computers and cell phones and all of that have a place and in many ways do make our lives easier, but I have a dream that maybe one day, they will be a tool for our use rather than the master who controls our every thought and move. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you will join us and the world will be as one.

Yes, I just used some lyrics from the John Lennon song, “Imagine”. Now I can move on so…

Banned Movies…

I’m not really sure what it would take these days to actually ban a movie from viewership, but in the more conservative times of our nation, it was done every so often. Two movies that come to mind are an Italian movie called “120 Days Of Sodom” and a movie called “Freaks”. The first one, I’ve seen a few times, and how to describe it is a psychological train wreck that is so disgusting and disturbing, I can easily see why it was (and still is in some countries) banned almost immediately upon release. 16 boys and girls kidnapped and held for the sadistic pleasure and torture of four prominent members of society. There is sexual torture, beatings, rape, physical torture, murder and that’s just the start. The first time I watched it was on the computer and I sat there for nearly two hours, pretty much just going, “What the… ?”. The movie is in Italian and even with not knowing the language, I couldn’t turn away although there were some scenes that made me cringe and on the verge of getting physically ill. It’s interesting to say the least and I can’t even begin to imagine how messed up the actors and actresses were after being in this movie and doing some of the things that they did. And the people who wrote it? Oh vey!

The other movie is called “Freaks” and it’s available on YouTube now and although some scenes have been lost to time and age, it’s a fascinating movie. It’s about a midget in a freak show who’s in love with a regular, beautiful woman who also works for the show. She’s just using him for his money since he’s also the heir to the show. The performers in the show, who were real life people with deformities, played themselves and pretty much got mad with her for hurting one of their own in their own unique fashion. This movie was made in 1932 and originally ran for 90 minutes, but editing and cuts eventually timed it down to 64 minutes. Despite the cuts, the movie lost $164,000 and was banned in the United Kingdom for over thirty years. It’s disturbing in some ways, but an interesting movie that I would love to see in it’s entirety.

I just thought of another movie that’s been banned and this one is a Disney flick. Song Of The South. It’s the stories of Uncle Remus, done with a mixture of music, live action and animation. This movie even won some Academy Awards and was a huge money maker for Disney, yet has never been released on home video or DVD. Why? Because many feel that Uncle Remus, portrayed by actor James Baskett, is too happy and cheerful and doesn’t portray life as a “slave” properly. It’s been called racist and insulting to black people. But take things into context and look at it like this. It was made in 1946 and how many movies starring a black actor were topping the charts then? For the time period especially, it was a very positive step and there is nothing racist except for some over dramatic idiots looking for something to bitch about. It’s a good movie and stands the test of time. Disney won’t air it or release it because of the overly politically correct world we now live in and they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I wish they would though.

And finally…

Possum and Raccoon…

This is just an analogy that came to me after a conversation I had with one of my coworkers. He was telling me about a feeding block thingy that he has set up in his yard where the deer regularly converge and eat at night. One night, he looked out of his window and there, at the block, were no deer, but instead were a raccoon and an opossum. They were both at the block, just mere feet away from each other, and eating away to their heart’s content. He had seen them both out there eating before, but never at the same time and he thought it was pretty cool. And we continued to talk about a possum that regularly comes to my house and eats with the cats (Snout) and how ugly the possums are compared to how beautiful the raccoon is. And me, being the sexist, childish prog that I am at times, decided to compare the two animals to women. Well, actually “dating partners” in general, but since my coworker is straight and probably wouldn’t be comfortable with the guy analogy, I used the female gender.

Possums and raccoons are just like women. Possums get fat and ugly, but they are pretty much harmless and beneficial to have around. They eat ticks, clean up nature’s messes and don’t get rabies and as a dear wonderful friend of mine can tell us, they make great pets and are nothing but big babies. And the raccoon?hey’re pretty to look at, but they steal. They’re unpredictable and they get rabies. Fine one moment and then going all psycho and crazy, getting deadly on your ass. They’ll kill you if they can. So the possum women (or guys), they might not be much to look at, but the benefits and pros far outweigh any cons. And the raccoon women (or guys), are pretty to look at and can be fun, but eventually, they’re gonna start foaming at the mouth and go rabid on you. It sounded better in my head than I’ve explained it here, but think about it. It’s true.

And there you go. That’s the end of Day 1 of the “Ten Days Of Dougie” series. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions welcome and appreciated. I’ll be back later today with some other stuff and back tomorrow with Day 2. Take care and stay safe. Love ya – mean it.


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