Wrestling Q&A – April 30, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
April 30, 2018

Questions are from the Facebook group, “Jim Crockett Promotions…A great era in pro wrestling!”, Kult of Kayfabe” and my inbox at Doug28352@yahoo.com. There are a lot of them to tackle today and time is short before I have to head out to do my Monday morning duties so let’s get to hopping.

1. What’s y’all thoughts on Ragin Bull being a 4 Horsemen?

It wouldn’t have worked out very well in my opinion. The thing about the Horsemen, at least in the beginning, was that they lived the gimmick and Ric, Arn and Tully were as close together off camera as they were on the TV and at the shows. You had three great wrestlers who were exactly what you saw, in character and in real life. That was the magic that made the original Horsemen work. Manny was a good wrestler and legit tough guy, but was part of Dusty’s clique and not Flair’s. His in-ring style and character wouldn’t have clicked very well with Tully or Ric and it would be like sticking an orange in a bag of apples and just a bad mix. I can’t see any way that it would work for the long term.

2. I know Adrian Street wasn’t with JCP that long but he was a tough guy. Thoughts on Adrian Street?

A legitimate tough guy and one of the best entertainers of his day, Adrian Street was a true one-of-a-kind wrestler. He played the gay character, but with the addition of Miss Linda and his promos and in ring abilities, you weren’t ever really sure if he was just messing with you or not. There was an ambiguity there that was unsettling and so effective, especially in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. To work as he did and act as he did, you knew this man was either the baddest man in the room or the craziest, neither of which made anyone want to mess with him. A true legend and iconic figure in this business and also, from all reports, one of the nicest guys as well.

3. RIP to the late great Number 1 Paul Jones [ Paul Frederik]. Was he a better heel or a face? He was obviously very effective as both but I would say heel. Thoughts?

For the territory days, Paul Jones was a damn good wrestler. He was legit tough and despite his size, could work an effective match against anyone. He was a great baby-face, but limited on the promo abilities, but to be honest, he didn’t need to be able to talk well to get over. I didn’t really see him much though until he turned heel in the late 70’s and when Rick Steamboat turned on him (that’s what Paul says and I’m not going to dispute him). He wrestled a few years as primarily a tag team wrestler, winning tag titles with Baron Von Raschke and the Masked Superstar, a very underrated team to be sure and then made the transition to a managerial role due to back problems. Since I don’t have as many memories of him as a face, I’ll go with being a better heel. But I think he did very well in both roles.

4. Is it me, or did Ole Anderson not care about getting another title after his leg injury?

Towards the latter part of his career, Ole had made lots of money and was ready to retire from wrestling, ready to concentrate more on the office / booking side of wrestling rather than in-ring action. Titles were used to put people over and Ole didn’t need that or want to deal with the added responsibilities of being a champion. He was Ole Anderson and was already over, especially in Georgia and the Carolinas. Better to step back and deal with the responsibilites of running the territories while others get to be Champions. His ego wasn’t that big and he didn’t need titles or championships. He wasn’t Dusty Rhodes, after all…

5. Thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior’s run in WCW.

It was a good idea at first, but quickly fell apart and ended up being a major fiasco. Warrior shouldn’t have been brought in and when they did it, WCW as was usually the case far too often, didn’t know what to do with him and Hogan. Great idea, but no plan on how to make it work and it ended up wasting everyone’s time and being a blemish on both the careers of Hogan and Warrior.

6. Should the WWE book an All-Woman pay-per-view or special for the Network?

Absolutely. They have twenty-four active women wrestlers on the main roster, a women General Manager for Smackdown, Stephanie McMahon running around and the ladies from NXT available as well. The women are as hot now as ever and since they didn’t get to go work the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia, throw them a bone and let them have a special event of their own. WWE has the resources and the Network so just go for it. It just makes sense and would give the WWE a great gauge to use in determining the future of the Women’s Movement and where to go next.

7. Bruno (in his prime) versus Brock Lesnar. Who wins?

Bruno was a legit tough guy and a true bad-ass, but against Brock in a legit shoot? Brock wins, no doubt.

8. Should the WWE create a mixed-tag team championship?


9. Should WWE bring back Enzo?

Nope. Enzo was fired for not telling the WWE that he was under a criminal investigation for rape. From all reports, the investigation has ended and no charges were or will be filed, but tha doesn’t change the fact that Enzo had a responsibility to tell WWE what was going on and didn’t. Add that to the disruptions that he allegedly caused with the other wrestlers in the locker room and it’s more of a good riddance than anything else. He should not be brought back… period!

And there you go. I’m down and gone. Comments, thoughts and any questions, drop me a line. Thank you for reading and until the next time, take it easy. Have a great one.


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