Wrestling Fact or Fiction – May 13, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
May 13, 2018

Welcome to the Fact or Fiction, wrestling edition. It’s time to call bodyslams, arm bars and Tombstone piledrivers. Nah, I’m just kidding. We’re talking about a lot of WWE today though with questions about Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Money In The Bank and more. The statements of which I’m commenting come from my friends at 411mania.com/wrestling. I’m providing the answers and opinions and the music in the background, which I can hear and you can’t, is courtesy of Yelawolf, Jelly Roll and Stuggle. Let’s get busy and do this…

Happy Mother’s Day!!

1. Daniel Bryan losing to Rusev on Smackdown was the wrong call.

FICTION: I can understand why some might not like the idea of Bryan losing to Rusev, but right now, he’s pretty much teflon and wins and losses are not going to hurt Bryan in the slightest. Rusev has been up and down so much over the past couple of years, it’s important to every so often give him a big win to remind the fans what a strong talent he actually is and to prove that be belongs in the title mix for Smackdown. This helps keep Rusev strong and won’t hurt Bryan a but so I’ll say it was actually a good call by WWE.

2. Kevin Owens signing a new 5-year deal with the WWE is great news.

FACT: This means Kevin is happy with the WWE and the WWE is happy with Kevin and we, the fans of KO, will get to see him for several more years as one of the top stars of the WWE. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

3. If WWE runs a three MITB matches at this year’s MITB PPV, they will run the risk of burning out the gimmick.

FICTION: Three matches of this nature in one show would be major over-kill to be sure, but since these questions were sent out, we found out that the WWE is only planning two MITB matches for the PPV and not three. One will mix the men of both RAW and Smackdown and the other will mix the women of both brands. But even if they did run three of these matches, if they’re booked differently with emphasis on different things, it could still be well done and work. It’d be a little anti-climatic towards the end, but these matches are unique enough that the gimmick would still remain strong.

4. WWE attempting to portray Roman Reigns as a “Daniel Bryal-like” figure is a poor plan.

FACT: Daniel Bryan’s character worked because it was Daniel Bryan and he’s a unique character with a special relationship with the wrestling fans. Roman is not Daniel Bryan and can’t be ,arketed the same way. Best to just let Roman be Roman and find a plan that works for him instead of using Daniel Bryan type methods. It just won’t work.

5. The AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura feud has been completely under whelming so far.

FACT: I was definitely expecting a lot more from these two, based on their history and reputations, but so far, it’s been “Meh!” at best. I’m not sure what the problem is exactly, but kicking in the balls is the highlight of this feud? That’s a kick in the balls to the WWE Universe and the fans. Hopefully, they’ll figure out what’s lacking and get it together or else move on to other opponents before too long. One can only hope.

6. WWE Backlash was a horrible PPV.

FICTION: It wasn’t that bad really and the Miz-Seth match was, dare I say it, awesome. I think that coming just a week after the “Greatest Royal Rumble” and less than a month after Wrestlemania, it just kind of suffered from wrestling fatigue and lack of attention. It wasn’t the worst and I’ve definitely seen PPV’s that sucked more, but it wasn’t the best either. It was somewhere in-between.

And that’s that for now. Thank you for reading. Thoughts and comments appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and also, just as important, Happy Rusev Day as well. I love ya, Peeps! Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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