Wrestling FoF (Roman, Rousey, All In, MITB and More) – May 20, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Rousey, Roman, MITB, All In and More…
May 20, 2018

And now, are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY? That always works so much better in front of 10,000 screaming fans hyped up on grapefruits and Red Bull. Let’s do this Fact or Fiction thing one more time and this time, it’s all about the “Wrestling” that we all love so much. As per the usual, the statements come from my friends at 411mania.com/wrestling, with the exception of the last two which were asked to me by an acquaintance in an e-mail. And the comments that follow, the jaded opinions and words of truth, justice and the American way, that’s all me. Let’s do this…

1. Rushing Ronda Rousey into a singles match with an inexperienced performer like Nia Jax is a bad idea.

FACT: I’m torn on this one because I don’t think that Rousey should be challenging for the title yet. She’s a big name and I get why the WWE is going with this and it makes sense from a money point of view, but if Rousey does anything but squash Nia in about three minutes and make her tap, it makes Ronda look weak and as if she can’t live up to the hype, which we know she can. And what will this do for Nia? She’s not a great worker, but is gaining credibility and respect and thus far, is fine as the Women’s Champion. That she can’t beat this contender and gets squashed so quickly will pretty much set her back big time in her career and ruin all the good will that Nia has been building up in her feud with Alexa Bliss. Either we get someone to do a run-in and end the match early or maybe get a cash in on the MITB contract that same night by whoever wins the Women’s MITB match, cashing in on Nia after Ronda beats her down or otherwise, this is all hype and nothing else and a lose-lose. I get the why, but it’s too early for this match.

2. Roman Reigns turning into a whining character that claims that politics & management are against him will finally lead to him turning heel.

FICTION: Roman getting fed up and just shutting up and taking care of business might get a reaction, but heel or face, the fans are going to boo him and jeer the big man. Roman is a failed experiment, through little fault of his own, by the WWE and it’s time to take a step back, let him move down the card a bit and maybe just have great matches, and let someone else move into the spot of challenging Brock. The whining character works for some people, but with Roman, it’s not really him or his nature and we already know that having had him jammed down our throats for the past several years. Management and the political system that is WWE love Roman and we know it and they know it so the complaining is just forced and falling on deaf ears. There are ways to get Roman over, but the best way would be to just step back and hit the reset button.

3. You are surprised that the “All IN” show ran by Cody & The Young Bucks sold out 10,000 tickets on day one.

FACT: I’m not surprised that it sold out because it’s a great concept and Cody versus Adidas for the NWA World Championship is a wrestling fan’s wet dream come true. But the fact that it sold out so quickly was surprising and no one expected that. They’ve done an amazing job thus far with the build for the show and now, all they have to do is deliver. And maybe find a pay-per-view provider or work out a deal to stream the show live over the net to really capitalize on the success thus far. So far though, so good and congratulations to Cody and the others for a job well done.

4. Asuka should defeat Carmella to win the Smackdown women’s title at MITB.

FACT: As much as I love Carmella and how well she is growing into her role as the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Asuka should win and win cleanly and easily. Unless we have someone recreate the Ellsworth role with Carmella, her former boyfriend Cass perhaps, and cause a major distraction, this match should belong to Asuka and I expect we’ll see the “Empress of Tomorrow” walk out of the event with the Smackdown title firmly in her sexy little hands.

5. The entire John Cena/Nikki Bella situation is nothing but a work to hype Total Bellas/Total Divas and their “big reconciliation” for the cameras.

FACT: I hope I’m wrong and it’s really hard to tell for sure, but every instinct and feeling I have, my spidey-sense if you will, says that the Cena / Nikki situation is just like Brody from the movie “Chasing Amy”. They claim to be inkers, but in reality, are just “Tracers”. Nikki and Cena are tracers. ‘Nuff said!

6. Shinsuke Nakamura NEEDS to defeat AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship at MITB.

FACT: After everything that has happened with these two since Wrestlemania, it’s time to bring this to a close. Much like Roman / Brock, it’s getting a bit stale, but not nearly as bad. But if Nakamura doesn’t win the title here, what’s been the entire point. He’ll be the guy who comes “thisclose”, but can’t get the job finished, kind of like my ex-boyfriend Chris. Or was that Danny? Hmmmmm. It doesn’t have to be a long run, but it’s time to give Shinsuke a run with the belt or if not, at least have a damn good reason why. Otherwise, he just becomes another face on the roster and Shinsuke is too damn good for that.

7. James Ellsworth will do well with Impact Wrestling.

FACT: I’d much rather see him back in WWE as the comic foil and Carmella’s sidekick, but Ellsworth is a good guy and has a good character. He’ll never be a “top guy”, but as Eric Young for example or Santino Marella have proven, the role of the comedic loser can be a profitable and entertaining one. Ellsworth deserves his success and I’m happy that if he’s not in WWE, then Impact has given him a spot to work his magic. Congrats to him.

8. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel will find success as the “B-Team”.

FACT: Both men are so damn good in that ring when given the opportunity and maybe, just maybe this is finally it. The reaction from the fans when “The B-Team” got their “first win” on RAW this past week was amazing and hopefully a sign of things to come for these two 3rd Generation Superstars. Bo and Axel have always been two of my favorites and maybe now, the rest of the fans and more importantly, the management of WWE (aka Vince and HHH) are getting it too.

And that’s all of that for now. I’m through here. Thank you for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions about anything are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay cool and safe and have a great one. I’ll see you at the matches. Take care.


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