Facebook Q&A – June 3, 2018 (Roseanne, Racism, Lebron vs Michael and More)…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Facebook Q&A
Roseanne, Racism, Lebron vs Michael and More…
June 3, 2018

Facebook and Social Media in general are wonderful things. People have no sense of “personal space” and will ask and talk about anything and everything with little or no regard to anyone else. It’s a great tool to meet and communicate with people, but at the same time, it’s probably one of the worst things to ever happen to the dredge that we call humanity. On my Facebook timeline, posts regularly pop up asking all sorts of questions, some relevant and others, not quite as much. And me, well, I’m the type of person who doesn’t give a damn and will answer every single question asked, if not on the Facebook timeline, then here. It’s Q&A time, Facebook style. Let’s get busy and do this before I change my mind.

The Roseanne Show? Cancel or not?

Absolutely not and I’ll tell you why. The show was the highest rated program on network TV in many years, drawing in the range of 18,000,000 viewers a week. It was a good and funny show and ABC acted so rashly with their quick cancellation after Roseanne Barr dropped that now infamous tweet about Valerie Jarrett, it’s as if they were just wanting and waiting for a reason. Roseanne said something that was stupid on Twitter. Big freaking deal. Don’t they know who Roseanne is and haven’t they been watching Roseanne tweet dumb things for the past ten plus years? They’re surprised? Yeah, it can be taken as racist, but I really don’t think it was meant so much as to be a racist comment than just an observation and yes, an insult to Jarrett. Look at pictures of Zira from Planet of the Apes. Look at Valerie Jarrett. The same hair-style and same facial features. Hell, the resemblance is there and not because Jarrett is black. It’s because she looks like a character from Planet of the Apes. It’s bad taste, but true. Roseanne says that she didn’t even know Jarrett was black and I believe her on that. Look at the woman? In the summer, I’m darker skinned than she is and I’m as about as white a white boy can be. It’s stupid and the backlash from this whole incident is totally blown out of proportion. Remember when Bill Mahr said that President Trump looked like he was the child of an orangutan and a human? Where was the outrage on that? Mahr kept his job. What about all the crap that the women at The View regularly spew out about the President and his family? Where is the outrage there? Roseanne should have made an apology and she did. ABC should have used this to be, as Valerie Jarrett herself said, “a learning lesson” and let Roseanne do some appearances or public service announcers. Have Jarrett come meet Roseanne and use it to get ratings for the Roseanne show. There are so many other options out there, but instead ABC just freaked out and threw Roseanne under the bus, as did her “kids” Sara Gilbert and Michael Fishman. No one is winning here and it was a dumb joke that, had it been about Trump looking like a monkey or any Republican or non-Obama related person, no one would have given it a second thought. Leave the show alone and let it bring in the fans and make money for ABC and everyone involved. ABC just doesn’t have the balls to stand up and do the right thing. They’d rather give in, lose money and do the “right thing”. The only thing was, it wasn’t. ‘Nuff said!

Is there a double standard on television?

Look at my last answer. Look at what happened to Roseanne and go listen to what the schrews on The View say every day. Roseanne was fired and lost everything. Those women are rewarded and Joy Behar and Whoopi are on the air each and every day with ABC’s blessings. The people at CNN and MSNBC blatantly lie and insult the President. No one says a word. If a person at Fox talks about a kid’s failures to get into college, they call for a boycott of her program. Joy Reid lied about her tweets and no one says a word. Is there a double-standard between liberals and conservatives on TV and what they can and can’t do, can and can’t say, can and can’t get away with? You betcha!

Who’s better? Lebron or Michael?

Is this even a question? Lebron is a helluva of a basketball player to be sure, but there is only one Michael Jordon. The man was a professional and TEAM PLAYER, something Lebron doesn’t quite seem to get. Jordon played for one team and one team only and didn’t tuck his tail and run to another franchise for money or hurt feelings. And Jordon, coached by the legendary Dean Smith, exemplifies class, always dressed professionally and to the tees. Plus my final argument, Jordon starred in a movie with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons characters and wasn’t overshadowed a bit, proving his star quality and presence. Could Lebron do that? I don’t think so. When it comes to being the GOAT of the NBA, former Tarheel Michael Jordon has that honor. Lebron who?

Is rap music?

Most of it, in my opinion, is crap. But it’s still music and art and there are some talented people out there making rap music that are top notch and top of the line such as Dre, Eminem, Soce, etc. I’m not a fan as I said, but it’s as much music as country, rock, jazz or anything else.

What television shows from the past would you like to see rebooted and brought back?

After what happened to Roseanne, I’m scared to see any of my old favorites brought back to Network TV because at the first sign of any controversy, the Network’s would go all stupid and drop them and controversy was what made the shows I liked the best so good. And this whole rebooting thing is a hit and miss anyhow. Roseanne was great and seemed to pick right up where it left off. Will & Grace is okay, but in hindsight, would have been better to be left cancelled and in TV limbo. But anyhow, what shows would I like to see brought back? “Married With Children”, with the focus being on Bud & his family, living in the Bundy household, with Peg, Al and Kelly more in recurring roles and occasional appearances than as regulars. Still have Marcy and Jefferson as the neighbors, but now they deal with Bud instead of Al. It’d be a whole different dynamic. I wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot of “Fantasy Island” either. I always loved the shows like Fantasy Island and Love Boat, with the three stories at once and guest stars and I’m curious how something like that would work on today’s television screens. And from classic Saturday morning television, The Shazam / Isis Power Hour. I liked it as a kid and thing that the characters of Captain Marvel (Shazam) and The Mighty Isis could make for some entertaining and interesting stories.

Define racist.

A racist is a person who feels that another person is inferior or lesser based entirely on the color of their skin and culture. And it’s totally stupid. Skin color doesn’t and shouldn’t matter at all. How a person acts in public and private should matter. How a person treats others should matter. If a person is cool, they’re cool and if a person is a dumb-ass, they’re a dumb-ass and and it’s as simple as that. Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, etc shouldn’t matter in the slightest because they’re something that a person has no control over. A person’s actions, character and behavior should be all that matters. A racist doesn’t understand that and doesn’t get it. There are so many reasons out there to judge and dislike someone so if it’s going to happen, pick a good and deserving reason that matters. Race just doesn’t cut it though and is a stupid reason to hate or discriminate against someone.

What characters from the comics would you like to see become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Off the top of my head, my picks would be Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid. Anyone who’s ever read any of my Avenging Shadows fics over at FanFiction.net, under the writer name of TSFiction19, already knows that. He’s a poor man’s Dr. Strange and this psychologist turned Explorer of the Unknown would work well in the Netflix / TV version of the MCU. I would love to see Alpha Flight, from the pages of the X-Men be brought to life and I think that may be in the process of happening. Captain America’s World War II fellow adventurers, The Invaders, would be great to see too. Union Jack, The Original Human Torch and Toro, The Sub Mariner, Spitfire and maybe even The Liberty Legion (Patriot, Miss America, The Whizzer, Blue Diamond, Red Raven, Thin Man and Jack Frost) in a retero-style movie about Cap’s early days. And lastly, I know that the MCU already has Thor, but what if Hercules was to show up and well, bringing his Olympian family with him? The possibilities are endless.

What are five jobs that you’ve held?

I’ve been a cash-register monkey for various C-stores, working as a clerk and in management. I managed a video poker Sweepstakes business. I’ve delivered newspapers. I’ve worked as a cook in an established seafood establishment. And I’ve written and covered the world’s greatest sport for several websites including Wrestle-Zone.co.uk, The Wrestling Informer, Lords of Pain, The Wrestling Headquarters and PWInsider as a recapper and columnist with two featured columns, “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” and “Tiger Tales”.

And that’s all. Well damn because I was just starting to get on a roll here. I guess I’ll take a break now and go fix dinner instead. Eating for one… it sucks! Anyhow, thanks to everyone for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated and I will reply back as quickly as possible. Until the next time my friends, take care and have a great one.


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