Opposing Views – June 9, 2018

Opposing Views
Trump, Roseanne, McCain and More
June 9, 2018

Are you ready to feel your blood pressure rise, your heart start to pound really fast and your brain cells to scream in agony at the stupidity and hypocrisy that is the world of American politics? The views and opinions expressed here, as they are on every other item I write for this site, are mine and mine alone. You know I’m right though. Just admit it. And if you don’t think I’m correct in what I have to say, let me know where I’m mistaken and why and let’s make a debate of it. Let’s talk. I respect and value everyone and their points of view, regardless of it we agree or not and I hope that they will give me the same consideration. No, I’m not a liberal. How did you guess? Let’s do this…

Should President Trump be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Our previous President was given one just a few months into office and hadn’t even accomplished anything except for being a black man elected to the highest office in the land. Big deal. Considering who his opponent was in 2008, John McCain, Obama would have had to be a total moron to lose that election. And was that worthy of winning a Nobel Peace Prize? Not really. And with those standards in mind, President Trump has actually convinced North Korea to step up and come to the table and possibly even disarm their weapons program. He’s also strengthened ties with Israel and helped to improve our general standing in the world community. Other leaders may not like Trump personally and hell, neither do I, but they know he’s business and won’t be pushed around or step back when it comes to putting America and our interests first. So should he be nominated for the Peace Prize? I say not only yes, but hell yeah.

Is President Trump abusing his power to give pardons?

Nope. The power to issue pardons and / or commute prison sentences is one that is given our President to use as he deems fit by our Constitution and he’s taking advantage of it. Where Trump sees that someone was given unfair punishment in a criminal matter, it’s his right to attempt to fix that error and that’s what he’s doing. He doesn’t seem to care about race, religion or political party, but mainly making things right for these people. That’s to be commended and I’m glad to see Trump do so.

Do you think Roseanne is racist?

Look at Roseanne’s history going back to her first days in Hollywood and there is nothing there to imply or say that she’s racist in any way, shape or form. Is she bat-shit crazy at times and speaks without thinking? Absolutely, but Roseanne has always been on the front line in support of rights for the oppressed, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation or anything else for that matter. She made an observation that is mostly true about a political figure that she doesn’t like and it’s more a reflection of how politically correct and hypocritical the world has become than what she actually said. If she had compared a conservative to an ape, like maybe Ben Carson perhaps, no one would have said a word. I think Roseanne speaks without thinking and is prone to put her foot in her mouth with her jokes sometimes, but I have never heard anything or anyone come forward with accusations of Roseanne being unfair or mistreating another person because of the color of their skin. That’s because she doesn’t. She looks at people and see’s how they act, what they do, what they say, etc, and reacts accordingly. It’s not race, but character and Valerie Jarrett is a shady character to be sure. Roseanne is getting a major raw deal because of the hatred for Trump and anyone who supports him in the slightest. That’s all.

Will the Republican’s lost control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections?

They may or may not, but I hope not. The Republican’s are just about as worthless as the Democrats and we’d be better off if every single member of Congress was booted out of office and kicked to the curb, but if we have to deal with these professional liars and ass-clowns, better the Republican’s being in control where occasionally something positive gets accomplished than the Democrats who’s only concerns are crush free speech (anything that doens’t agree with them), impeach Trump and give more benefits and goodies to an already spoiled and worthless entitlements society of mindless sheep. President Trump and his policies are working and things are getting much better for all of us and I think the majority of voters realize this. It might be close, but in the end, I think the Republican’s will retain control of Congress. If Nancy Pelosi ever gets back in charge of the House, we are all royally fucked and I think we all know that. Paul Ryan is no prize, but Nancy is just a total mess. ‘Nuff said!

Should armed police officers be placed in every school?

I hate it that it’s come to this, but with no values being taught at home, no respect for others and the madness that our schools and youth have embraced, I think having armed officers is pretty much must these days. The kids, not all but far too many, have no sense of responsibility or courtesy and are little more than common criminals waiting to come out of their shells and animals in training. Schools are not for teaching and learning, but for baby-sitting instead. Armed officers are not the final solution to getting the world back on track and ending these shootings at the schools, but it’s a good way to start while other ideas are explored. Until we get back to parents being parents and installing values and responsibility in their kids and become a nation that actually cares for and respects others rather than the “it’s all about me / entitlement with no consequences” society that we are, the violence will continue and people will continue to die. Armed officers won’t stop this, but maybe will slow it down a bit.

Will President Trump be impeached? Should he be impeached?

Trump may be obnoxious and a bit of a blowhard but there is no reason to impeach him for that. He hasn’t broken any laws or made any criminal actions or given any kind of reason to deserve impeachment except in the deranged minds of people like Maxine Waters or the media who still can’t get over that he defeated their beloved Hillary to win the Presidential election. Will he be impeached? If the Democrats ever regain control of Congress, I’m sure that they’ll give it a shot. They hate this man so damn much that laws and what’s best for our country doesn’t matter. They just want their revenge for Trump’s winning and will do anything to destroy his Presidency. I don’t think they could get it accomplished, but it would be another distraction and black eye for our nation and that’s all that matters for the Libs.

Do you think that the North Korea summit will go well?

I really don’t know because we have two very unpredictable personalities in charge of things and trying to get stuff done. I think it will though and some progress will be made in getting North Korea to walk the line and the straight and narrow. I don’t think everything will be accomplished in this one meeting, but at least North Korea and the United States are talking and that’s a far cry from where we were with the previous Presidential administrations. Just that fact, that there is communication, is a good first step.

Should John McCain resign from his seat in the U.S. Senate?

Since his diagnosis for terminal cancer of the brain, Senator John McCain has not been back in Washington to do his job as a United States Senator. It’s sad what he’s dealing with and I feel for him and his family, but there is no reason for him to continue to hold on to that Senate seat when he’s unable to go to Washington and do his job. He needs to go ahead and resign so that will be one less burden for him to worry about and also allow the Government to move on and appoint a new Senator to take that seat and help conduct the people’s business. Senator McCain will not be returning to his job so why should he continue to hold it and get that paycheck when he’s not there? It’s just that simple and the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, can do his job and appoint someone else to the job. I get it that everyone is being nice and respectful to the Senator, not wanting to take away a dying man’s job, but sentiment only goes so far and life goes on for the rest of us. Putting a new face in that seat, someone that can actually do the job, should be a priority.

And there you go. That’s all of that for me today. Thoughts and comments are welcome, as are differing points of view. Talk to me, my Peeps. And until the next time, stay safe and have a great one. I loves ya!


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