Wrestling Q&A – June 9, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Punk, Jericho, All In and More
June 9, 2018

And now, it’s time to break out with the hammerlocks, the body slams and the Kiwi Roll. Let’s talk about the world’s greatest sport, professional wrestling. Are you ready for some Q&A? Let’s just get right to it, shall we?

Are you surprised that CM Punk and Colt Cabana won their lawsuit legal battle against the WWE Doctor, Dr. Amann?

I’m not surprised at all that Punk and Cabana won. This whole lawsuit was a petty effort by Dr. Amann and the WWE to get back at Punk and try to save face. The claims that Punk made were too detailed in my opinion to just be a figment of his imagination and made up. I’ve dealt with MRSA infections in the past and know a bit about the symptoms and effects. Amann didn’t lose anything except for maybe a little face as a result of Punk’s comments and this whole lawsuit and defamation of character was a total sham from the very start. It didn’t take the jury very long to figure this out, less than three hours, and I actually hope that there is some way for Punk and Cabana to get their legal expenses and lawyer bills paid for by Amann. It probably won’t happen, but Amann’s feeling being hurt wasted a ton of time and money for everyone and he should have to foot the bills as a result. That’s what I think anyhow.

Are you excited about the upcoming “All In” event?

I actually am. Cody, The Young Bucks, the NWA and everyone else involved have done an amazing job so far in building and promoting this event and even though only one match is official and on paper, Cody versus Nick Adidas for the NWA World Championship, the anticipation is second to none. I just hope that sometime between now and the actual show, that the “All In” people are able to find a streaming service and can find a way to show the event online when it happens. If they can do this, I imagine that they’ll end up with some great numbers. This should be a tremendous event and as many people should be able to have a way to see it as possible. It’s going to be huge.

Chris Jericho will eventually sign with and work with Impact Wrestling?

Not at all. Jericho and the management of Impact Wrestling have worked out some deals and several members of the Impact Wrestling roster will be taking part in the Chris Jericho Cruise promotion and that’s all well and good. It’s a win for Jericho and a win for Impact Wrestling to give them some more publicity and more connection with some possibly new fans. But will they get Jericho in the ring at Impact too? While Jericho has and continues to do some work with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he’s doing that with the blessing of WWE and Vince McMahon. Vince doesn’t see New Japan as competition so it’s all good. Impact Wrestling though is a direct rival to WWE and even though WWE seems to have softened their stance towards Impact as of late, allowing material from TNA to be used in their videos packages, etc., Vince isn’t going to allow a WWE superstar, even one that’s not under contract like Jericho, to work anything long term or significant with them. And Jericho may do what he wants to a point, but he’s not going to risk his WWE career and the ability to come and go as he pleases with the world’s largest sports-entertainment company to wrestle in an Impact ring. Too much to lose there. So I think the cruise is about as far as any Jericho – Impact Wrestling connection will ever go.

Muhammad Hussen will end up returning to the WWE?

Marc Copani, also once known as Muhammad Hussen in the WWE, after a thirteen year absence from the professional wrestling ring, has recently starting working and taking bookings again. He had a big program in the WWE in 2004 / 2005 and was feuding with the Undertaker, but was removed from WWE TV and eventually released after a bombing in London seemed to be way too similar to Hussen and what his character represented in the battles with Taker. Hussen went on to retire from the ring and has worked as the Vice Principal for a school since. He made his return to the ring in April, 2018 and captured the Dynasty Heavyweight Championship. Being in great shape and only 36 years of age, immediate speculation came up about the WWE and will he return. Hussen said he’d be interested in doing maybe a one-shot deal, bu nothing long term. I actually hope that he changes his mind and more importantly, WWE decides to take a look at him and do something with him. With his former manager, Daivari recently making a return for the “Greatest Royal Rumble” event, the time is right. How about having Hussen come back to “take care of unfinished business” and want revenge on Undertaker for having him “blackballed” for all of these years. He was a great character and really good in the ring and if he can still go and can pass the WWE physicals and stuff, bring him back and let’s give it a shot. Tie up this loose end from a decade ago and have a great character, maybe in an alliance with Jinder or even Drew McIntyre come and run havoc over everyone. It’d work and be a win for everyone, especially us fans.

CM Punk will do well in his UFC fight in Chicago against Mike Jackson?

I think that it will go longer than two minutes and he’ll do far better against Jackson than he did in his first fight. I’ve got faith in Punk and would love to see him take home a big win and put some of these doubters to shame. Punk is on a roll this week with that big court victory and I think that momentum is in his favor. Punk wins tonight. Let the celebration begin.

Money In The Bank will be a top notch event for the WWE?

So far, the build has been excellent and the card is stacked from start to finish. And best of all, we’re going to see Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel challenge the team of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Add the WWE title match and the two Money In The Bank Ladder matches to the mix and there is no way this card can fail or go wrong. Yeah, I probably just jinxed the hell out of it, but it’ll be hard to screw it up and MITB should be an excellent event.

Signing with Impact Wrestling was a good move for Tessa Blanchard?

After a couple of tryouts with WWE to no avail, Tessa has signed a deal with Impact Wrestling. This is a great move because it gives her a chance to work in the spotlight and build her character and continue to improve. While WWE would be the ideal place for Tessa to be (and a team with Charlotte Flair in a Horseman type clique), she can’t work there until they are ready and have a spot for her so this is the next best thing. With the retirement of Gail Kim, there is a big void to be filled with the Impact KnockOut division. Why not have the daughter of Hall of Famer Tully Blachard and step-daughter of legend Magnum TA step in and fill that void? Works for me.

And is that all? I guess so. So I’m done for now with the wrestling stuff. I still have a Music Fact or Fiction to do and will tackle that later this afternoon. As for this, thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Let me know what you think. I love feedback. And now, I’m down and gone. Until the next time, stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches. Loves ya – mean it.


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