Opposing Views – July 4, 2018 (Trump, Obama, Voter ID and More)

Trump, Obama, ID Cards and More
July 4, 2018

I haven’t gotten political in quite a while. Well, there have been comments about Roseanne, Sarah Sanders, the idiots on the left and she of the “Low IQ”, Mad Maxine, but that’s been it. I haven’t done one of these “Opposing Views” bits in a while though. This is where I take questions from the Facebook page of the site, Opposing Views, and give my own answers and opinions.The site is largely pro-Obama and anti-Trump so the questions tend to be slanted towards the left, but that’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s an entertaining page anyways and a great way to stimulate the mind and pass some time. So with that in mind, are you ready? Everyone has an opinion on all things that are Washington and politics. These are mine. These are my “opposing views”. Let’s do this…

Would you vote for Michelle Obama if she ran for president one day?

Nope. I prefer to have Presidential candidates that are actually qualified for the job and have a record of some kind of achievement to fall back on and show rather than a disbarred lawyer with no valid credentials of her own to speak of.

Would you support Trump if he signed a nationwide voter ID law?

Absolutely. We already have to show ID to enter a Federal building, buy cigarettes, alcohol or lottery tickets, buy a plane or bus ticket, open a bank account, cash a check, use a credit card, get married, get treated at a hospital, etc, so what’s the big deal of showing ID to vote as well? There are valid reasons why this should be done and absolutely no valid reasons that it shouldn’t be. Voter ID? It’s not a big deal so let’s do it.

Do you support the right of Southern states to fly the Confederate flag on public land?

If the leaders and that community are okay with the Confederate flag being flown, who am I to tell them no? It’s about history and legacy and has as much right to be flown as any other flag.

Is it okay for employers for require employees to speak english?

If the job is in the United States, where the main language spoken is English and communication with others is required as part of the job, the employers have every right to make speaking English at least well enough to communicate as part of the deal. If you can’t speak the language, it hampers the productivity and interferes with the job and that should not be acceptable.

The number of Americans on welfare is dropping fast under Trump. Do you think Trump’s presidency is good for America’s economy?

Unemployment is at the lowest rate in over thirty years and at the lowest rates for African Americans and Latinos ever. The stock market continues to boom and the economy continues to grow at steady, but still record rates. So is the Trump presidency good for America and our economy? All signs point to yes.

President Trump challenged Hillary Clinton to a 2020 Presidential Election rematch. Who would get your vote. Clinton or Trump?

I’m not crazy about Trump as a person, but Hillary is one of the lowest and most vile humans on the planet with no redeeming qualities to speak of. There is no way in hell I would ever vote for Hillary for anything… period.

Yes or No. Was Obama the best President of your lifetime?

Nope. In every way that matters, in my opinion, he was definitely the worst in my lifetime. At least the others had some sort of positives to come from their administrations, regardless of their personal traits, with the exception of Jimmy Carter and he at least had good intentions and from all indications, was a good and decent man, albeit a poor leader. Obama had neither any good personal traits or a positive legacy of leaving this nation better than it was before he took office. He was, in my opinion, a bad leader and hurt our nation in many ways far more than he helped it. Obama? The best? Not even in the Top 40.

Is Michelle Obama the best First Lady in American history?

Let’s see. What did she accomplish? She was never proud of America (her own words) and her one big goal was to make everyone eat healthier, even though she’s plumped up to over 200lbs since leaving office, not practicing what she preached so strongly. She’s a hypocrite at best and hurt, again in my opinion, the way people see our nation rather than helped it. Plus she looks like a Tranny. Michelle has a long way to go before she’s even in the Top 30 of First Ladies, much less even think about being the best.

Who makes you more proud of America: Trump or Obama?

Trump. He’s abrasive, rude, thin-skinned, vulgar and a poor role model, but he’s keeping his promises and his policies are working. Our country is getting better and stronger and he’s largely responsible in a lot of ways.

Do you want to see Democrats take back the House and Senate in 2018?

If they do, it will be a bad and sad time for our nation. The Democrats have proven time and time again that they can’t govern or act on behalf of all America, instead letting their emotions and desire for power control their every word and action. Damn the consequences. They just want to get Trump and get power and if it hurts people or our nation and makes our country weaker or look bad, who cares? The Democrats, unless they totally change directions and get rid of the poor leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine, Hillary, Warren, etc, should never be in control of anything ever again.

Are you counting down to the day Trump leaves office?

Yes, that will be on January 20, 2024. And then another Republican will take over at the White House.

And there you go. I’ve gotten it out of my system now. Thanks for reading and what do you think? Comments, thoughts, questions, etc are all welcome. Let’s debate. I want to hear your thoughts and comments so talk to me. And with that, I’m down and gone. Until the next time my friends, have a great one and take care.



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