Pop Culture FoF – July 5, 2018

Pop Culture Fact or Fiction
The Conners, Wal-Mart. Fonda and More
July 5, 2018

As my regular readers know, every week here at the site, I do a Music Fact or Fiction column. And of course, I also do a Wrestling Fact or Fiction column as well. Well now it’s time to think outside the box and go all “Hot Topics” and “Current Events”. Yes, it’s time to look at the news and do a “Pop Culture” version of the “FoF”. I’ve got the questions and now, it’s time to give the answers. Let’s get busy and do this.

You will watch the reboot of Roseanne, “The Conners” when it debuts on ABC next fall.

FACT: I think Roseanne got a raw deal here and the punishment certainly doesn’t fit the crime, but yes, when the new show comes up next Fall, I will probably tune in and watch at least the first couple of episodes. I want to see how they address the elephant in the room of Roseanne not being part of the family anymore and I do have an interest in the other characters of the show too. I think it would have been better to use the tweet as a true “learning experience” and let Roseanne’s character and Valerie Jarrett deal with it on the show. But ABC decided that Roseanne’s tweet was so bad, even though it pales in comparison to the trash that liberal actors spew regularly, she had to go. She’s moving on now to other projects and hopefully her career will one day rebound, but the show is going on and will live on, albeit with a new name. And yes, I will probably watch.

Journalism is dead.

FACT: Real journalism is when the news is actually news, just the facts and true information that truly matters. Now it’s all opinion, speculation and emotionally based reporting. True journalism is dead and isn’t coming back.

There are too many comic book based television shows.

FICTION: It’s hard to keep up with all of them, but there is no such thing as too many comic book based movies. The world of comics has so many characters, so many great stories, so many positives, etc, there is no way that it can all ever be covered or that TV can even begin to even touch all of the great things that comics bring to the table. Some are good, some are okay and some kind of suck, but they’re all relevant and matter. Yeah, it does seem at times like a bit of overkill, but the good shows will rise to the top and succeed and the bad ones will vanish in the sunset, only to have the characters be rebooted and used again when necessary. As a comic book guy, which I will always be, there can never be too many TV shows or movies about comic characters.

Senator John McCain should resign his U.S. Senate seat.

FACT: Maybe it sounds morbid, but John McCain is not going to return to the United States Senate. He is fighting cancer and it is terminal and it’s just a matter of time, not long, before McCain passes from the mortal coil. If John McCain can not do his job as a United States Senator, especially in a time where every vote in the Senate matters. McCain has served our country well and done his duties well as a Senator, but that was then and this is now. It’s time to go ahead and tender his resignation and let the Senate move on.

You would like to see a live-action version of Family Guy?

FICTION: While it would be interesting to see, I don’t see how it could work. The cartoon can get away with so much mainly because it’s a cartoon, but if live, actual real people were to try these stunts, even playing cartoon characters, it would just be sad and hard to pull off. People don’t get offended by cartoons, but real people, even playing those characters, make people go crazy and get all stupid. It’s a novel idea and while the masochistic streak in me is interested in seeing something like this happen, we’re better off if it never actually does.

Sony should refuse to release Peter Fonda’s new movie, “Boundaries”, based on his comments about Baron Trump.

FACT: Using the Roseanne standards, Peter Fonda’s movie should be pulled from distribution, shelved and buried, never to be seen again. Roseanne compared Valerie Jarrett to the offspring of a Muslim and a character from a movie and lost everything. Insulting and stupid, but Jarrett is an adult and should be able to take the heat, or so one would think. But Peter Fonda, regardless of the reason, talked about a young child being assaulted and raped by pedophiles. A kid who’s only being threatened because of who he’s related to. I personally think that pedophilia is far more disgusting nad sickening than stupid comparisons with racial overtones. With that in mind, Fonda’s insult was greater than Roseanne’s and more offensive and using the same standards and criteria that was used to judge Roseanne, Fonda should get the axe too.

Wal-Mart was wrong to sell the “Impeach 45” clothing.

FICTION: It probably wasn’t smart to do and it will end up costing them quite a bit in public relations and goodwill with the Trump supporters, but Wal-Mart is the most corporate evil place on earth and has no soul or values except the mighty dollar. They also sell “Hillary for Prison” shirts and no one on the Trump side complained about that piece of merchandise. If Wal-Mart wants to sell one, they should also be fair about it and sell the other too. It’s all about the green and if they want to push the controversial merchandise, so be it. As I said, it was probably a bad business decision and now they have to deal with the consequences and the possible boycott from the Trumpers, but was it wrong? Is trying to make money wrong? Nope. Not the way I see it.

And there you go. That’s all for me now. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Let me hear back and know what you think. Thank you for reading. I appeciate it. And until the next time, I’ll catch you later. Have a good one.


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