Wrestling Q&A (Baby Doll, Hogan, Legend’s House & More) – July 7, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Baby Doll In HOF, Hogan, Legend’s House and More
July 7, 2018

Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY? Well I have a Diet Dew sitting on my desk, my phone on the charger, the fan turned on and the television turned off. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to do this Q&A thing, the wrestling edition. There are some good questions this week from the Facebook pages of the KoK, as well as my personal e-mail account and a man named Jim. Let’s do this…

Is Baby Doll (Nickla Roberts) WWE Hall of Fame worthy?

Absolutely. From her days in the Mid-Atlantic region as Tully Blanchard’s “Perfect 10” to her part in the formation of the Four Horsemen, her role in the feuds with Tully versus Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA, her battles against Jim Cornette, etc. She’s had a great career and even now still works every so often on the Indies. A true legend in this business who made an impact for strong women long before there was ever any kind of “Women’s Revolution”, Baby Doll deserves as much recognition for her contributions as possible and a place in the WWE Hall of Face would be a great place to start.

Is it time for the WWE to bring Hulk Hogan back?

I think so, yes. Hogan may have said something stupid, but who hasn’t at some point? Hogan has apologized time and time again and lost out on millions of dollars as a result. He’s served his sentence and now it’s time to leave it in the past and move on. Hogan was a huge reason why the WWE became huge back in the 80’s and moved from a regional product into an international powerhouse. He belongs as part of the WWE in a role of Ambassador or at least to make the occasional appearance as a legend and icon. It’s Hulk Hogan. Hulk and WWE go together like peanut butter and jelly. Bring him back already.

The B-Team of Dallas and Axel? Future champions or will they be “Woken”?

With the recent injuries to Bray Wyatt courtesy of an auto accident, it could really go either way. I’d love to see Bo and Axel form a unit with Bray and Matt and be part of the “Woken Universe”. That would be awesome and they would be great in those roles, but if they only end up getting a run as the tag team champions of RAW and taken seriously as a tag team of two great third generation wrestlers, that would be great to see too. So long as they get some recognition and TV time and some kind of extended push, I’ll be happy regardless. Axel and Bo are gold and it’s time that WWE realized this and started to use them as such more often.

If you could bring back “Legend’s House” on the WWE Network, who would you pick to participate and be part of the house?

To start off with, I would add a couple of women to the mix. The first two seasons of Legend’s House were pretty much sausage fests and while they were entertaining and great to watch, I think that adding a few female “legends” would brighten things up even more and make it even more interesting to watch. As for who I’d have, I’d go with my lady wrestlers being WWE Hall of Famer Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Francine (from ECW) and how about the before mentioned Baby Doll. And my men would be, returning from previous shows, Hillbilly Jim. He would be joined by Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Ricky Morton, Teddy Long, and Kevin Nash. It’d be HOF central for a while there, but imagine the personalities conflicting here. Great TV, great drama and extremely interesting to watch and witness. It’d be great.

Book Ronda Rousey’s next year in WWE leading up to Wrestlemania.

After Ronda returns from her “suspension”, I’d have her at first go after Alexa and the RAW Women’s title, but through hook, crook and liberal use of the self-DQ rule, I’d have Alexa retain and keep her title. Ronda gets frustrated and while venting backstage to her friend, Natayla, she witnesses an argument between her husband and Alicia Fox, recreating their real life argument that happened on Wrestlemania weekend and resulted in Foxy being sent home by the WWE for a while. Drag this out with Ronda trying to get Alicia in the ring so she can “defend her man’s honor”, while Alicia is “crazy like a fox” and plays mind games with Ronda, insinuating that there was more to her relationship with Ronda’s hubby than that one (legit) argument. Alicia isn’t a great wrestler, but she knows her stuff and it could make for some interesting moments and good times. Finally, Ronda gets Alicia in the ring and destroys her quickly at a pay-per-view event. Then I’d move Ronda on to issues with her “best friend” Natayla, with them working as a team and then eventual opponents. They do their thing for a few months and I’d probably even throw in some matches against Bayley just because I’d like to see Ronda versus Bayley. And then, after working these feuds and getting a lot more ring time and experience under her belt, I’d have Ronda eventually get focused and once again challenge for the RAW Women’s title against Alexa or whoever the champion is at Wrestlemaina, this time finally winning the gold, but being able to claim that she earned her shot because of her feuds against Alicia, Natayla, Bayley and then the champ. And it ends with Ronda as the champ, having a great Wrestlemania moment.

If Paul Heyman decided (after Brock) that he wants to form a new “Dangerous Alliance” in the WWE, who should be a part of this group?

I would love to see Heyman take a more prominent and full time role in the WWE and being the manager or “Advocate” for an entire group of athletes would be amazing and fun to watch. In Paul’s original “Dangerous Alliance” in WCW, his team consisted of Ravishing Rick Rude, Stunning Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko and Madusa. Using this original grouping as a blueprint, I would probably have the new “Alliance” as “Glorious” Bobby Roode, Curtis Axel (a former Heyman guy and IC Champion), Cesaro & Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and Natayla.

Who is the all time greatest technical wrestler in the sport?

Technical means all talent, but probably little personality. I would go with Dean Malenko as my top pick, but the legendary Jack Brisco, the Olympic hero and current GM of RAW Kurt Angle and the master of the Kiwi Roll, Abe Jacobs all deserve to be mentioned as well.

What name should AJ Lee go by if she returns to WWE? Because AJ Styles could still be in WWE if it happens.

AJ Lee should use the name AJ Lee because that’s her name, the name she’s always gone by and the name people know her by. Wrestling fans might be crazy and a handful sometimes, but I don’t think that they’d be getting Lee and Styles mixed up too often regardless of the names they’re using.

Who is the sexiest WWE Diva?

Of all time, the one and only Lisa Moretti, aka “Ivory”. Of the current talent in WWE, I’d go with either Alexa Bliss or Asuka.

Who Your favorite Intercontinental Champion??

There have been some great ones over the years, but only one man has truly stood out as just being plain AWESOME and that would be The Miz. He gets my vote for my favorite.

And that’s all of that for today. Thank you for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the nex time, take care of yourself and stay safe. Who loves ya baby? Me. That’s who. Have a great one.


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