Wrestling FoF (Extreme Rules, Enzo, The Shield and More) – July 8, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Extreme Rules, Enzo, The Shield and More…
July 8, 2018

Let’s get ready to rumble. It’s time to do that infamous Fact or Fiction thing, the wrestling edition. As per the usual, the main material comes from my good friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. And I’m the man with the opinions and answers. Let’s get busy and do this…

1. Shinsuke Nakamura will win the US Title at the Extreme Rules PPV.

FACT: Why the hell not? Jeff Hardy is a great talent and all that, but his run as the United States Champion has been lackluster at best and just isn’t working for me. Shinsuke is getting over like Rover with his new heel character and it wouldn’t hurt at all to have Shinsuke with a run as the #2 guy on Smackdown Live. After losing that feud with AJ over the WWE title, the US title could be a nice consolation prize and could help him keep his momentum from falling. Shinsuke as the champ over Hardy? Works for me.

2. With the new WWE UK brand being branded “NXT UK,” you expect at least one Takeover special a year to be a co-branded event between NXT UK & NXT proper.

FACT: The UK folks are already appearing on the NXT program and cards regularly anyhow and they’re both under the “NXT” banner so yeah, of course they’ll be working together at the Takeover specials. It’s a no-brainer to me.

3. You do not miss Enzo Amore at all.

FICTION: I hate to admit this because he was annoying as hell and more irritating to me than anything else, but Enzo’s presence on the 205 Live show and in the WWE is missed. He was great at getting heat and he was someone who stood out from the crowd and kept things interesting. I don’t think he’s a great person by any stretch, but he was a great character and as a person who likes to see unique and strong characters just as much as the wrestling itself, his larger than life personality was good to see and watch. I was always hoping to see him get his ass kicked, but that’s the whole idea right? I get why he was fired and I agree with WWE’s decision. It was the right call, but that being said, his absence has left a big void.

4. There will be at least 3 title changes at WWE Extreme Rules.

FICTION: I’m expecting to see the United States title change hands with Shinsuke beating Hardy, but that’s the only title change I feel comfortable at this point predicting. I’d love to see the B-Team walk out with the RAW Tag Team Titles. That would be WONDERFUL, but I’m thinking more of Bo and Axel being WOKEN being the final result instead. I don’t think Team Hell No will win the Smackdown Tag Titles because of Kane’s obligations outside the ring. Alexa and Carmella should retain their titles and so should Dolph. So two title changes at the most, but not three.

5. You agree with Seth Rollins that there is a lot left in a Shield reunion.

FACT: With talents like Rollins, Roman and Ambrose and the short, but strong legacy that the Shield had, there will always be plenty of legs left for a reunion of the brothers. Hell, DX still gets big pops whenever they pull that gimmick out of the mothballs and even more recently, look at the reunion of Kane and Daniel Bryan on Smackdown as Team Hell No. WWE fans love reunions and nostalgia and unlike most others, all three Shield guys are at the top of their game and can still go. There will be Shield reunions coming for many years to come and there will always be a place for them with the WWE fans.

6. What is your excitement level for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV?

Maybe a 5 out of 10. I think it will pick up as we get closer and the WWE has their go-home shows this upcoming week, but my interest in WWE and wrestling in general has been waning a little bit. It’ll just take one great match or moment to light the fire back up though and hopefully, Extreme Rules will be the spark that does it. It’s a packed and solid card and should be good. I’m just not psyched up yet, but probably will be by next Sunday.

And I guess that’s it. Thank you for reading. Questions, comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and I’ll see you at the matches. Have a great one.


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