Hot Seat Discussion Q&A – July 7, 2018

Hot Seat Discussion Q&A
July 7, 2018

One of my favorite groups on Facebook is a group that I’m not sure exactly how I became a member, but I am and it’s definitely an “adults only” group, called the “Hot Seat Discussion”. The questions asked regularly are very explicit, to the point and definitely not for the kiddies. It’s a great group with some great people and some great posts. What follows are some of the most recent questions asked by the powers that be in this group. They asked questions and I’m providing the answers. Why? Because I can. Warning: It’s not for kiddies and is definitely adults only. Let’s get busy and do this…

If you were cheating and the “Cheater’s Van” pulled up, what would be your reaction?

Well I’d have to be in a relationship in order to be cheating so I don’t think this is something I’ll have to worry about. I have though had some interesting encounters with different men who did happen to have wives or girlfriends. Yes, I have been the “other woman” a few times. So what would I do if this van pulled up and the crew and their cameras jumped out and started coming in our direction. Get the hell out of the way and tell my romantic partner to run like hell cause he’s about to get busted.

What happens when you take frustration & microaggressions into the bedroom?

Either the sex really sucks and everyone ends up being let down and not having a good time or else it goes the other extreme and you have grudge sex where you give it everything and there’s no holding back. All the frustrations and angers and anxiety is released in hardcore and brutal motions and actions. That can be some great sex and totally awesome. But it depends on the person what happens actually. In my case, I rock my partner’s world.

Message from your ex: “I’m dating someone better than you!” What’s your reply?

Tell him congratulations and then leave him to his fantasies and delusions because we both know that he’s a lying piece of shit and there is no one better than me.

What age should you stop sucking dick?

When you need oxygen to keep the lungs working or when you die. Otherwise, keep on keeping on.

Is a man required to give a warning before he nuts from head?

It is much better when the guy gives a (pun intended) heads up about getting ready to bust that load. That way, the one giving the head can increase the intensity even that much more, step up their game and be ready to swallow.

If you “friend-zone” a guy and your friend is interested in him, is he fair game?

If I don’t have a romantic interest in a person, but my friend does, then they should definitely go for it. It’s all good in the hood.

What are your top 3 relationship deal breakers?

Trying to use me for and take me for granted, lying to me or coming to and / or disturbing me at work for any reason besides a true emergency.

What are your top 3 character flaws that cause you to be a poor relationship choice?

I have a hard time trusting and opening up and tend to push people away before they get too close. I don’t feel comfortable with clingy or someone getting too focused on me. And I can be cold and distant at time.

What are your top 3 character traits that make you an absolute catch?

If I’m in a committed and serious relationship, I will not cheat. I work and can support my own self and pay my own way. I’m creative, smart, kind of funny and very good at several sexual acts that will definitely rock any guy’s word. Don’t believe me?  Prove me wrong.

And that’s where this ends. Too bad because I was just starting to get warmed up. Comments, thoughts and (from cute single guys in the local area) phone numbers and nude pics are appreciated and requested. Talk to me, my peeps. Let me know what you feel and think. And until the next time, stay safe. I loves ya.


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