Wrestling Q&A: Heyman, KOTR, Todd Champion, All Crockett HOF and More – August 4, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Heyman, King Of The Ring, Todd Champion and More
August 4, 2018

Wrestling fans have questions. I’ve got the answers. The questions are from Facebook, the KoK and the Jim Crockett Promotions group. Let’s just get busy and do this…

Who’s the hottest good guy in wrestling right now?

Roman Reigns… Ok, just kidding. For wrestling in general, I think Cody and The Young Bucks, building towards the “All In” show, are probably the hottest acts in wrestling today. And in the WWE, I think that I’ll go with Dallas and Axel, the B-Team. These guys are really catching on and listen to the pop that they’re getting each and every time they come to the ring. Maybe that’s just me though. I will always Bo-Lieve. Eh, let’s go with Seth Rollins.

What are your thoughts about Todd Champion?

I don’t remember much about Champion except that he was a good looking kid, good wrestler, but a little low on the charisma side of things. He had a good team with Firebreaker Chip (Curtis Thompson). From what I’ve just read on Wikipedia, Champion held titles in the Central States region and the USWA and held the U.S. Tag Team Championship with partner Chip when they defeated The Fabulous Freebirds in August, 1991. A good talent who had a good mid-card career and retired in 2000.

Were you a fan of studio wrestling?

A couple of hundred fans, a small television studio and several short matches, mostly squashes. I loved those kind of shows because they allowed the fans to see their favorite stars up close and personal. That’s the way it was done for so many years and I think in many ways, I prefer it that way. Just a more intimate way for fans and the wrestlers to connect.

Thoughts on Angelo Mosca Jr.

I remember Mosca Jr. from the early 80’s during a short run with Crockett. Mosca got a run with the Mid-Atlantic Championship and battled against Ivan Koloff. I remember Mosca Jr. being a lousy promo, but it was the early 80’s and most of the guys were pretty sucky on the promos. Mosca’s daddy, Angelo Mosca Sr., aka “King Kong Mosca”, was usually there in his son’s corner and looking back now at some of Mosca Jr’s matches, he really needed that crutch and presence in his corner. He wasn’t good in the ring, but Koloff was able to carry him and make him look like a million bucks. Mosca Jr. didn’t stay in the business long and from what I understand, left the business to be a teacher or something of that nature. He was athletic and had a decent look, but wasn’t cut out to be a pro wrestler and I think he realized that pretty quickly.

Where would you rank the team of Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood among the greatest tag teams of all time?

Steamboat and Youngblood were an incredible team for their era and held the NWA World Tag Team Championship a then-record five times. Just a great team that easily, along with the Andersons, ranks among the very best of their era. As singles wrestlers, I wasn’t really a big fan of either man, but as a team, they had that magic and that special “it” 100%. As for their ranking in terms of “all time”, I don’t know if they’d make the top five, not when there are teams like The Midnight Express, The Road Warriors, Edge & Christian, Arn and Tully, etc out there, but they definitely belong in the Top 10.

Should Paul Heyman stay with WWE if Brock Lesnar decides to go back to UFC? If so, who should he represent?

Regardless of if Brock stays or goes after SummerSlam, I think and hope that Heyman does remain as part of the WWE in some capacity. I can easily see him working with creative and maybe even going to the Performance Center and helping the new talents develop their characters, work on promos, etc. As for who would be good for Heyman to represent, I’d like to see him paired up with Drew McIntyre. I think that would be a formidable combination. Heyman alligned with Cesaro or maybe Gallows & Anderson would be good too.

Should WWE bring back King of the Ring?

I love tournaments and it would make for a great special for the Network so why not?

Will Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA, still be around in five years?

I think that they will still be an active group five years from now. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them change owners at least one more time and hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised to see them eventually end up as a product for the WWE Network somewhere down the road, but that’s later on. Between now and 2023, I think they’ll continue as they have been and while not quite as strong as say ROH or New Japan, they’ll be like the Phoenix and keep rising again and again.

Five main roster stars in WWE who should be sent back to NXT to be repackaged / revitalized?

Off the top of my head, I would say Zack Ryder, Mike Kanallis, The Ascension, Dana Brooke and Apollo Creed.

An all-Crockett Hall of Fame class. Who gets inducted?

Using only Crockett Stars who haven’t been inducted into the HOF yet, I’d have Magnum TA, Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express and Nikita Koloff as my headliners. The rest of the class would be Baby Doll, Paul Jones (RIP), Baron Von Raschke, Tommy Young, Bob Caudle, Ken Patera and Bill Eadie (Masked Superstar). For the “Legacy Inductees”, I’d go with Johnny Weaver, Penny Banner, The Anderson Brothers (Ole & Gene), Swede Hanson, Nelson Royal & Abe Jacobs.

An all-ECW Hall of Fame class. Who gets inducted?

The headeliners for this one would be easy. It’d be Tommy Dreamer, Raven and the “evil genius” himself, Paul Heyman. The rest of the Class of Extreme would be RVD, The Sandman, Francine, Shane Douglas, Taz, Joey Styles and Mike Awesome (RIP).

And as Porky Pig would say, “That’s all folks!”. Questions, comments and thoughts are welcome. Give me some feedback peeps. And until the next time, take care and have a great one. I’ll catch you later.


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