Buffy The Vampire Slayer Q&A – August 4, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Q&A
August 4, 2018

Everyone has a favorite show that captured their attention at some point and became almost an obsession and for me, it was definitely the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The original movie was okay, but nothing special. The series though, that was a different beast altogether and although I didn’t watch the show when it originally aired, once I did discover it, I was hooked and quickly became a serious fan. Geez, what could a middle-aged gay man like about a show called “Buffy”? I wonder? Anyhow, it’s a great show with some really unique and strong characters and even today, I won’t miss a chance to watch an episode if I happen to come across one on TV despite having seen nearly every episode several times.

As part of my Facebook / Social Media existence, I’m part of a fan group dedicated to the series and every so often, the moderators of the group will post a question or two to promote discussion and show our love for the series. I’ve taken several of these questions and I’ve copied them here to do my first ever “Buffy Q&A”. This should be fun, at least for me. So let’s can the chit chat and make with the questionage. Let’s do this.

Favorite character?

There are so many good characters to choose from over the course of the seven year run of BTVS, but my two absolute favorites have to be Tara and Anya. Tara because she was so unassuming at first, but we saw her develop and grow into a more powerful and confident woman. She was also the love of Willow’s life and the soul in many ways of the Scoobys. And Anya? She was blunt, funny, annoying at first, but so absolutely charming, who didn’t like her? Just a great character and Emma Caufield brought her to life and just make her rock in so many ways.

Least liked character?

I’ll go with Warren here. He was just a total dick and a waste of human space. Plus he killed Tara and for that, he can never be forgiven.

Better slayer – Buffy or Faith?

Faith was awesome but the show was named “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, not “Faith the Vampire Slayer”. So that question answers itself.

Best “Big Bad”?

The Last Evil was cool and I liked the robot “Ted”, played by John Ritter, but the best big bad for me, aside from the Watcher’s Council, who weren’t necessarily evil, but just a bunch of pricks, was “Sweet” from the “Once More With Feeling” episode. He wasn’t evil, but he made you sing what you were hiding inside and reveal the truth. For some people, that’s their biggest fear of all time and with that in mind, Sweet making everyone do the song & dance was truly the most fearsome evil of all.

For Buffy – Riley, Angel or Spike?

Riley was just a tool and Spike, while my own personal preference as a character, wasn’t really good for Buffy. For a true love and romance, it’s got to be Angel all the way.

For WIllow – Tara, Kennedy or Oz?

Kennedy didn’t do anything for me and was more annoying than anything else while Oz was truly Willow’s first love and a great character. If the third person was anyone else but Tara, I’d go with Oz in a second, but Tara was just someone special, not only for Willow but for all the Scoobies. With Tara, Willow seemed to be truly complete and at her best. I definitely have to pick Tara here.

Did you like Angel?

Angel was okay, but a bit too moody and broody for my tastes. The show was okay and enjoyable at times, but Angel himself was never really one of my favorite characters. Give me Spike or Xander or even Jonathan anytime.

Most ruthless Scooby?

Giles. As he proved when taking care of Glory / Ben, he will do whatever it takes, regardless of what it is, to protect his girls. Giles doesn’t play and takes care of business, just as dark as he is good. If Giles is your friend, you are indeed protected and well off and safe.

Favorite character from Angel?

From the Angel series, I’d have to go with Lorne. Something about that green skin, the red eyes and the horns that makes me all weak inside. And Doyle was pretty awesome as well, but we barely had a chance to get to know him before he was gone. He’s definitely missed.

Would you survive on the Hellmouth?

My trusting fat ass would be dead within a month.

For Spike – Druscilla, Buffy or Harmony?

I love the Druscilla character, but towards Spike, she was a bitch way too often. I get it that she was insane and a total whack-job and I would always enjoy seeing her show up to cause problems at the Hellmouth, but the way she treated poor Spike. He was better off away from her. Buffy was a toxic relationship in every way, shape and form and while I think Spike did truly love Buffy, she was incapable of loving him back and that wasn’t fair for Spike. Harmony? She reminds me of so many girls that I know. Spike just used her and he was the ass-clown in that relationship so it wasn’t a goof thing either. None of these relationships were really good for boht parties and were all text book examples of bad relationships. Of the three, I guess I’ll go with Buffy. At least the sex was good and she motivated Spike to be a better person and go get his soul back.

Favorite episode?

Easily “Once More With Feeling”. I love musicals and that was a very well done episode. After that, the one where Tara’s family shows up to “take her home” and she officially becomes a real and true Scooby.

What do you think of the upcoming reboot of the BTVS series?

When I first heard that there were plans for a new “Buffy” in the works, with Joss Whedon as the Executive Producer, I wasn’t too thrilled. Generally, reboots seem to be crappy (see Will & Grace, the new Dynasty as two examples), but then I heard more of the details. This is the same BTVS world, but set in today’s world, nearly twenty years after the end of the original series. And as a continuation of sorts, it can work and might be fun to see. I could see a new Slayer being picked by the Watcher’s Council, headed by Giles, Buffy and the original crew, to look after a Hellmouth. Why it’s just one and not a group of many can be explained rather easily and then this new Slayer, her Watcher and probably a few friends can do their thing to keep the world safe from demons, vampires and other “big bad’s”. So long as Whedon is involved, I think it’ll stay loyal to the memory of the original while at the same time, creating it’s own stories and legacy. James Marsters (Spike) and the guy who played Jonathan on the original series have said that they’d be open to return and this would make for a great way to bring Xander (Nicholas Brendan) back to TV to be the link between the original and the new series, maybe as the new Slayer’s Watcher. I’m not going to judge until I actually have a chance to see the new series and how it’s developed, the characters, etc. So far though, I’m getting kind of excited and looking forward to it.

And there you go. My very first Buffy Q&A. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and tell me what’s up. Thank you for reading. And now, I guess I’ll head on out for a bit. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Watch out for the vamps.


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