Wrestling Q&A- Magnum TA, Muta, Orton and More – August 12, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Magnum TA, Muta, Orton and More…
August 12, 2018

It’s time once again to party with the pimp-daddy. Okay ,maybe not. No “ho train” here to speak of. Just a bunch of wrestling related questions from my friends and associates on Facebook, especially from the KoK and a bunch of answers as well. Holla if you hear me. Let’s just cut the catch-phrases of Godfathers and Big Bad Booty Daddy’s and do the Dougie instead. Can you feel me, my Peeps? Let’s do this…

A women’s match will eventually main event Wrestlemania: True or false?

True. Wrestlemania usually has two or three “Main Events” (or at least that’s what they always told CM Punk) and I can easily seeing a match between a couple of the ladies, Charlotte, Asuka, Ronda, etc, getting that “main event title” next to one of their matches, possibly even next year. The ladies have earned their spots and now it’s not looked at as the men’s matches or the women’s matches, but just “Wrestler X” versus “Wrestler Y” and if the match is a strong enough one, it goes at the top of the card, regardless of the gender of the wrestlers.

What are your thoughts when Magnum got into his car accident? Did it change the landscape of JCP??

It was a strange and wild time here in the Carolina’s and yes, it definitely changed the landscape of Crockett and the NWA. Magnum had been Dusty’s “golden boy”, groomed to be the next NWA Champion and a top guy for the company and when he was in the wreck, every plan was thrown into craziness. Barry Windham was brought back from the WWF. Nikita was quickly turned into a face. It was total and utter chaos and probably the worst time for the promotion since the infamous plane crash that crippled Johnny Valentine and broke Flair’s back in the mid-seventies. All of the companies major plans were centered around Magnum and then everything had to be changed on the fly. Just utter insanity.

After Magnum TA’s accident, who should have been groomed to take the belt ?

After Magnum was hurt, the best option was to keep the title on Flair for a bit longer. Nikita made a strong contender, but would not have been a good champion. Dusty was a good short term champion, but never did well on the long term deals with the title. My own personal thoughts would have been maybe bring in Zbyszko who was working the AWA at the time or maybe bring back Steamboat to go after Flair and the title. Barry Windham was around too, but wasn’t really ready to hold the big titles. Tully Blanchard may have been another option at the time.

Imagine a group of 4 jobbers to rival the 4 Horsemen. Obviously with the Mulkeys in it. Who would be the other 2, or your version of 4?

Four jobbers to fight the Horsemen? How about Starship Coyote, Oz, Terra Ryzing and Sean Michaels. Nah, on second thought, those four jobbers would be far too much of degenerates and all Kliqish to face accomplished legends like the Horsemen. 🙂

Chris Jericho to Impact Wrestling? Yay or nay?

Nay I say. Jericho would not risk the wrath of McMahon just to make an Impact that no one would ever see or care about.

Should the Great Muta be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Japanese wrestling legend. Multiple time champion in both Japan and WCW. I would definitely say yes.

Brock Lesnar has allegedly told Vince McMahon that he wants to work both WWE and UFC. Should Vince allow this?

If a deal that is amicable to both parties can be reached, then by all means, go for it. So yes, my answer is yes.

Bret or Owen??

Owen was the better personality and character and from all indications, much more fun to be around, but there was a reason that Bret, even though he’s become a bitter shell of himself and believes his own hype way too much, was a multiple time World Champion. I’m not a big Bret Hart fan by any means, but in that ring, as a performer, he had few peers. As a person, I’ll go with Owen, but as a “wrestler”, let’s go with Bret.

Randy Orton says that, “I erased Jeff Hardy”. Does that mean the return of Brother Nero?

Either Brother Nero or Willow the Wisp. And for me, either would be WONDERFUL!

And there you go. Questions, comments and any kind of feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and support your local Indy wrestling. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.


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