Wrestling FoF: Mae Young Classic, James Storm, Nick Aldis and More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Mae Young Classic, James Storm, Mick Aldis & More…
August 12, 2018

Let’s do that Fact or Fiction thing, the wrestling edition. The questions come from the fine folks at 411mania.com/wrestling and as per the usual, the statements and opinions that follow all come from me. So let’s join the match in progress and jump right in, shall we? And away we go…

1. Roman Reigns will not leave Summerslam as the WWE Universal Champion

FACT: I’m not sure of the why or how just yet, but I am pretty sure that when the dust settles at Summerslam, Roman will once again NOT be the WWE Universal Champion. Maybe we’ll get the Money In The Bank cash-in from Braun Strowman. Maybe we’ll have Kevin Owens win the contract and end up cashing in to become the Universal Champion. Maybe we’ll just have Brock and Heyman show that their whole discord was a sham and they work together to take down Reigns and give Brock a victory. I don’t know how and really don’t care how, but Roman will NOT walk out of that show as the Universal Champion. I repeat, he will NOT walk out of Summerslam as the Universal Champion. He’ll come just so close and then the dreaded Armstrong curse will take effect and either Brock, Braun or Owens will have the title belt. So it is spoken, so shall it be done.

2. WWE is making the right call airing the Mae Young Classic in weekly episodes instead of bulk dumps like last year.

FACT: Having it spread out allows time to tell a story, build the matches and provide context and character. It allows for anticipation and speculation and all those other “tion” words and just makes for a better way to view and enjoy the product. No one has the time to watch the entire event in one setting, but spread out, it’s easier to manage and more enjoyable in so many ways.

3. You are surprised that WWE hasn’t signed James Storm.

FICTION: They had him at NXT and he opted to instead go back to Impact / TNA. WWE made him an offer and it was Storm’s decision to say no. I like Storm and to be honest, Bobby Roode could use his former Beer Money partner right now to get some kind of momentum going and get back on track on the main roster. But Storm decided that he wasn’t willing to take the WWE contract offer so now he’s old news and goes back down the line with other talents getting the opportunities instead. His call, his decision and now, he’s stuck in Indy limbo instead of working and making that WWE money. Mr. Storm, sorry about your damn luck!

4. You like Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix, and Renee Young as the Mae Young Classic commentary team.

FACT: It has to be better than Jim Ross and Lita from last year, that’s for sure. Cole can do some good work when he’s allowed to actually call a match and not having to parrot Vince McMahon every other second. Beth is a far better speaker and far more insightful that Lita could ever be and Renee was excellent back at NXT on the few occasions that she was allowed to work the table and I think she’ll do a great job. These three should do an excellent job calling the action for the Classic. I’m looking forward to hearing them.

5. You on are board with a Lana & Rusev vs. Andrade Almas & Zelina Vega mixed tag match at Summerslam.

FACT: I’m a big fan of Rusev and Lana and the Almas / Vega combination is growing on me more and more every time I see them in action. I remember when Almas made his debut in NXT and how impressed I was and since then, he’s just gotten better and better. This should be a good and fun match to watch and I’m glad that both couples are getting some action on the second biggest show of the year. It might just be the kick-off show, but it’s still Summerslam and they all have definitely earned their spots on this show.

6. Nick Aldis is right, Triple H made a mistake by not signing him to WWE.

FICTION: Nick needs to focus on being the NWA World Champion and not worry so much about what HHH did or didn’t see in him. If HHH wanted Aldis in the WWE, they would have signed him, but obviously he’s not what they are looking for right now, for whatever reason. And calling out Hunter for his “bad decision” isn’t going to make the WWE and HHH look upon him any more fondly and could cause problems for Aldis in the future more than anything else. Aldis is a talented wrestler and it wouldn’t surprise me if eventually, he does become part of the WWE, but poking the bear with three H’s in his name isn’t the way to get noticed and signed. Having great matches and doing the job he has now, as the NWA Champion, would be far more effective and work much better.

And there you go. That’s it for now. Comments, questions and anything else, just contact me at Doug28352@yahoo.com and let me know. Talk to me, my Peeps. Until the next time, stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches.


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