Wrestling Q&A (Changes & Surprises, CM Punk, Matt Hardy and More) – August 19, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Changes & Surprises, CM Punk, Hardy & More
August 19, 2018

Normally, right about now, I’d be doing a “Wrestling Fact or Fiction” column. Well, either that or be taking a nap. But thus far as I write this, my friends over at 411mania.com haven’t posted this week’s edition of FoF yet and thus, I can’t go snag their questions to use for my piece (with full credit of course). What is a man to do? I guess I’ll go into my notes and answer a few questions, wrestling related, from the KoK and Facebook. Yes, it’s a Wrestling Q&A. And when I finish this, then the nap. FoF or Q&A… Is there really any difference anyhow? Let’s do this…

Will SummerSlam be better than NXT Takeover?

No and I’ll tell you why. It’s too damn long. NXT Takeover had 5 matches and they were all damn good, told stories and made an impact. SummerSlam has so many matches that even if they’re the best matches in the history of wrestling, no one will remember. A show this long tends to all blur together into one big mess after a while. Everything looks alike, the matches all seem the same and it’s just one big mess that looks and sounds like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons. It might be great stuff, but all you see and hear is “mwah-wa-wa-wa-wa”. I get that WWE wants SummerSlam to be big with something for everyone and to make sure that everyone on the roster not named Ryder or Hawkins gets a match, but still, it’s wrestling and less is more. What means more? Five matches that are great and keep the fans excited or thirteen matches that run together and overwhelm the senses and memories so you can’t remember who won three matches ago. Think about it.

Should WWE bring back the “Legend’s Battle Royal” as they had at Wrestlemania XVII?

This would be a great idea. It’d give the nostalgia buffs something to look forward to and it’d gve the old-timers and legends one more moment in the spotlight, but I wouldn’t stop there. WCW used to have a show called Slamboree that was a combination of current stars and matches mixed with two or three “legend’s matches” starring the wrestlers and legends of the past in featured events. It was always a fun event and was a good mixture of old and new. I’d love to see WWE do something like this, especially since they now have The Network where they could show and feature the event.

Three “surprises” you’d like to see at next year’s Royal Rumble?

The Royal Rumble is always a great time to see former stars make a one-night appearance to pop the fans and create a moment. Some past surprises have included Drew Carey, Rey Mysterio, Roddy Piper, Mil Mascaras, Jimmy Snuka, Kevin Nash and a few others. The people I’d like to see pop up as part of next year’s event would include John Morrison, Carlito and Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters.

Do you think Matt Hardy’s in-ring career is truly over? If so, what would you suggest as his next move?

I hope that it’s not but if what Hardy is saying about his medical condition is true, taking bumps and competing in the ring just might be a thing of the past for the “Broken / Woken One”. With a wrestling mind like Matt’s, the next step would be two-fold. Either open a wrestling school for future stars here in North Carolina where I can assure you that there is no shortage of talented young men and women working the Indy’s and full of dreams that could benefit from the experience and knowledge of Matt. And to pay the bills and keep the money coming in and to maintain a presence on the national scene, work with WWE in either the creative department or as an agent. Word is that Matt is shadowing the other agents and learning about what they do the WWE way so that looks to be the most likely possibility. And a third option that I just thought of. Matt has always been a great talker and “character” so if he can’t wrestle, let him be the “manager” and spokesperson for those talents that have the physical skills, but need help on the mic or in the charisma department. I know WWE isn’t really big on managers anymore, but with a talent like Matt available, better to take advantage while he’s there. It would be a big win for WWE and for whatever talents that they decide to allign with him.

How long before Dean Ambrose “turns” on Seth Rollins?

Ambrose came back on Monday night and he’ll be in Rollin’s corner tonight at SummerSlam. We’ll have some tag team matches with Ziggler and McIntyre for a few months. I’ll say right about time for the Royal Rumble or in the lead up to it. The big turn will come around March, 2019.

Three changes you’d like to see in WWE?

The three things that immediately come to mind are end the scripted promos. Everyone sounds alike and no one talks like they have these men and women doing. Switch to bullet points instead and if the wrestlers can’t get it right, give them a manager or spokesperson to help out. Use the legends and old timers more. If Ivory or Bob Orton or Hacksaw Duggan is backstage visiting during a TV taping, use them as guest commentators during a match or have them make a cameo backstage. If they’re there, use them as often as possible. And finally, as I explained earlier talking about Matt, bring back managers. I get it that everyone already has their tag team partners and best friends and guy they met down the street while hanging out with David Arquette coming out with them, but that needs to stop. Leave everyone else in the back or maybe only have them come to the ramp with their partners to wish them luck, but unless it’s a valet or manager like Lana or Heyman, or unless they have a “manager’s license” or actual reason to be at ringside, don’t have them there. Make the idea of a partner coming down have a real reason and consequences or else it’s just lazy booking.

Will CM Punk ever wrestle again?

Honestly, I think that he will one day. He’ll keep being the ass and driving everyone away and then one day, he’ll have an epiphany and realize that he’s been an ass and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?”. Then it’ll be a lot of work to mend relationships, rebuild his legacy, put some money in the bank, etc. And I think that part of that will also include wrestling again.

And there you go. I think that’s all for now. Questions, comments and more are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe, support your local Indy wrestling event, support the Carolina Connection and the Atlantic Coast Destruction Team in their battles against each other all across North and South Carolina, and just keep being too sweet. Until the next time…


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