A Day Of Dougie: Bad TV Show Ideas

A Day Of Dougie
Bad TV Show Ideas
August 19, 2018

Well, here we are. I was planning on going over to 411mania.com and getting the materials needed to do a Wrestling Fact or Fiction column, but guess what? They haven’t gotten anything up and posted yet. It’s all about some little show in Brooklyn, New York that happened last night and then there’s stuff about some rinky-dink wrestling show that happens tonight and that’s all well and good, but where is the FoF stuff? I have loyal readers, both of them, who are waiting. *sighs* I guess I’ll find something else to write about then. How about a little randomness to fill your Sunday afternoon? Of course, I’m talking about reaching into the “Magic Bag” and doing a “Day Of Dougie” blog. Hell, it’s on the schedule for Sunday anyhow so may as well just pull a Larry and get ‘er done! It’s either this or a “triple threat” about rats. That may be later. Let’s do this one for now though.

And so we go to the infamous “Magic Bag” and pull out a few ideas. And we have (drum roll please): Bad TV Show Ideas. Yeah, this might be fun. It’s Sunday and it’s Rusev Day. Well, that too, but it’s also a day of life, love and shaking the booty. It must be time for a “Day of Dougie!”. Let’s do this…

Bad TV Show Ideas…

There have been many shows on television over the past fifty or so years that seemed like they’d be good on paper, but when actually recorded and aired on television, the truth came out. Damn, this sucks! It was, what we call in the business, a bad idea. The show “Joey”, starring Matt LaBlanc comes to mind. “Golden Palace” starring all the Golden Girls except for Dorothy is another idea. In general, spin-offs from popular television shows after they end their run, but only featuring one or two of the original cast, don’t work. Remember “After MASH”? Or “Gloria”? Or that show that Florence, from the Jeffersons, had as the head main in a motel. Or “Flo”, a spin-off from the series “Alice”. Or “Fish”, a spin-off from the cop comedy “Barney Miller”. I could go all day naming bad spin-off series, but you get the idea.

And then there’s the shows that aren’t trying to cash in on the success of another show, but are just really bad and terrible in their own right. Remember “Manimal”? How about “The Chew” or “The Chevy Chase Show” or “Chimp TV” or absolutely anything that stars a former SNL star trying to be a serious actor. There was the “Joy Behar Show” on HLN and that was a total suckfest and that was even before Joy went into total “Trump Dreangement Syndrome” mode. She’s just a talentless hack bad joke of a turd-blossom anyhow and no, I won’t apologize if that offends anyone. When she apologizes for being a total tool and making Maxine Waters look intelligent by comparison, maybe I’ll reconsider my view of “No-Joy”, but she needs to be put in a home somewhere, along with Whoopi and fed nothing but “Cream of Wheat” and saltine crackers for a few dozen years. Now, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, bad TV shows and ideas. Anyone who thought a reboot of “Charmed”, “Dallas”, “Dynasty”, “The Bionic Woman”, “Match Game” or “The Gong Show” would be good television really dropped the ball big time. The reboot of “Will & Grace” had potential, but rather than let the show use the characters and be entertaining, it immediately turned into a liberal propoganda machine and has really been bad. Nostalgia only works so far and thus far, the nostalgic love for “Will & Grace” ended after about two week and now, it’s totally forgettable and bring down the legacy that the original series left behind. “Roseanne” was the only reboot series that really worked and that was cancelled almost immediately because ABC would rather be politically correct and not make money rather that just stand by their star and keep tans and viewers happy. And “The Conners”. I’m happy that the rest of the cast is getting a second chance, but I don’t really have much hope for it. Everytime it airs, I’ll be reminded what hypocrites that ABC truly are and want to turn my TV off. The show might end up being really good, but the backlash from Roseanne supporters is going to be huge.

Finally, I have an idea for a television show that may or may not fall into the “Bad TV Show Ideas” category. At work the other night, I had a customer say three words. No, it wasn’t a Joey impression saying “How you doing?”, but instead they cracked about “moving on down” when having to go from a closed register to a different one. And the song, “Moving On Up”, the theme from “The Jeffersons” popped into my head. And I had this idea for a TV show. A rich white couple move from their townhouse apartment in New York into a small house in the ghetto after their business goes under. The two main characters, Georgette and Louise, deal with life as unsuccessful business tycoons turned white trailer park trash. We’d call it “The Snosreffej’s”. Totally original idea and the theme song would go a little something like this.

Moving On Down

Moving on down.
to the streets
business died and life is bleak

moving on down
just white trash
lost everything
no turning back

moving on down
not going well
from heaven and now in hell

Totally original idea and it’d be a big, big hit. Well, TBS would air it for six seasons anyhow because they’re like that. Ask the people behind the series, “Two Broke Girls” can back me up on that. They’re living proof. Hey Hollyweird, call me..

And with that, I’m hungry. Well, I’m actually just finished here for the moment, but I’m also fixing to go into the kitchen and scrounge up some breakfast food. Maybe a hot dog? I wish we had a Chinese place around here that delivers. Oh well. I’m finished writing for a little while at least. Thoughts and comments are welcome. What shows do you think suck and probably should never have been made? Would you watch my totally original idea for a series, “The Snosreffej’s”? Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and each other. I’m gone.


black crt tv showing gray screen
Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

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