Wrestling FoF: Undisputed Era, Matt Riddle, NXT & More – August 26, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Undisputed Era, Matt Riddle, NXT and More…
August 26, 2018

It’s Fact or Fiction and this is the wrestling edition. As per the usual, the questions come from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. And I’m the man with all the answers and opinions. Let’s do this…

1. The Undisputed Era are the best tag team in wrestling.

FICTION: They’re good. In fact, they’re damn good, but it has as much to do with the NXT format and booking as it does the team itself. With teams such as The Revival (when given the proper chance), The Usos, The Bar, Gallows & Anderson (again, when given the chance) and even Rowan and Harper (before Rowan was hurt) can all also claim that distinction and provide some valid arguments. It’s all subjective anyhow and while I’m a fan of The Undisputed Era and enjoy watching O’Reilly and Strong in action, it’ll take many more matches and moments before I call them “the best”.

2. You’re not surprised that Matt Riddle’s WWE deal came after NJPW offered him a deal.

FICTION: Riddle has been on WWE’s radar for a while and the fact that they offered him a deal that just happened to coincide with the New Japan offer, it’s purely coincidence.

3. Considering the Aleister Black injury, NXT made the best of a bad situation with Gargano vs. Ciampa III.

FACT: Black couldn’t go and with the history and unfinished business between Gargano and Ciampa still out there lingering and waiting, it was the natural and most sensible way to handle things. Logic and common sense in the WWE? Who would have ever thunk it?

4. Shayna Baszler is main roster ready.

FACT: She is as ready as she’ll ever be. She’s been consistent, having great matches and has big time star written all over her. Hopefully, when she does get called up, she’ll have an easier time of it then Asuka as of late and not get caught up in the shuffle, but we won’t know about that until she’s on the main roster and doing her thing. I hope she’s called up at Evolution because she’s absolutely ready to jump into the main roster mix.

5. EC3 will be called up to the main roster by the end of 2018.

FICTION: By the end of 2018, I don’t think so. The main roster is already overcrowded and bloated as it is and if he was to come up now, I’m afraid he’d be buried in a meaningless rivalry with Mike Kanallis or Titus Worldwide, something he definitely doesn’t need. Better to wait until around the Rumble time or maybe at the next Superstar Shakeup deal, where he can do a debut with some impact and make his presence truly felt. He’s definitely ready, but there’s just no spot really available at the moment on the main card.

6. Ricochet winning the North American title was the right call.

FACT: Adam Cole didn’t and doesn’t need the title. His reputation from ROH preceded him and while he was a great choice for the initial champion, to give the North American title come status and credibility, it was time to move on. Ricochet is a damn good performer, but not quite as well known to fans who don’t live, eat and breathe wrestling and this will give him a chance to really establish himself and build his career and reputation. It was a good move and the right call by WWE / NXT.

And there you go. Comments and thoughts welcome. Let me know what you think. I’ll be waiting. And with that, I’m down and gone. Time to go make the donuts. Have a great one and I’ll catch you next time. Take care.


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