Wrestling Q&A: Styles, Trish & More – August 29, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Styles, Trish & More
August 29, 2018

Good morning and welcome to the Tossing Salt Wrestling Q&A. The questions are from the Facebook page of the Kult Of Kayfabe, aka “The KoK”. And I’m the man with the answers. Let’s do this…

Terence asks, “Is it just me or is Lord Alfred Hayes the worst commentator ever in wrestling?”

Worst ever? Not by a long shot. Hayes could be pretty bad at times, but have you ever heard of Rod Trongard? Or Marc Lourence? Bill Mercer? Mike Adamle? How about David Otunga? Nark Madden? Bad announcers and commentators are a dime, a dozen in professional wrestling and that’s why the really good ones like Jim Ross, Joey Styles, Bob Caudle,Gordon Solie, etc, are so respected and appreciated. Hayes wasn’t much of an analyst, especially in his WWF days, but he was a great wrestler in his own right and an excellent manager as well so that has to be taken into consideration when judging his Lordship.

Ake asks, “If AJ Styles ever goes heel, should he bring back this look Aces of 8 or something new?”

I don’t think it really matters what look he has when he turns heel, but I would like to see him go back to getting his hair cut shorter. It has nothing to do with wrestling or his character, but I just hate that soccer mom cut he wears now.

Tyrone asks, “Do you think Samoa Joe is going to visit the home of AJ Styles?”

I’m pretty sure that Joe has been to Styles home many times over the past fifteen years or so, but I guess that you’re talking about in reference to the current storyline with Joe, AJ and Styles’ wife, Wendy. Yes, Joe will end up visiting AJ’s house, probably as soon as next Tuesday. WWE loves to do this sort of thing.

Ben asks, “Who did you want to see Trish Stratus face at Evolution? (If not bliss, didn’t realise it was confirmed).”

If Trish was not facing Alexa at Evolution, I would have booked her in a tag match, teaming with Lita to take on The Bellas. It was teased for Wrestlemania a few years ago and never happened. Or if a singles match is preferred, I’d go with Trish versus Mickie James. With their history together, one more match just makes sense.

Danny asks, “One on one … who you got? Bret Hart versus AJ Styles?”

It’d be a great wrestling match for sure. I think that AJ would have the edge since he has more moves, both in the air and on the mat, than Bret has, preferring a ground and mat game. It’d be a clinic on scientific wrestling for the ages and in the end, I’ll go with Styles being the one to have his arm raised.

Mike asks, “Who do you think would win an MMA bout between Fallon Fox against C.M. Punk? I would say Fallon would run through Punk. She would likely knock him out cold.”

No matter what the final result was, Punk would be the loser. If he gets knocked out as you say, he was beaten by a girl and loses. If he wins the fight, he beat up a girl and is still the loser. For Punk, it would be a no-win regardless of what happened.

Osuji asks, “What to you is a good Raw or SmackDown?”

A show that moves pretty quickly, with a mixture of several good and solid matches, promos that make sense and matter, a surprise or swerve or two and lots and lots of Bo and Axel, the B-Team. A Ryder appearance is always good too. Woo woo woo – you know it!

Cass asks, “What wrestler would you like to see make a comeback?”

I wouldn’t call it a comeback since they’re both very active all around the world, but I would love to see Chris Masters and Carlito come back to WWE and do one more run. And if you are speaking of someone who currently isn’t wrestling, I think that everyone, admitting it or not, would love to see CM Punk show back up once more and drop a few pipe bombs on the current WWE product. Plus Punk vs AJ? Punk vs Bryan? Punk vs Joe? Punk vs Roman? Admit it. Those matches would be, as Miz would say, “AWESOME!”.

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Questions, thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care of yourself and I’ll catch you later.


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