Wrestling Q&A : Heyman, Diva’s Championship, Owen Hart & More – August 30, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Heyman, Diva’s Championship, Owen Hart & More
August 30, 2018

Questions about the world of professional wrestling, sent in by my good friend Alex. Let’s do this…

If he remains in WWE, would Paul Heyman be better off as the advocate of one client or would he be better to have an entire “Dangerous Alliance” of WWE Superstars?

While I enjoy Paul as the advocate of just one client at a time and would assume that he probably doesn’t want the schedule or workload that a group of clients would bring, I’d love to see, for a while at least, Paul with a entire group of clients, a new “Dangerous Alliance” if you will, consisting of both male and female superstars. It’d really change up the dynamic of the current WWE product as well as give a major rub to several talents who might not otherwise be able to break through to the next level of success in WWE.

Maria Kanellis wants the WWE to bring back the Divas Championship as a third Women’s Championship. Do you agree or disagree and why or why not?

I disagree because the WWE is all about serious wrestling now and the women are “wrestlers” and not “Divas” any more. If the roster was larger for the women or if they had their own show, then maybe a third title could be incorporated into the mix, but now is not the time unless it’s the long anticipated tag team title. That should come before any other singles titles for the women are created or brought back.

Do you think that either CM Punk or Neville will show up at the “All In” event this weekend in Chicago?

No to CM Punk and yes to Neville.

Should WWE induct Owen Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame despite the objections of his widow, Martha?

Bret and the majority of the family want to see Owen as part of the WWE HOF, but his widow, Martha, doesn’t want to have anything to do with WWE and won’t allow them to use her husband’s name in any capacity so it’s a messed up situation and regardless of what they do, WWE is screwed. If they induct Owen, either as a singles wrestler or as part of a larger group, aka “The Hart Foundation”, Martha will be upset and raise all sorts of holy hell. If they don’t induct Owen, the fans are denied a chance to pay homage to this great talent and he doesn’t get his proper respect and well deserved Hall of Fame honor. Best for now for the WWE to respect the wishes of Martha and leave it alone. Maybe one day she’ll come around and agree or maybe his kids will intervene and agree to the induction of their late father, but until Owen’s family, his widow and kids, are on board with Owen being inducted, better to just let it go.

Who will be the WWE Champion first? Daniel Bryan or The Miz?

I’d like to see Miz capture the WWE Championship from AJ Styles and then drop it to Bryan at Wrestlemania. That would be a great way to wrap up their story line in epic fashion.

What WWE personalities would you like to watch as part of a reality show?

The best ones are already on the shows, either Total Divas, Total Bellas or Miz & Mrs., so who’s left that is a standout character and could probably carry a reality show for WWE? How about Matt Hardy, wife Rebecca and the entire “Broken Family” that live in and around the Hardy compound? This would allow for people like Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and other friends of the “Woken One” to be presented as well. Maria and Mike Kanellis, along with new baby would make for an interesting show as well. And what about the Usos and wife Naomi, With Jey, Jimmy, Naomi, father Rikishi, cousins Roman, Tamina and the rest of the Samoan family, it could be very interesting, especially if Cousin Rock decides to come by for a visit. The WWE is full of interesting characters, both in front of and behind the cameras and there are many potential reality shows and ways that the WWE could go if they decided to do so.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you later.


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