5 Questions: Colin K., Cow Tipping, Godzilla & More – September 13, 2018

TossingSalt Presents:
5 Questions
Colin K, Cow Tipping, Godzilla & More…
September 13, 2018

It’s Thursday AM and I’m just sitting around here at the fabled Salt Palace, waiting for Hurricane Florence to make her appearance. From all indications, we’re going to be slammed hard later this afternoon and for the next few days. Right now though, nothing although it has just startled to sprinkle rain. The next few days should be fun. So long as the power holds out, I think this would be a great time to play catch up and clean out the folder on my CPU called “Stuff”. And the first thing of many from this list of “stuff” is what was once known as Facebook Q&A, but now it’s just called “5 Questions”. And it is exactly what the title implies, five random questions from the pages of Facebook. Let’s get busy and do this…

Thoughts on Colin K’s new deal with Nike.

Personally, I could care less one way or the other. Colin Kaepernick was a third rate quarterback in the NFL who had one really good season, lost his mojo and was revealed for the second stringer he truly is, opted out of his contract with the 49’ers and now has filed a lawsuit against the NFL because no one wants his sorry butt. He also started the so-called protest about kneeling during the National Anthem as a way to protest police violence against blacks or so he says, but I personally feel he’s just trying to stay relevant through any means necessary because his ability as a quarterback wasn’t up to muster. He’s old news and a waste of time, space and air. As for the deal with Nike, they’re idiots and if they want to talk about people who sacrifice, how about the soldiers or police officers who risk their lives every day for our protection? How about real people who donate time, money and large portions of their lives each and every day volunteering and helping those less fortunate, not for publicity but because it’s the right thing to do. How about honoring teachers who actually care about students and go above and beyond to help the youth of day prepare and get ready for life and whatever the future may hold? Nike is taking a chance, cashing in on the hatred for President Trump and the U.S. around the world as a chance to make a big payday, risking a big stock drop and pissing off the U.S. customers. I have no use for them or Colin K. Bleh! ‘Nuff said!

What is the worst thing a person can do to another person?

Apart from the usual bad things like murder, rape, steal, etc, the worst thing I can think of is to lie to someone who trusts or respects you. By not being able to be honest and tell the truth, you’re just showing the person that you have no respect for them and how little you actually think of them. All a person truly has is their word and if it’s not good, then neither is that person. If you lie to me, that’s the unforgivable sin. Everything else can be worked out and dealt with, but if I can’t trust you, I don’t have any use for you… period.

Is Godzilla really the King of Monsters?

That’s been said many times, but is it true? While Godzilla is a big bad-ass and has that killer fire breath and can throw a dropkick that rivals Randy Orton, he is not the “King of the Monsters”. He’s big and bad, but can he rule and lead? No sir! That honor and the title of legit “King of the Monsters” would go to, in my opinion, the entity known as Dracula. He’s got that cape, that killer accent, the sharp teeth and he demands respect, plus he never drinks… wine. What more can a monster ask for in a king?

Have you ever gone cow-tipping?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Only once while staying up in Ohio and visting with my cousins and some friends of theirs. We camped out one summer night and as part of the activities. we decided to go cow-tipping. We were in the country and these were all farm boys and that’s what they wanted to do so that’s what we did. We approached the cow standing there and minding it’s own business, probably half-asleep. We gathered upon it and tried to push it over. It didn’t go over, but instead turned and with fire in it’s eyes, got pissed off. We ran while it snorted and one of the boys, can’t remember who, slipped on a pile of “Moo Poo”. Yeppers, a big old pile of cow shit. He fell while we ran. He got up, cussing and came after us and the cow just stood there, watching us and probably laughing like crazy in it’s own silent cow way. We went back to our tents, the boy who had fallen went and hosed off, we gave him major hell and talked about it all night until we finally all went to sleep. Good times from days of my youth.

Adult beverage of choice?

If it’s beer, it’s Bud Light or Bud Platinum. If we’re talking about liquor, it’s Crown Royal, Jack Daniels or cheap ass vodka.

And there you go. Questions, comments and any other thoughts welcome and appreciated. Let me know what up. And with that, I’m down and out. Have a great one and take care. Thank you for reading.


portrait of cow standing in pasture
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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