5 Questions: NFL, Bert & Ernie, Inspirations & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
NFL, Bert & Ernie, Inspiration and More
September 23, 2018

This was once called “Facebook Q&A” because all of hte questions came from Facebook. Now it’s just called “% Questions” and they come from everywhere, anywhere and anyone. Have a question about anything? Ask me! Now, let’s get busy, shall we?

Bert & Ernie? Gay lovers or best friends?

The people at PBC and Sesame Street say that they’re just best friends and that muppets are asexual non-living creatures that don’t have sexual orientations or feelings. The man who has been writing for these characters for the past two decades says that they’re a gay couple though. So what’s the truth? They’re best friends and heterosexual life-mates of the Muppet community who occasionally “help a brutha out” when the mood hits. It’s either that or go down to Miss Piggy’s “Club” and hook up with Pimp Gonzo and his chickens. And does anyone really want to do that? Really?

Any predictions for the NFL Season?

Look for the Panthers to win the NFC Championship and go to the Super Bowl. And then, as per the usual, Cam will choke (again).

As a blogger do you have any influences or people you look at as inspiring when it comes to how you report and write?

My writing style comes from reading a guy named Chris Hyatte at the old 411mania site and his “Midnight News”. Plus I write in the same manner I speak and that developed naturally for me, but I think that Hyatte was the first one I remember reading that had the same basic style. As for influences, I can think of a few people, but the biggest one is my former room mate and forever brother Michael Haywood, aka Mike Youngblood. Mike has always chased his dreams and never let anyone or anything ever hold him back. He gets that inspiration and just goes for it 1000% and has since Day 1. He’s an amazing man. Another guy who also inspires me and actually is the reason I took the step to go from working with other sites to just doing my own is Brent Robinson, the mind and power that is SMF Cyberspace. He’s so positive and supportive and seeing him pursue his own dreams helped to give the the strength and desire to just kick away the doubt and go after some of mine, to be a writer in every sense of the word. And many others as well, but those are the names that immediately come to mind.

Favorite Cartoon as a kid?

I had tons of favorites, but the best were Super Friends, The Laff-A-Lympics and of course the Bug Bunny / Looney Toons cartoons.

Name one food you refuse to eat.

Lamb. All I can think of is Shari Lewis and Porkchop and of course little baby lambs when I even think about that particular product. Baa… Baa…

And that’s that. Thanks for reading. Questions, comments and any thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take it easy and have a great day.


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