Wrestling Q&A II: Cena, Brock, AJ & More – September 23, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A II
Cena, Brock, AJ & More
September 23, 2018

It’s time for another Wrestling Q&A. I’m way behind because of Hurricane Florence and have a lot of things to play catch-up on today. These questions come from Jay in CT. Thanks to him. And now, let’s get to stepping and away we go…

1.) Do you think we’ve heard the last of Cena/Nikki being in a relationship or somehow will they “get back together” again?

I think (hope) that we’ve seen the last of the Bella / Cena romance thing. Cena is more interested now in moving on to a career in Hollyweird and Nikki is back to stinking up the WWE ring. It’s time for them (and us) to move on.

2.) If Brock does leave WWE after his contract is up do you see him coming back again some day down the road as a part time guy?

As a highly paid, part time guy who only works big matches and makes a ton of money to squash full time wrestlers? I can easily see that happening.

3.) Do you think the Rock has a few more matches left in him? And if so who would you like to see him wrestle?

I think he definitely has a few matches left in him. I don’t thnk he has the time for a full time program with anyone though or that the movie companies will let him do too much in that ring anymore. But if he was to work a program and come back for a match or two, I’d put him up against Roman Reigns for that “family versus family” situation and if possible, I’d like to see a “Rock versus Rusev” battle, with Rusev going over of course. Rock versus Kevin Owens could be extremely entertaining as well.

4.) Do you think AJ Styles will become a part time guy at some point in the next few years or do you see him continuing full-time into his mid 40s?

I think AJ has at least three more good years working full time and then I could easily see him working a more Jericho like schedule, only working on occasion when he can be used to build and put over new and younger talents. I think AJ will finish his career out as a WWE guy.

5.) Has WWE ruined Asuka or Balor more? And which has a better chance to get pushed again?

Both have had their star diminished a great deal, but at least Balor is being kept on TV and as a marginal top guy, just at the edge of that glass ceiling. Asuka is pretty much MIA on Smackdown Live and has become an after-thought. Both characters and careers can be salvaged with some good strong matches and a storyline that makes sense with the right person. I think we’ll see Balor back in top matches again sooner than Asuka though. I’d love to see both turn heel and just become bad-asses and show what they can really do.

6.) Why aren’t there more managers in wrestling anymore?

Because Vince doesn’t want them. It’s just that simple. It seems though that he’s starting to mellow out a bit on that and we’re now seeing Lashley with a sidekick, the whole Titus Worldwide unit, Lana with Rusev and Drake Maverick with the AOP so there is hope that we’ll one day see the return of “Families” and “Stables” and the strong role of managers again for those wrestlers who need that extra little bit of help. One can only hope.

7.) Which heel turn do you think will last longer (or should I say shorter): Orton or Nakamura?

Nakamura needed the heel turn to save his career and become a major player on Smackdown Live again. He needs it more and seems to be embracing the role with a strong passion. Orton changes from heel to face like most people change their drawers and with every change of wind direction. A heel this month and then he’ll be cheered next month and so on. Orton will switch characters first.

8.) Have you heard anything yet on who will headline the Hall of Fame?

If he ever decides to retire, I think that The Undertaker will be the Headliner and that’s a no-brainer for the WWE. Also Kane and Chris Jericho are two very strong possibilities. And now that he’s announced his retirement, I think Matt Hardy is a very likely possibility for the role as well.

And that’s all for now. Questions, comments and any questions welcome. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, I’m out of here. Take care and I’ll talk at you later. It’s lunch time. Love ya!


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