5 Questions: Congress, Kavanaugh,Cosby & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
Congress, Kavanaugh, Cosby & More
September 30, 2018

It’s all about current events, pop culture and the things that are our world today. From the pages of Facebook and the news media, there are questions to be answered. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do, answer them. Well at least 5 of them anyways. Let’s do this…

If President Trump offered you a job as an Ambassador, would you accept the job? And where would you want to go?

No, I would not accept the job offer and here is why? I could never, ever be confirmed by the Senate. Hell, one trip to this site and fifteen minutes of reading my opinions and views and I’d not only be kicked out of the Senate hearing room, I’d probably have Federal Marshals waiting for me. The media would label me racist, sexist, homophobic (yeah, figure that one out), un-American, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian and a terrible dresser all within the first ten minutes after the job offer and then they’d start to get nasty. I’m a pretty decent guy by most people’s standards and while I have a past, it’s nothing too terrible unless you count my choices in men I’ve been with and then, oh vey! But just being nominated by Trump would be an automatic signal for the Democrats to attack and destroy my life, my family, my future, etc. And the media would be right there too and since I don’t believe in being politically correct or biting my tongue when provoked, it would get way too nasty for my (or any other semi-decent person’s) tastes. So my answer would be, “Thank you, but no thank you!”. And if by some chance I was to get a nomination and confirmed to be an Ambassador, I’d probably ask to be sent to Greece. A troubled country to be sure, but the culture is amazing and the historical sites would be incredible. And we’ve all heard about those little Greek guys, right? Woo woo woo – you know it!

Judge Kavanaugh – guilty or not guilty of the allegations against him?

Not guilty. It’s all a political game by the Democratic party and it’s leaders to delay the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh until after the mid-term elections and then deny President Trump an appointment to the Supreme Court. While I feel for the woman making the allegations, she can’t say where or when it happened or provide any details. And all of the witnesses she named also say nothing happened. And why did the Democrats sit on this for two months when they had plenty of time to question Judge Kavanaugh about it or take it to the FBI? While I’m sure that Kavanaugh is no saint and when he was a teenager, was probably pretty typical of most teenagers and had some crazy times, that doesn’t automatically make him guilty as the Democrats seem to want to say. They’ve tried and convicted him without any kind of evidence or proof and don’t even care how bad or hypocritical this makes them look. I listened to the hearings and the testimony of Mrs. Stone and Judge Kavanaugh and while both had their moments, I believe him when he says that he’s not guilty.

A teacher was recently fired for not giving students credit for uncompleted assignments and work not done. Is this right or wrong?

It’s totally wrong because if you don’t do the work, why should you get any kind of credit for it. It just teaches kids that they’re entitled and deserve to get something for nothing. Big news here. The real world, except in Washington, doesn’t work that way, no matter what the people in Washington try to tell you. If you don’t put in the time and effort, you get nothing and that’s how it should be. I hope this teacher sues the hell out of the school system that fired her and gets a shit load of money. She deserves it and the people running that school system are stupid idiots. ‘Nuff said!

Who is, in your opinion, the dumbest member of Congress?

Normally, I would say she of the low IQ, Maxine Waters, followed closely by Nancy Pelosi, but after the past few weeks, a new top star in the world of Congressional idiots has emerged and this guy is in a league of his own. I’m talking about Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). He’s a clown and kiss-ass to the highest degree and some of the stunts he’s tried to pull. Chained himself to a tree when running for Mayor. Released classified information and then bragged about releasing classified information as his “Spartacus moment”. He loves to hear himself talk, but doesn’t actually say a damn thing and he’s a joke at best and… well, I can’t think of anything else because he’s just a bad joke. And he wants to be President? He makes Obama, the last one term Senator to run for and become President, look competent by comparison. And he’s admitted to and bragged about groping women, but is leading the charge to go after Kavanaugh for something that happened over thirty years ago when Kavanaugh was a teenager. He’s uninformed and has the morals and convictions of the wind, blowing in whatever direction seems good at the time. So Queen Maxine, she of the “Impeach 45” fame, you must move over and share the throne. All Hail King Booker! (Obscure wrestling reference).

Did Bill Cosby get the criminal sentence that he deserved?

In Cosby’s case, it’s probably a death sentence considering his age and health, but if the allegations against him are true, then he does deserve to be locked up and in jail so I would say yes to this question. I do question some of the allegations and why it took so long for people to speak up and come forward, but I think that in the big picture of things, justice is being served.

And that’s all for now. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and don’t do anything wrong in any way, shape or fashion or else you’ll hear about it in thirty-two years when you’re up for a good job and be dragged through the mud for it… unless you’re a Democrat. Then carry on and do what you what. You’ll be okay. Have a great one.


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