Wrestling Q&A: NWA, Carmella, Legend’s House & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
NWA, Carmella, Legend’s House & More
September 30, 2018

More questions about the world of WWE and professional wrestling. These come to me from my long time close and personal friend, David. Let’s get to it and do this…

Should the WWE Women’s Division have their own General Manager?

Part of me says yes, but that might be for later on down the line. Right now, the WWE women are treated as every other superstar and each show falls under the direction of one person or General Manager (except for RAW when Stephanie is around) and that’s probably for the best. One person for the men and one for the women would be too confusing and make things to complicated. If the women ever get their own show, maybe then, but not now.

Should the WWE bring back “Legend’s House” on the Network and if so, who would you like to see participate?

I enjoyed both seasons of Legend’s House and would love to see it return to the Network. They have so many other things going on now that I doubt it would be a big priority for them, but I’d still like to see it back. As for the “Legends” I’d like to see, I’d like the house to be Co-Ed and feature both men and women. And my picks would be Madusa, Ivory, Lilian Garcia, Lex Luger, Mark Henry, Disco Inferno, Hacksaw Duggan & Hurricane Helms.

Does the addition of Jim Cornette and Tony Schiavone at the announce table make you more interested in the NWA 70th Anniversary Show?

I was interested in it before, but having Jim Cornette on color for the entire event definitely makes things a lot more exciting and must-see and Tony Schiavone calling the main event and being reunited with Cornette, that will definitely be an event in itself. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the event as it happens, but I will be keeping track of things and paying attention.

How would you rate Drake Maverick as a manager?

The jury is still out so far as Drake’s role with the AOP goes in WWE, but I remember what he was capable of and did in TNA while chilling out with ECIII and that crowd and I know he’s a great talker and should do well in this role as a manager if given the chance. I’m expecting that he’ll be fine and do well with this role.

The Shield versus The Fabulous Freebirds in a steel cage. Who wins?

As much as I hate to say it, The Shield would dominate and win this match easily. Roberts and Gordy were amazing in that ring and Hayes was one of the best talkers ever, but in terms of in-ring ability, the Shield are pretty much dominate and in a class of their own. The Shield wins.

Who do you prefer with Carmella? R-Truth or James Ellsworth?

Why not both? I’m cool with the current pairing of Truth and Carmella just because it gives Truth some time in the mix and they seem to have good chemistry, but I liked Ellsworth too. I think we should eventually see a “R-Truth versus Ellsworth” match and the winner goes with Carmella. Carmella should be a heel and it would be great for Truth, Carmella and Ellsworth for this story to happen and then climax at Wrestlemania. Sounds good to me.

And that’s all of that for now. Comments, thoughts, questions and bad jokes welcome. Until the next time, stay on the path and don’t wander off too far. Have a great one.


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