5 Questions: The Hot Seat Discussion – October 4, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions: Hot Seat Discussion
October 4, 2018

Over at the world of Facebook, there is a chat group called the “Hot Seat Discussion” where we’re all (presumably) adults and the topics of conversation are definitely adult themed. It’s real meets real and if you’re not weak of heart and love discussing your personal business with total strangers, this may be the group and page for you. Go check it out.

From the timeline of said group are several interesting questions. And since I have a few minutes, what better time than to answer at least 5 of them, hence the name of this piece, “5 Questions!”. It’s what we do around here and what I’m doing and it all starts right now. Let’s do this…

Name a reason you’re single?

Because I’m too set in my ways for anyone else to deal with on a full time basis. I’m smart, clean, work a job, cook, good with the booty skills, honest and definitely a catch for any man, but I’m also stubborn, reserved, moody and good with the booty skills and that can be hard for some guys to deal with. Plus most of the guys want young stuff and now that I’m older, they don’t want to look past the cover and see what’s inside the book. If they did, they’d definitely be coming around and trying to get through my walls. Too bad cause I’m awesome and truly a sexy beast in every way. Damn, maybe I should just go straight and start dating women?  Hmmmmm?

What are you sick of people asking you?

“Are you working hard or hardly working?”. I hear that tired old cliche at least three times a day and it wasn’t funny thirty years ago and it’s still not funny. I don’t mind people trying to make conversation and tell jokes, but damn it, be original or just leave it at “hello sexy”. Quit trying with the funny when it’s so obviously not.

True or False? If a woman walks away from a man at his lowest point, she was never truly there to begin with.

Women (and men) are fickle creatures at even the best of times. If they can’t be there when things are tough, then they don’t deserve to be there when things are going well. Stick with a dog or cat. They’re loyal. People suck!

When a woman walks up to you and asks, “Are you f*cking my man?”, what’s the proper response?

Unless she has photos and has caught you in the very act of copulation, the answer is always “No!”, followed by “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and “Hells No!” A woman will go crazy over her man even if he’s a piece of crap and a two-faced lying dog, especially in the case of someone like me who is not only another man, but is far better at sexual relations than she is and that’s why he’s come over to the dark side anyhow. That makes women go nuts and no one wants to deal with crazy. Just say no and deny it all.

Should a woman pay half the rent?

If she has an income and works, then she should pay part of the expenses as well as the man. Maybe half the rent or maybe he’ll do the rent and she does the utilities and groceries. No one should get a free ride and everyone who lives in the household and is an adult, capable of working and contributing, should do so. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. I’m through for now. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay safe and don’t take any wooden nickles. Have a great one.


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