Wrestling FoF: Cody, AJ Styles, Del Rio and More – October 7, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Cody, AJ Styles, Del Rio and More
October 7, 2018

It’s time to do that Fact or Fiction thing and this time, it’s all about the wrestling. The statements are from the fine and friendly folks at 411mania.com/wrestling. And I’ve got the answers. Let’s do this…

1. Cody Rhodes’ post WWE success is way more than you ever expected for him.

FACT: I knew that Cody would be successful. That part was never in doubt, but he has gone above and beyond anything that I would have predicted. He’s worked on and built his own character, staying true to himself and while acknowledging the WWE characters, has stayed true to himself and really reinvented himself in a way that even when he eventually does go back to WWE, he will never be looked at as a mid-carder again. Winning the NWA World Championship was the icing on the cake and then winning a New Japan title at the same time, even better. Cody has really done well and I’m extremely happy for him and his success.

2. AJ Styles’ WWE Title run hasn’t been as exciting as you’d would have hoped.

FICTION: AJ is many things, but flashy and exciting isn’t really one of them in my opinion. I knew this going in and he’s done well as a competent and reliable solid champion for the WWE, having some good matches and giving credibility and honor to the WWE Championship. I’m more of a fan of heels as champs where things are crazy and they just barely hang on by any means possible, but AJ Styles as the WWE Champion, while not all thunder and lightning and craziness all the time, can be never be called a bad thing. He’s done fine and is a good champ.

3. With his in-ring career likely over, using Matt Hardy to create “Broken Universe” content for the WWE Network is a good plan.

FACT: It keeps Matt active in the WWE Universe and world of wrestling, it provides an income for he and his family, it provides entertaining content for the WWE Network and it’s something that fans seem to want. Definitely a good plan for all parties involved.

4. The winner of the 2019 men’s Royal Rumble will be someone who has never won it before.

FACT: Fans want new stars and surprises and a new face and surprise winning the Rumble and going on to headline Wrestlemania is a great way to give that ball to a fresh face and see if they can run with it, sink or swim style. I’d love to see Zack Ryder have a change in character / attitude and win it, but my favorite thought would be to have Curt Hawkins end the streak… by winning the Rumble. Talk about a moment and a surprise (and money) waiting to happen. Regardless of if it’s Hawkins or not, it’s time for a new face to emerge from the crowd and come out on top at the Rumble. It’s well past time.

5. Alberto Del Rio returning to MMA and not a national wrestling promotion is good news for pro wrestling.

FACT: I write about wrestling. I don’t write about MMA. If he’s doing MMA and not wrestling, I have no reason to write about him. Del Rio is an ass-clown. Let him go to MMA and stay there. Works for me.

6. What is your level of excitement for Shawn Michaels’ in ring return?

Probably a 5 out of 10. I really don’t want to see HBK back in the ring as I’ve always thought it cool that he honored the whole “retirement” thing and didn’t make numerous returns (aka Foley, Flair, Funk, etc). But the dice have been cast and the wheels are in motion as of yesterday and HBK will be back sooner rather than never. I know that when he gets to wrestling, it’ll be a good match and he’ll try to steal the show, but I hope that when it’s over, it’s a one and done deal ( or maybe two and through if they do a DC versus Brothers tag match first). If HBK wants to wrestle, more power to him and I’m sure he’ll do damn good and I’ll be right there, cheering him on and yelling at the computer screen watching. I just would rather not see him back as an active wrestler, but then again, what do I know right?

And that’s all of that for now. Questions, comments and any thoughts welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. Until the next time, stay cool and always be just too sweet. Have a great one and I’ll holler at you.


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