Wrestling Q&A: Rousey, DX versus The BOD, Elias and More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Rousey, DX vs The BOD, Elias and More
October 10, 2018

More Q&A about the world’s greatest pseudo-sport. The questions come from the Facebook group, the Kult of Kayfabe, aka “The KoK”. Let’s do this…

Thoughts on Ronda Rousey defending the RAW Women’s Championship against Nikki Bella at Evolution?

Why Nikki Bella? I get it that the WWE looks at Nikki as a big star and she’s a big money maker for the company, but is she really in Ronda’s league? If WWE really wanted a match that fans want to see for the main event, how about Charlotte? Or Becky? Or Asuka? Absolutely no one that I know of who isn’t named Vince (or maybe John Cena) wants to see this match happen. I guess we should be thankful that it’s not Brie, but of all of the women working that WWE roster or past legends who could have been brought back to give Ronda a fight (Kharma, Victoria, Molly Holly), we get Nikki. It’s not what I want to see. That’s for sure.

Was it smart to change the Trish versus Alexa match into a tag match with Trish & Lita facing Alexa and Mickie instead?

Absolutely. As great as Trish and Lita were back in the day, they’re older and neither has wrestled on a regular basis for many years so they’re going to have plenty of ring rust hampering their moves and match. Better to work a tag match where they can be protected and work short spurts instead of longer single matches where their shortcomings would be more likely to be exposed. In a tag match, Alexa and Mickie can carry the bulk of the match and make Trish and Lits look like they’re still got it and are still top stars, regardless of if they really are ready for this match or not. A tag match is definitely a better idea.

So in this tag match between DX and Kane and Undertaker, is DX the face team and Taker and Kane are the heel team? Or at this point it doesn’t even matter??

As you said, it doesn’t matter. We’ll get a good match and the WWE will sell tons of merchandise. that’s all that matters.

Favorite arena for live events?

The Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC.

Do you want to see Elias take on The Rock?

I’d like to see Elias and The Rock maybe exchange promos and have a musical or song challenge, but so far as in the ring goes, I don’t want to see it happen unless The Rock is willing to do the JOB and allow Elias to beat him and beat him clean, 1-2-3. If the Rock has to win, then Elias is better off working with someone else.

Over these few months do you think WWE has too much going on with Super show down, Evolution, Crown Jewel, mixed match challenge, NXT, Mae Young Classic + Raw & Smackdown on a weekly basis?

I get where they’re coming from and all of this is making them money and good for the Network, but yes, I will agree that there is way too much going on for anyone with half a life to see and keep up with it all. Sometimes, less is more and maybe they should do less, but make it better quality stuff or else just space things out a little better. It’s a bit overwhelming at times.

Who was your first favorite wrestler?

Blackjack Mulligan.

And there you go. Questions, comments and any thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, take care and I’ll see you at the matches. Have a great one.


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