5 Questions: Dating, Murder, Eminem vs MJK & More…

5 Questions
Dating, Murder & More
October 14, 2018

People on Facebook ask lots of questions. I answer them, five at a time. It’s “5 Questions” and go…

Should a man date if he is struggling with finances?

Absolutely. There are many things that a couple can do together that don’t require much money. It’s all about the time spent together and getting to know each other and building relationships, etc. Having or not having lots of money to spare shouldn’t be a determining factor in this.

Beyonce, Mariah, Whitney or Janet. One has to go. Which one?

Whitney’s already gone. She had some coke and a smile. But of the four, I only actually like Janet anyhow so take any of the other three and I won’t complain or fuss too much.

Does sex on the first date kill the chances of having a relationship?

Not in my opinion. It only means that you had sex on the first date. How that relationship develops afterwards is up to the couple. For some, it may hurt things, but I’m not one of them.

MGK and Eminem should settle their beefs with a live “rap battle” on television?

Just like in “8 Mile”, they should be live, on a stage with a live audience and get three minutes each and just go at it. Eminem would destroy Kelly.

A close member of your family has committed murder. Would you keep quiet about it? What might your silence depend upon?

It would determine why they killed the other person, the circumstances involved in the murder, who the other person was and how implicated I’d be if I say nothing. Aw, screw that. I ain’t no snitch and I don’t know nothing. And get that damn body out of my back bedroom. It’s stinking up the place and making a mess. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. Short and sweet. Damn, I’m missing Danny this morning. I need some man loving. Hey cute guys in the Lbg, give me a call. That’s all for now. I need to go clean a litter boc and then, it’s time to get serious with a Kanyeditorial. At least that’s the plans. Have a great one.


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