TV / Movies FoF: James Gunn, Iron Fist, The Cosby Show & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
TV / Movies Fact or Fiction
James Gunn, Iron Fist, Cosby Show & More
October 14, 2018

Let’s get busy and do some more of that Fact or Fiction thing. We’re talking television and movies for this go around. The statements are from Kevin. The answers and opinions are from me. Let’s do this…

You are excited about James Gunn possibly writing and directing Suicide Squad 2?

FACT: Gunn got a raw deal from the folks over at Disney and now it looks as if it’s time for some redemption. The first Suicide Squad movie had so much potential, but let’s be honest. It was a sloppy mess of story and in my opinion, a big let down. But Gunn, as he proved with the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, has a knack for taking off the wall characters and telling great stories that are quick paced, but make sense too. For a topic like the Suicide Squad, it should be partnership made in movie heaven and I’m expecting he’ll be able to do some great things to turn the franchise around. It definitely needs the gelp and Gunn is definitely the right guy for the job.

Netflix was wrong not to renew Iron Fist for a third season.

FACT: Unlike the first season, which was an admitted bore-fest, Season 2 was actually good and riveting. It moved along, told a good story and had a great plot twist at the end. So of course, Netflix decided to pull the plug. Oh vey! I’m sure that we’ll see Danny and Coleen popping up in the other Netflix series and hopefully, we’ll still get a season 2 of The Defenders, although my hopes have been diminished somewhat now. If this cancellation means that we’ll eventually get a “Heroes For Hire” series and maybe a “Daughters of the Dragon” series as a result, I’ll forgive Netflix and be happy, but unless they have other plans that we’re not aware of, I don’t agree with this call at all.

You will watch “The Conners” when it debuts on ABC?

FACT: I, as will most people I suspect, will watch the first episode to see how they write off Roseanne and to try and get a feel of what to expect for the new / old show. After that first episode though, I honestly can’t say one way or the other.

Conan O’Brien was right to shorten his show from sixty minutes to thirty minutes.

FICTION: It kind of seems to me like he knows that the end is coming and is trying to hold on for as long as he can, with the cutting of time as his life jacket before he finally goes under. I like Conan and he’s a funny guy, but he’s more of a relic from an era gone by than of any real importance in the talk show genre at this time. He’s had one hell of a run with Late Night, The Tonight Show and now Conan, but the bloom is off the rose and it’s time to call it a day. Cutting the show in half doesn’t do anything that I can see to improve things except for give us less time to cringe each night as he tries to be funny, but just isn’t up to par anymore. As long as TBS is willing to pay him major bucks, I can see why he keeps on keeping on, but the best thing to do right now would just be to end it.

TV Land should resume showing The Cosby Show.

FACT: So we know that Bill is a creepy guy and rapist, but so what? The show was and is entertaining and it’s not reality. It’s a TV show that made us laugh, think and grow for many years. I can separate the character “Cliff Huxtable” from the Pudding Pop Grandpa, Bill Cosby, and I think that most people can as well. If every show that had a star be a sleaze was cancelled and taken off the air and locked away forever, we wouldn’t have any TV left to watch. They took The Cosby Show away because he’s a serial rapist. I get that. But they also took Roseanne out of syndication because she’s allegedly a racist (although she has a lifetime of positive actions as opposed to one tweet to argue that claim). But we still get “Two And A Half Men” with Charlie Sheen who allegedly raped Corey Haim when they were making a movie together. We still have Alec Baldwin everywhere even though he physically and psychologically abused his daughter. We still have Don Lemon on the air even though he’s making racist comments about Kanye West. We still have Whoopi Goldberg on the air even though, by the standards set by the “MeToo” movement, she’s a child predator for hitting on Neil Patrick Harris when he was fifteen years old. The hypocrisy in Hollyweird is running wild and it’s all according to who you are, who you know and what political party you support. Show the Cosby Show. It was a good show and by the standards of most shows on TV now, it was far superior to most of the crap we watch now. Just forget the political correctness and do it.

Whoopi Goldberg should be terminated from The View for her “sexual harassment” of Neil Patrick Harris from when he was 15 years of age.

FACT: By the standards of the “MeToo” movement, she’s a sexual predator and thus, should be fired immediately. After all, ABC likes to fire people for stupid reasons and this is pretty stupid on the face of it, but if it had been a male actor saying the same thing to a 15-year old girl, even if it was thirty years ago, Whoopi and the View crowd would be calling for his head and demanding justice. Well, only if it was an actor who isn’t anti-Trump or a conservative. If it’s one of their liberal friends, like Roman Polanski, who raped a teenage girl and then fled the country, it’s okay. The rules and standards only apply to those who they don’t like or agree with. Whoopi is part of the T.D.S. (Trump Derangement Syndrome) crowd and toes the line with the liberals so she’s okay. But if the same rules apply to everyone, then she should be given the boot and canned. No questions asked and no chance to defend herself. After all, that is the way things are done now, right? It’s the Kavanaugh way.

And there you go. Thoughts, comments and anything else is welcome and appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. Thank you for reading. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care.


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