NWA 70th Anniversary: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
NWA 70th Anniversary Show
Thoughts & Predictions
October 17, 2018

Coming up this weekend, live on Fite.tv and from the Nashville Fairground Arena in Nashville, TN. Yes, the NWA, the National Wrestling Alliance, is back in the big leagues with a huge show celebrating their 70th Anniversary. Yes, I get that technically it’s not the same NWA that once was, but who really cares. It’s the NWA on pay-per-view. Who would have ever thought to hear those words used together again. I’m not a fan of of the music of the Smashing Pumpkins amd I’ve heard a few shady things about Billy Corgan in relation to the music industry as well, but I will give kudos where it’s deserved and in bringing the letters “NWA” and the words “National Wrestling Alliance” back to prominence, Corgan has done an amazing job thus far.

Plus big kudos for the announcement that the one and only Jim Cornette will be doing the color commentary spot. It’ll be great to see and hear Cornette cut loose and doing what he does so well. And then, in the main event, it’s the return of former NWA / WCW announcer, the one and only Tony Schiavone. He’s only calling the main event so far as I know, but the thought of Schiavone and Cornette, side by side and reunited for the first time since the early 90’s. Schiavone is back on track and better now with MLW than he has been in many years and with Cornette at his side, it should be pure commentary gold.

And now, let’s move on and break out the Sister Cleo tarot cards and get to work. Several matches have been announced and I actually know who most of them are. Yeah, it shocks me too. Actually, I know more of who the stars of the NWA, a comnpany that hasn’t really been a major company for many years, than I did last week when I attempted to do match predictions for Impact’s Bound For Glory and was trying to analyze and discuss Impact’s “stars”. So what does that say about Impact? Another story for another day and I guess that it’s time to end the chit-chat and get busy. Are you ready? I said, “ARE YOU READY?”

Oh wait, that’s a WWE style reference. What would be a classic NWA reference to get things moving? The NWA was always more about wrestling than characters so let’s move on by saying, “Let’s go to action, fans!”…

Two Out Of Three Falls
NWA Champion Cody vs. Nick Aldis

Two out of three falls, just like the NWA did all World Championship matches during the first 50 or so years of existance. It’s a nice nod to the past and while most wrestlers today might have a problem working such a match and keeping it interesting, I don’t think that either Cody or Aldis will have any problems. This should be one fast paced and fantastic match and I expect to see so many near-falls, it’ll make the head spin. I’d look for Brandi Rhodes to be at ringside to support her husband and look amazing and I wouldn’t even be surprised to see her get involved with a distraction or two every so often. Aldis was a great NWA Champion and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get that title back at some point, but I don’t think that this Sunday will be the right time or place for it to happen. Look for Aldis to win the first fall and get some momentum, but the man with no last name if you will, I think he’ll make that classic comeback as only the son of a common man can do and win the last two falls, thus walking in and walking out as the NWA Champion. By the way, does anyone know where Dustin is going to be on Sunday night? Hmmm.

Winner and STILL NWA World Champion: Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes

NWA Women’s Champion Jazz vs. Penelope Ford.

Jazz, I know and remember very well and she was and probably still is one very tough lady. Penelope Ford, I’m not familiar with, but a look at her Wikipedia page shows that she’s pretty accomplished in her own right and a up-and-coming star with a big future ahead of her. But will that future include the NWA Women’s Championship? It’s hard for me to bet against Jazz under any circumstances, but I can’t see an event of this magnitude taking place without any new champions being crowned and while I know that there will be a new National Champion at the end of the night, I think that there will be a changing of the guard here as well. I expect a tight match that will rival any man’s match anywhere, but when the dust settles and the match is over, there will be a new woman at the top of the NWA Women’s Roster.

Winner and NEW NWA Women’s Champion: Penelope Ford

NWA National Championship Tournament Match A
Willie Mack vs. Jay Bradley vs. Mike Parrow vs. Ricky Starks

One of two four-way dances to determine who will be fighting for the newly revised NWA National Championship title. The only man that I’m familiar with at all is Willie Mack, but he just made his debut working for Impact Wrestling this past Sunday night at Bound For Glory so while it may be possible to win this match and go on to win the National title and still work for Impact as well, I can’t really see it happening. After all, he’s no Cody, right? I have no idea about the other three so I’ll just do a random guess here. I could go look at the Wikipedia pages of each guy and weigh their merits that way, but this is more fun and more in the Dougie style. I have a thing for guys named “Ricky” so I’ll just go with that. I like “Mike’s” too, but they’re a little too intense and crazy at times for my tastes. And Jay? Unless the last name is Youngblood, I don’t think so. That applies to the Mike’s too. So Ricky, who has the same last name as Iron Man, gets my mod of approval. He’s going to move on and fight for the title.

Winner: Ricky Starks

NWA National Championship Tournament Match B
Sam Shaw vs. Colt Cabana, Scorpio Sky vs. Sammy Guevara

And here is the second Fatal 4-Way match to determine who will be fighting the winner of Match A to attempt to become the first ever for the new era, NWA National Champion. Scorpio Sky is automatically eliminated in my opinion. I’m not familiar with him, but that name is just stupid. Same goes for Sammy. His last name reminds me of Juvi and I’m not happy with Juvi. In fact I’m pissed at Juvi. He never came here to Laurinburg when he was a part of WCW or the WWE and tried to get “juicy” with me. What’s up with that? But it’s not too late Juvi. Call me! So that leaves the two men I’m actually familiar with and that’s Sam Shaw and Colt Cabana. Tough call, but Cabana is one of those guys that everyone likes and he’s been everywhere. He’s always showing up on all the big Indy events and never wins, but always makes an impression. I think it’s time for Colt to actually do something and matter more than someone who just shows up. I think he’s going to challenge and compete to be the next and new National Champion.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Match A and B Winners face to crown new NWA National Champion.
Ricky Starks versus Colt Cabana

The man who moderates “The Art of Wrestling” wins the National Championship. Take that, CM Punk!

Winner and NEW National Champion: Colt Cabana

Tim Storm vs. Pretty Peter Avalon.

Tim Storm is the former NWA World Champion. Peter Avalon is not a former NWA World Champion. No man named “Pretty” has ever been an NWA World Champion. No man named “Pretty” deserves to beat a former NWA World Champion. And he won’t.

Winner: Tim Storm

Laredo Kid vs. Barrett Brown

I think this might be a local match or dark match for before the show. I don’t know, but it is one of the matches advertised for the event and even though I doubt that it will be on the main show, it’s still worthy of a prediction. Unless it’s the 1-2-3 Kidd from WWE (Sean Waltman) or Scotland County’s own “Carolina Kidd”, an awesome guy and very talented in-ring performer here in North Carolina, I’m not a big fan of folks with the word “Kid” in their name. The name Laredo Kid makes me think of Woody from the movie, “Toy Story” and no, that’ s not a good thing when you’re speaking of a professional athlete. Barrett Brown? That’s not much better, but I used to work with a guy named Garrett Brown many years ago and he was a really cool dude. I should track him down and find out what’s going on with him. I may do that at some point. This match goes to Brown.

Winner: Barrett Brown

The Kingdom of Josephus w/ Hollywood (from GLOW) vs. The Veterans Of War (Crimson & Jax Sane) w/ Road Warrior Animal

Who ro what is the Kingdom of Josephus? I tried to do a Google search, but didn’t find anything. So I don’t know who Josephus is and I don’t know who his tag team will be. I do know who Crimson and Jax Sane are though and they’re a good team, but were teasing a break-up and issues at some show a few nights ago. I like Crimson as anyone who has ever read my stuff knows and I think he’s a missed opportunity that could be a big name one day. And that means that I’ll be pulling for Crimson and Sane… BUT the Josephus led team will have original GLOW legend Hollywood in their corner. She was hot then and is still hot now and if I wasn’t gay, damn I liked me some Hollywood. She might be the only woman in wrestling that could give Lisa “Ivory” Moretti a run for my affections. Nah, Ivory still wins. But Hollywood is right up there and if she’s with the unknown team that has biblical implications, they’re the one’s that I have to pull for so…

Winners: The Kingdom of Josephus w/ Hollywood

And there you go. All in all, it should be a big event for the NWA and a good and fun show for the fans as well. And did I mention that former NWA Champions Jeff Jarrett, Blue Demon Jr. and Dory Funk Jr. will all be there too. Well, I just did. Anyhow, it’s live on Fite.tv this coming Sunday night. As Freddie Miller used to say on TBS when doing the spots for the house shows, “Beeee Theeerrree!”.

And with that, I’m gone. Thoughts, comments and any questions welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling and who knows? One day, you might see your favorite Indy star working an event like this and challenging for a major championship. If the NWA ever brings back those tag team titles, I think the Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew (AC/DC) might make a worthy set of challengers. Just saying. But that’s the future and this is now and for now, I’m down and out. Have a great one and take care.


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