Wrestling Q&A (Extended Edition) – Evolution, Smackdown 1000 & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A (Extended Edition)
Evolution, Smackdown 1000 & Much More
October 21, 2018

It’s been a while and the list of questions keeps building up so it’s time to do an extended edition of the wrestling Q&A. The questions come from the Facebook pages of the KoK, from the mind of long time reader Phillip and from a man named Sloan. And the answers, that’s my part in the equation, Let’s do this…

Do you feel moments like HBK’s in ring return & Bryan vs AJ Styles are wasted on this paid Saudi show and should instead be saved for Wrestlemania?

I agree that they’re big time events and probably should have been saved for Wrestlemania or SummerSlam or one of the “Big 4” instead of what amounts to a glorified house-show that is catering to the Saudi Arabian government, but at the same time, I can see WWE’s point. They’re making as much money with these events as they would for one of their big U.S. shows and the people paying the check want the marquee matches and epic events and money talks. The U.S. fans will still get to see history being made via the Network so WWE doesn’t lose anything really. I’d rather see AJ and Bryan as the main event of Wrestlemania, but I’m not the one cashing the checks so it’s not my call.

Are you happy to see Tamina back?

I am. I’ve always thought that Tamina has a lot of potential and brings a lot to the table, but for whatever reason, was lost in the shuffle, but maybe now is the time and she can show everyone what she’s capable of doing. If nothing else, her battles with Nia Jax will be fun to watch and give them both some chances to make history in that ring.

Thoughts on the Women’s Battle Royal at Evolution?

Kind of mixed at the moment. This is a good way to feature talent from days gone by that may not be ready for or capable of having a full match anymore, but can still draw fans and deserve a spot at this event, but some of the names involved, like Asuka, Carmella and Nia for example, deserve more than to be lost in the shuffle and part of something like that. I expected a Battle Royal to allow legends, NXT talents and lower card women to all have a spot on the show and that’s exactly what we’re getting. I’m just surprised at some of the names.

Should WWE create a Mixed-Match Tag Team Championship?

They seem to be doing the mixed-tags more and more often and of course, we have the Mixed-Match Challenge taking place every year now on Facebook so this is a viable question. And while it could be interesting to see, the answer is no. There are too many titles in WWE already and for time time being, the mixed matches are still too much of a novelty style match to be worthy of having any kind of title associated with them.

How about a Women’s Tag Team Championship?

Unlike the previous question, this one makes sense and I could see it happening, even maybe as soon as WWE Evolution. The list of regular tag teams in the women’s division is strong with folks like the Iconics, The Riott Squad, The Bella Twins, Sasha & Bayley, Mickie & Alexa, etc regularly teaming up. It’s an idea who’s time has come and even though I still think that there are too many titles in WWE, this is one that actually makes sense and should be happening.

Do you think we’ll be seeing Batista wrestle HHH at Wrestlemania?

The Magic 8-Ball and all signs point to “YES”…

What did you think of the Smackdown 1000 show?

It seemed okay and was a good show that did well in the ratings, even beating RAW for the week, but it was just lacking of something in my opinion. Things seemed kind of rushed and the people that I was most hoping to see, such as Christian, Zack Ryder (who was there, but not used), Vickie Guerrero, etc, either weren’t invited or were there, but just did cameos and never got to talk or speak. CM Punk was a big -part of Smackdown’s history, but was never even mentioned (understandable) and the best that The Rock could do was a tweet? The tag team title change was good even though it meant seeing Big Show change to a heel for the 82,975th time in his career and the Evolution reunion was special, but the show was just “Eh” at best. They tried, but it just didn’t click for me.

Who would you like to see win the Battle Royal at Evolution and get a title opportunity?

While I expect it’ll be someone like Asuka to get her career jump-started again, what I’d love to see is a classic legend like Madusa (Alundra Blayze) or WWE Hall of Famer Ivory or Victoria (is she even going to be there?) come in and against all odds, pull the upset and win the event, thus setting up a classic “Rocky” like story of redemption and looking for one last hurrah story that could be built on and played up leading to a match at Wrestlemania. Just imagine the press and build that could come from a potential Madusa versus Rousey fight or Ivory versus Becky Lynch or anything like that. That’s the kind of story that brings in old fans, attracts new fans and makes people get excited and in my opinion, would be the best way for WWE to go with this whole Battle Royal thing.

Paige for the WWE Hall of Fame?

Career wise, with runs as the NXT, Divas and Women’s Champion, she’s definitely ring worthy of the honor and since her career is seemingly over due to injury, it makes sense. I personally think that she’s too young and has a long future ahead of her with WWE doing non-wrestling roles such as Smackdown General Manager, Total Divas and maybe some commentary work so why jump the gun and let her build that resume even more first, but if WWE was to go ahead and go this route and put her in the HOF, I wouldn’t object either.

Should the WWE use all women referees and an all woman announce team for the Evolution pay-per-view?

If it’s supposed to be an “All Women” event, then having women referees makes sense. Renee Young, Beth Phoenix and maybe Charley Caruso could work the announce tabl It should be all about the ladies and with the possible exception of James Ellsworth, who I do expect to see pop up in some capacity, it should be no men allowed… period!

If you were told to fire 5 current WWE Superstars and replace them with Impact Wrestling talent, who would you fire and who would you hire to replace them?

This one is a tough call because I rarely watch Impact Wrestling and most of their talent doesn’t really impress me too much. But we’ll give it a shot. I’d replace current WWE Superstar Dana Brooke with Tessa Blanchard. I like Dana, but there really isn’t any upside to her that I can see. Tessa is a second generation talent and just incredible to watch perform. I’d can Apollo Crews from WWE and bring in DJZ, aka Zema Ion. That boy has impressed me from day one and I think he’s HOTT! Apollo is good and maybe he’ll do something with this new Elias feud, but he’s damaged goods. Johnny Impact, aka “John Morrison”, would be great to have back in the WWE. We could send them Rhyno as a replacement. I like Su Young and what she’s shown me so far in the ring and even though her and Asuka’s gimmicks might conflict a bit, she’d be a good addition to the WWE Women’s movement. We can send Brie Bella down to replace her. And finally, bring Katarina, formerly known as Katie Lee Burchill, back to the WWE and send Impact Nikki Bella so that the Bella twins can stay together and stink up Impact as they’ve done WWE for the past ten years.

Are you more excited for WWE Evolution or WWE Crown Jewel?

Right now, WWE Evolution. I’m happy to see the women get their just due and besides, Ivory, Madusa and Molly Holly are all scheduled to be there. As good as the card is for Crown Jewel, it’s just another big show for the WWE and there’s nothing that makes me have to see it. Evolution is history being made and will probably be the more memorable of the two events.

If WWE is going to get billions of dollars off TV, are the “Pay Per Views” still relevant? Do you see them doing less of them in the years to come?

I could see them cutting back eventually because the current pace, between PPV’s and special events, is a tough one and is going to eventually catch up with the company and creative teams. Less is more and as TV becomes stronger, I expect that house shows will take a hit and PPV’s will eventually have to be toned down and cut back a bit as well.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments, questions, etc, are welcome and appreciated. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions so don’t be shy. Talk to me, my Peeps. Until the next time, take care of yourself and each other. Support your local Indy wrestling events. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.

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