Wrestling Q&A: Dungeon Of Doom, Halloween Havoc, The ECW Zombie & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
Dungeon Of Doom, Halloween Havoc, The ECW Zombie & More
October 22, 2018

It’s time to do a little wrestling Q&A about the world’s greatest sport. Lots of questions today from a friend of mine named Michael and yes, I do seem to detect a theme here. What kind of questions would come from a man named Michael, particularly this close to Halloween? I happen to know for a fact that this man likes to play with knives and loves his family. Hmmmmm. Let’s get to it, shall we.

1. Should WWE bring back the Halloween Havoc name for a pay-per-view?

I’d love to see WWE start using the name again, be it for a pay-per-view, an NXT event or even just a special event taping for the Network. There’s a long tradition with that name as it was definitely one of WCW’s biggest events each year. It has a history and tradition and I’ve love to see all of that brought back and allowed to continue.

2. Favorite member of the Dungeon of Doom?

He was only a member for a short time, but Loch Ness, who also wrestled in England under the name Giant Haystacks, was someone I saw something in. Unfortunately, he was only in WCW a few months before being diagnosed with cancer and heading back home, but he was a big man and was just so different than everyone else in WCW at the time. I thought he was cool.

3. If the WWE was to create a new version of the Dungeon of Doom using today’s stars, who would you have in it?

Who is odd and off the wall enough for a group like that in today’s WWE? I’d have James Ellsworth, Braun Strowman, Bo Dallas, Harper and Rowan and maybe Asuka and led of course by either Matt Hardy or Bray Wyatt. It’s “Broken Universe” meets “The Oddities” meets “The Wyatt Family” equals a new Dungeon.

4. Favorite Undertaker match?

The one where Brock beat him and the streak ended. I’m not a big Taker fan so sue me… lol.

5. Favorite skit where wrestlers imitated other wrestlers?

WWE has a ton of these where other wrestlers, mostly DX, like to parody and imitate their rivals. They did it to Vince and Shane (hilarious), The Nation of Domination (Jason Sensation as Owen), and even their own HBK. (“You dropped the ball again Shawn!”) The nWo did it with the Horsemen and that was pretty cold, but still memorable. Hell, Eric Bischoff even did it with Jay Leno. But my favorite? When Kevin Nash dressed up as The Grand Wizard on WCW Monday Nitro and no one had a clue who he was supposed to be or why? I found that to be awesome.

6. ECW Zombie versus Gangrel – who wins?

I think that the guy who played the role of the ECW Zombie died. Gangrel and his fangy-self is still wrestling and kicking butt. So Zombies die and vampires live forever. That means Gangrel wins (unless Zombie has some holy water and a stake). What the hell! Gangrel still wins.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and thanks to Mike for these different and interesting questions. Thoughts, comments and anything else welcome. Tell me what you think. And with that, I’m down and gone. Have a great one and Happy Halloween.


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