Wrestling Q&A: Crown Jewel, Brock at Mania & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Crown Jewel, Brock at Mania & Much More
November 11, 2018

I want to send birthday wishes out to my brother, Jeffrey Darryl Maynard. It’s been almost thirty years since you passed, but you are loved and missed daily. Rest in Peace, my brother.

And Happy Birthday to man, the myth, the legend and one of the coolest guys I know, Matt Furmage. A great guy and awesome friend. Happy Birthday Sir.

And now, it’s time for a Wrestling Q&A. These come from JT in CT. My thanks. Let’s do this…

1.) Any shot WWE purposely booked Crown Jewel as terribly as they did as their own way to protest the show?

I don’t think so since WWE knows that this show was going out on the Network and was for more than just the Saudi’s. WWE isn’t going to do anything second rate and purposely put on a bad show. They’re going to give it their all and 100% for every event because that’s the right and professional thing to do and it’s their reputation on the line. Anything else would be unacceptable.

2.) Do you see Lesnar going to Mania as champion AGAIN?

Well, between now and Mania, we have Survivor Series, TLC and The Royal Rumble, not to mention many editions of RAW, so there will be plenty of opportunities for Brock to defend the Universal Championship between now and then. I know Survivor Series is booked to be Brock versus AJ Styles in a non-title Champion versus Champion event, but TLC and The Rumble are still there. But I think that it would be best to have Brock stay champ until Mania and then give whoever beats him and captures the title gets that big push and rub from winning the title at the biggest event of the year. I’d personally like to see a heel version of the Balor Club, with Finn Balor and friends, including Bayley, conspire and take the belt, but most likely, it will be Ambrose or Rollins. Regardless, I think that we won’t see the title change hands again until the biggest show of the year. I hope I’m wrong and we get something sooner, but I doubt it.

3.) And if so who the heck do you have challenge him this time?

I mentioned this in my previous answer, but my pick would be Finn Balor. Have him turn heel, recreate the “Balor Club” with his wrestling brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, add Bayley as a heel to the mix and let them do a turn and gang up on Brock to take the Universal Championship and give them a heel run as a unit. Or if he’s back in time from injury, I’d go with Kevin Owens, but I don’t think he’s going to be back from injuries in time for Wrestlemania so let’s stick with Finn and friends.

4.) Does it anger you a bit how some fans actually had to bring up now Roman will only be cheered after this very serious announcement from him?

Wrestling fans are a fickle and sad lot sometimes and yes, there are some that will only cheer Roman now because of his illness. Does it anger me? Nope because I’ve been working with people for over thirty-five years and my faith in most of humanity is pretty jaded and low. Why bother with anger. It won’t change anything. People will continue to be mindless sheep and brain-dead hypocrites whether I’m mad or not and it’s not worth my energy or time.

5.) Is Becky over right now more than Rousey?

Right now, I would say yes. Ronda has been around for nearly a year now and while she’s still getting great pops and has been booked very well, Becky’s reaction from the crowd is more legit and real and the fans are really invested in her. She’s the hottest thing on Smackdown Live or in the Women’s Division right now and it’s not a slam against anyone else. She deserves every bit of love and respect that she’s getting.

6.) Do you think the Raw vs. SD element of Survivor Series has gotten old?

Yeah, it has. It was old and stale many years ago and it’s not getting better with age. It’d be better to use the Survivor Series events to have people settle feuds and issues or just want to have great matches and good challenges. The whole “Brand versus Brand” idea is just outdated and means nothing to anyone, but WWE management. They need to drop this aspect of the event and find something else to focus on.

7.) If Roman had been healthy for Crown Jewel do you still think Lesnar would have won the title?

If Roman had been there, I think he would have gotten the clean win over Brock and retained the championship. But Roman wasn’t there so WWE went with the next best option, putting the belt on Brock again.

8.) Do you think Bryan’s decision not to go to Crown Jewel will hurt his push at all?

He really isn’t getting that much of a push anyways except as a mid-card guy. His popularity isn’t what it was when he retired a few years ago and while he’s a top guy, he’s not anywhere near being “the top guy” on the brand. I don’t think it will affect him all that much at all. After all, WWE would never be that petty, right? Right?

9.) Will Samoa Joe ever get the title?

At the rate things are going, unless half the roster vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle or something like that, I would say no. The ship has passed and unless something big happens, Samoa Joe will never add the WWE or Universal title to his resume.

10.) Favorite Thanksgiving food (other than turkey)?

That would be either baked beans (home made), potato salad (home made) or stuffing (home made of course). I love to eat and I love food, and apart from the turkey, those are the foods I look forward to the most.

And there you go. Any thoughts, comments or questions, please let me know. Contact me at my e-mail address. Doug28352@yahoo.com, at Twitter at @Doug28352 or on Instagram at Doug28352. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, stay cool and don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling company. I’ll see you at the matches. Take care.


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