Wrestling Q&A: Chris Jericho, The Bellas, Survivor Series & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Jericho, The Bellas, Survivor Series & More
November 13, 2018

Welcome to the Tossing Salt Q&A. It’s a wrestling thing, my friends. I’d much rather be watching Smackdown Live right now, but with only one TV in the house, what I want to watch doesn’t matter much. I just pay the cable bill, the light bill, the water bill, buy the groceries, etc. I hate my freakin’ life sometimes. All because I can’t watch the show I want to watch. Go figure. Yes, I have issues. I admit it. But when no one else gives a fuck, why should I? Always alone. Oh vey! But no one wants to hear this crap so let me move on and get to why we’re all here. Professional wrestling, the “King of Sports”, the best entertainment for your buck. A loyal reader, Will, sent me these questions this afternoon. I’m answering them now. How’s that for service. Let’s do this.

Do you think Chris Jericho will be back with the WWE in time for an appearance at Wrestlemania?

Right now, Jericho is working spots for New Japan, ROH and his own wrestling cruise so he’s a busy man. And there are rumors that he may even do a spot or two with Impact at some point in the future. So will we see Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit, especially since there are so many top stars currently out of action due to injury (Roman, Owens, Zayn, HHH, Matt Hardy), working with injuries (Jeff Hardy, Lashley), part time at best (Cena, Rey, Kurt Angle, Batista, HBK, Undertaker, Kane) or are just plain boring and stale (Baron Corbin, Randy Orton). A little Jericho magic might be exactly what we need to help build up the show and help make it worthy of being called the “biggest show of the year”.

The Bella Twins have allegedly challenged the Kardashians to a match. Thoughts?

What’s next? David Arquette challenging AJ Styles for the WWE title? Well at least Arquette is a former WCW World Champion and is trying to redeem himself on the Indy wrestling circuit, but the Kardashians? Maybe if they bring Kaitlyn along and let him / her face Jinder Mahal in a Punjabi Prison match too. I hate the Kardashians and have no desire to see them anywhere near the WWE or in a WWE ring. If the Bellas want to wrestle in a tag match against someone, do the match that was rumored a few years ago against “Team Bestie” with Lita & Trish, women who are actually wrestlers. The only good Kardashian is that cute little Rob Kardashian and that was when he was on Dancing With The Stars. He has a great ass. But he belongs on a stripper pole in my living room putting on a show for me. No Kardashians in the WWE… ever!

Since Becky Lynch has been pulled from the Survivor Series match against Ronda Rousey, who should the WWE pick to take her place?

As I’m writing this, Smackdown Live is airing on the USA Network and I can’t freaking watch it due to someone else hogging the TV and watching the brainwashing rhetoric of Fox News. I like Fox and they are far better than the hypocrisy and fake news of CNN and MSNBC by a long shot, but I’m so burnt out on politics and biased opinion from every news network, at least on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. News Is Fake – Wrestling Is Real! – Remember that. As for this question, who should face Rousey at Survivor Series since Becky is out and won’t be medically cleared in time. The two obvious choices are Charlotte and Asuka. Charlotte is already penned in as the Captain of the Women’s team and I know that WWE is looking at a possible Charlotte versus Rousey match for Wrestlemania so I’d leave her alone. Asuka isn’t doing much right now, but she has the style and credibility to have an epic encounter with Rousey and it would definitely be a classic match. I think that if I was WWE, especially with such short notice, Asuka would be the one I’d go with.

What would be your ultimate dream fantasy Survivor Series match with a team of 5 current WWE superstars versus 5 legends (in their prime)?

For my current WWE team, I’d have Team Captain Triple H lead his team of Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens up against the team of legends led by Captain Larry “The Living Legend” Zbyszko and his partners, Arn Anderson, The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) and Barry Windham. Jim Cornette would be in their corner too of course and let the battles begin.

What would be your ultimate dream fantasy Survivor Series match with a team of 5 current female wrestlers against 5 past female wrestlers in their prime?

For the current WWE women, it would be Team Captain Becky Lynch with partners Charlotte, Asuka, Carmella and Mickie James taking on the legends team of Captain Ivory, Victoria, Sherri Martel, Madusa and Luna Vachon.

Who should be the man who defeats Brock Lesnar and becomes the next WWE Universal Champion?

Of the current roster, the best pick for this would be Drew McIntyre, but I’d really like to see a total fluke like maybe Curtis Axel or Rhyno get a match against Brock and through dumb luck and total insanity, win the Universal Championship. That would be awesome.

And I guess that’s all for me. By the way, I just checked out the reports covering Smackdown Live on PWInsiderElite.com (thanks for Dave and Mike for giving us such a great site) and they just ended the segment where Becky was allowed to pick who her replacement against Rousey will be. She picked Charlotte Flair. So we get Rousey versus Flair now and probably Becky versus Rousey at Wrestlemania instead. Works for me, but I still would have picked Asuka. So there you go. My thanks for reading. Questions, comments, thoughts, etc, let me know. Talk to me, my Peeps. And until the next time, have a great one.


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