Wrestling Q&A: Survivor Series, New Wrestling Companies & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Survivor Series Fallout, New Wrestling Promotions & More
November 23, 2018

Welcome to the post Thanksgiving edition of Wrestling Q&A. I’m washing clothes as we speak and need to kill some time as the washer and dryer do their things. I could go in there and eat more turkey and stuffing, but one plate was strangely enough today and although everything turned out good (my compliments to the Chef… me), I’m not feeling an urge to gorge myself or eat more right now. That can wait until breakfast time tomorrow (and dinner too). So let’s move on and get busy. The questions were taken from the MJ Mailbag over at PWInsiderElite.com and the folks asking the questions are credited as well. And the answers, that’s all me baby! Let’s go for it and get ‘er done.

From Anders Wattengård

These questions are sent before the SS PPV.

1. It’s been said that AJ lost his belt because the WWE “didn’t want AJ to loose to Brock again”, do you think that was a good idea? Couldn’t they rather have done a DQ-finish in the Survivor Series match rather than taking the belt of AJ?

Was it a good idea to take the title off of AJ and give it to Daniel Bryan? The jury is still out on that, but it does provide a swerve and switch things up over on Smackdown, something that was definitely needed. I don’t think Daniel Bryan has been a heel in WWE since the days of the Nexus and it should be fun to see what the reborn “American Dragon” can do as the top guy for a while. A DQ finish between Brock and AJ would have been okay, but since there was already that great ending to the Charlotte / Rousey match, it would have been a bit of overkill and there is no way that WWE would book two DQ finishes in the top two matches of the same card. AJ will get rematches and we’ll probably get a great series between AJ and Bryan as a result. Bryan versus Brock was a far better match, at least in the second half, than it had any right to be and although Daniel lost, he’s still extremely strong and it didn’t hurt him in any way. AJ losing in a clean fall to Brock would have been a major blow for his character and done more damage than good. All things considered, I think WWE went in the best direction possible.

2. Following the last question; Don’t you think it hurts Daniel Bryans stature to the fans (even though he’ll probably be cheered anyways) if he is a “transitional champion”, if he doesn’t keep the title for quite a few months? Are they doing a long run for AJ vs Bryan at WM?

I don’t think it will hurt Bryan at all if he’s only a short term champion, but I also don’t think that’s the direction they’re headed in. A heel Bryan is fresh and new for most of the WWE fans and I think WWE will give it and him enough time to really sell the character and be champion. I’ve heard nothing about Bryan versus AJ at Wrestlemania so I don’t think that’s the way WWE is headed. I think that between TLC and The Royal Rumble, not to mention the Elimination Chamber, Daniel and AJ will settle their problems and both be on to new matches and challengers by the time we get to Wrestlemania.

3. Do you think it was sort of a “blessing in disguise” that Becky got that knock from Nia Jax (i know an injury is never “a blessing” healthwise), figuring that she would probably lose to Ronda? Now they have a great storyline to tell going in to Wrestlemania, AND Becky, who is the best female wrestler they have at the moment, could be the one to finally beat Ronda at WM?

As you said, injuries are never good, but all things considered, I think that things have turned out better for the WWE with Ronda versus Charlotte now and letting the build for Ronda versus Becky simmer for a while. An unfortunate event is turning into major money and a great story for all parties involved and definitely has caused things to step up a notch or two in the process.

4. Seeing that RAW probably will win the SS match versus Smackdown, do you think Braun should invoke his match right away? I mean, I dont think I can handle another run towards Wrestlemania with Brock showing up every third week.

As we saw, Braun won for his team and RAW did win the SS match. And Braun was taken down by Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Lashley. And now, Braun is out for surgery on his elbow. So no Braun for a while and we get to see someone else step up and challenge Brock. I don’t like to see Brock only show up every so often either, but if Heyman, his advocate, wants to come out and cut a promo every week, sans Brock, that’ll be fine with me.

5. Do you think they will call up anyone from NXT before Wrestlemania, or is it more probable that they do that sort of thing after? I would personally love to see f.ex Shayna being called up and maybe winning the Royal Rumble.

The answer to your question is Lars Anderson, who was advertised as “Coming Soon” during the Survivor Series. I don’t think we’ll see many people coming up to the main roster during the pre-Wrestlemania season. Better to wait until the days or weeks afterwards to make them more prominent and see to it that they don’t get lost in the shuffle and craziness that is the build for Wrestlemania. Lex Shayna is good, but ready for the main roster right now? I don’t think so and think that there are many others who might have a better shot at being called up first, such as EC Carter IIIor maybe Ciampa.

From Matt Hoover:

1. What would it take to start a new national wrestling company in North America in 2019? A tv deal on a major network? Or a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu? A billionaire backing it? Does it need a few top WWE former headliners?

It would take money and patience. A billionaire backing it wouldn’t hurt much either, but for a new company to make it in today’s market, it would take a combination of a television deal, good matches, name recognition for some of the top stars, a great marketing program and as I said earlier, a lot of patience and understanding that it will be a long time before the company sees any profits. A few WWE former headliners wouldn’t hurt to attract people to the product and get them to give it a look-see, but it’ll take great stories, good matches and consistent high quality shows to keep them coming back and helping the company succeed. I think that Billy Corgan and his attempt to rebuild the NWA is a good example of doing things right. Same with Court Bauer and MLW. They realize that success won’t come overnight and are taking it one step at a time, building a quality company that will provide good wrestling and entertain while also having a steady growth and commercial success. No company will ever overtake or beat the WWE in terms of product and marketability, but there is definitely room for others to succeed and have a good wrestling business.

2. Whose next name of the past to get a podcast and find success like Tony and Bruce? My guess is Mike Tenay or JBL

Mike Tenay bores the hell out of me and JBL is far too busy a man with his charity work and work at Fox Business to do a full time podcast, but it would be interesting to see. I’d like to see a woman wrestler from the past, like maybe Ivory (Lisa Moretti) or Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) give it a crack and see what they could do. Lex Luger would be interesting to listen to as well. And how about Kevin Nash? We all know he’s a good talker and a funny guy. Just imagine the stories he would tell.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, questions, ideas, suggestions for new tattoos or dirty jokes, welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, I’m out of here. Take care.


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