Wrestling Q&A: Hardy, Hawkins, Shane McMahon & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Hardy, Hawkins, Shane McMahon & More
November 28, 2018

Let’s do some Q&A, wrestling style. The questions are from the Facebook pages of the Kult Of Kayfabe (The KoK) and Dave. And the answers? Well, you already know the answer to that. Let’s do this…

Matt Hardy recently tweeted about the “GM’s abusing their power”. Matt Hardy as RAW GM? Good idea or not?

Well, I’m tired of seeing Baron Corbin as the GM and Kurt Angle was boring and stale to me when he was the GM so why not have “The Broken One” calling the shots on RAW? It would be WONDERFUL!

Is it time for Curt Hawkin’s losing streak to come to an end?

If and when it ends, there should be a big pay-off and swerve, either as the winner of the Royal Rumble or maybe even the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. Ending it for the sake of ending it would be anti-climatic and a waste of the past couple of years of doing the JOB for Hawkins. At least make it a title win if nothing else. He has earned at least that much.

With the women finally having the opportunity to be the same as the guys in treatment when do you think we’ll finally have a female with a manager? I would love someone like Sonya Deville to be a “Paul Heyman” girl. What are your thoughts and who would you pair up?

We had that for a while with Dana Brooke being a part of Titus Worldwide and it really didn’t make her stand out more or be anymore significant in the overall scheme of things. But with the right woman and right manager, it could be a good thing and help a talent out. I think I’d give Asuka a manager because her biggest problem in getting over on the main roster is the language barrier, but if she had someone to act as her advocate and spokesperson, like perhaps Heyman or even Titus or maybe “The Brian Kendrick”. But a woman wrestler / male manager combination could work and work well with the right people.

Is it time Brock Lesnar to stop doing German suplexes? After watching one of the Singh brothers land on his head and Daniel Bryan take a few that looked bad is it maybe time to outlaw them like the piledriver?

I agree that Brock is stiff as hell and every time he takes someone to Suplex City, I find myself cringing, waiting for someone to get injured seriously. He’ll keep doing them so long as Vince allows him to, but I would like to see him lighten up a little bit and maybe cut back some.

Putting aside the ridiculous superhuman booking, I assume Shane McMahon isn’t subject to the WWE Wellness Policy. I don’t know why he has to be in so many matches but every time he has sweat pouring off of him and his face is bright red as he desperately gasps for breath. Does no one in WWE, especially his own family members, see this?

They see as do we, the fans, but it’s Super Shane and they don’t care. So long as Shane is wanting to get out there in the ring and perform, they’ll allow it regardless of if it’s in his best interests or not. It’s like they’re afraid to tell him no and that the wrestling should be left to the full time wrestlers.

Baron Corbin would be better and more successful as a tag team wrestler?

Baron is okay as a wrestler and he’s tolerable as the GM of RAW even though that act is beginning to get stale, but as part of a tag team, he would probably be at his best and much more enjoyable and / or bearable. Hell, put him and Mojo Rawley together and give them something to do. It would probably be the best thing for all parties involved.

What are the chances that Renee Young joins husband Dean Ambrose as his manager / valet at some point?

While I could see it happening for a short term basis and maybe a feud against someone with a valet, I just can’t see Renee leaving the announce booth full time for any other role at this point. She’s not trained to wrestle so her role at ringside would be superficial and minimal at best. So for a match or two? Yes. For a full time role? It’s not going to happen.

And that’s all for me now. Questions, thoughts and suggestions welcome. Tell me what up. Thank you for reading. And Happy Rusev Day. Until the next time, I’m out of here. Have a great night.


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